www.GreatExtraCashBack.com Presentation for marketers. Also look at the power of the $39/mo membership below. (It can be free with just 4 referrals) 12m18s (C782 01bw ) fersty

The Extra Cash Back App is only one of 4 major benefits

for our $39/mo customers. (2 are under development. Coming in a week or so.)

But let's look a how a customer gets their access free. 

With each active referral, a customer has $10/mo taken off their bill. If a customer wants to be a distributor they can add as many $10/mo customers as they want beyond 4. How about a car or house payment*? 

A distributor also gets 20% match of the residual income of all of their personal distributors. A distributor also gets income level by level as customers refer customers to true infinity deep. Multiply 4 times itself 10 times as an example of group size* .

The other Benefits for $39/mo:

Customers also get our shopping discount App and, coming soon, access to a great health coverage options for people without health insurance or paying too much for health insurance or preexisting conditions. 

Call the person who sent you for the company site to get started today as a customer or a distributor. 

8 Minutes 12 Seconds

24 Seconds and 2 Minutes 40 Seconds

2 Minutes 55 Seconds

3 Minutes 30 Seconds

4 Minutes 20 Seconds

4 Minutes 49 Seconds

4 Minutes 49 Seconds

8 Minutes 12 Seconds

9 Minutes

*No growth or incomes are guaranteed. No refferals equal no money. See the company disclaimer.