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Please read this short message to understand our most important business model example.

This may cause you to go to work and never look back.


Let’s say that you have a group of 100 distributors and each day each of the 100 distributors gets 2 network prospects to tell them:

“No – I won’t look at your product or pay plan videos”.

This level of activity takes about 4 hours of work per week. With this activity level going on each day by each distributor, for a month, there is a good chance that each of the origional 100 distributors will recruit one other distributor for their business in one month.

This growth by one new distributor by each of the origional 100 distributors in one month means that your group would now have - 200 distributors by the end of month two !!!

We believe that this is the best Network Marketing Concept in the industry.


Without this 4 hours of work a week, that takes no training, this group growth would not be possible.

So please don't join as an active distributor unless you are dedicated to do the 4 hours of work a week.

You can, however, join as an inactive distributor. As an inactive distributor you are called a  "Wholesale Shopper Distributor" with the "Virtually Free" $68.50/month Pro Discount product . With this title you can buy the products at a discount but you will not make large monthly residual income.

Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination.



See our 3 minute process video that sets us apart from all others: www.TwoNOs.com






Our two powerful featues: www.LivingRoomDuplication.com

A reading of this block is at:  www.BeforeYouGoToBed.com


With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $68.50/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



Box 1 Welcome all new members

Welcome new Members to saving money and/or making money with our 17 year old nxrGlobal/VStream company.


See the 3 minute Video at www.StandardOfPerformance.com 


This is the required action that you must take each week to remain as an active distributor:

1. Find 2 people, on average, each day to tell you “No” *.


2. Post your “No” count daily or at lease weekly at www.facebook.com/groups/dialandtextforno



3. Attend at least one of the Webinars each week.



4. Listen to one one motivational tape or video each week. See many of these posted at www.ReconditionYourMindForSuccess.com or www.4find4Inspiration.com



5. Email or call each of your personally sponsored distributors once a week to ask them if they and their team are taking their required actions and what support they need.



* The prefered proceedure to get prospects to tell you "No" is given at www.HowDoIAskForANo.com  . This proceedure will lead to $100 and $200 up front commissions and a growing monthly residual income and finding a Heavy Hiter guaranteed, as long as you don't stop getting  2 people a day, on average, to tell you no. 


This is a welcome Letter for new “Whole Sale Shoppers” who have the “Free” $68.50/month Discount Product and Distributors who would like to make “UpFront” weekly pay income and large long term monthly residual income.


WholeSale Shoppers should study the health product videos by independent distributors. There are travel and other discouts and VStreams are available at a big discount of only $199 each.



Distributors and WholeSale Shoppers have 3 web sites to make orders and check group growth and change autoships and payment options and to signup distributors.



1. They are www.myvs2.com/youraausername 


for the sale of a VStream to a customer with a $200 commission. It is also possible to offer a discount cupon of $50 or $100 to a customer. This lowers your commission.


2.  www.vstreamTV.com/youraausenrname


To sign up new distributors. When they purchase the highest value package to get their VStram to demo you make $100 paid weakly . The $590 starter pack is only $299. The other options for ordering are given in the Ordering Summary Box below.


3.  www.Nutronix.com/youraausername


 This has a list of the Health Products and an ordering link for customers. You make a percentage of all orders made. Our Independent Distributor list of Health Product Videos is at www.VStreamHealth.com



See Bob Peterson’s “History of the 17 year old company” * document below as well. Also see the "Introduction to the International Director Factory" below. 



Get in on the leading edged of the wealth transfer that is just begining in the $2.2 Trillion Cable industry

as it is  deregulated .


Marketing videos that can be studied after a new distributor starts getting 2 "Nos" a day are listed below.  



1. Obama Deregulation video followed by vstream demo with no pricing information so that you get curiosity call backs. Not for recruting but only selling the VStream.




2. A good alternate introduction to Obama's Deregulation video by Niclole, with no pricing information. Also for selling the VStream only with no recruting.





 3. Obama Deregulation video with Links under the video to full recorded webinars and more. A complete "answer your questions" type of site. With no pricing information but is used for recruting.




4. Our "go to" video for selling to customers only, with no pricing information is www.VStreamHealth.com 


Doing Demonstrations


Distributors should study the advantages of owning and doing demonstrations of the vStream and health products. 


The various youtube and vimeo videos can be shown on a laptop or tablet. This does use data but they can also be downloaded as MP4 files on the laptop so no internet connection is required. 


 The index at www.4find4index.com has the links to all our teams videos and web sites . The videos are all YouTube or Vimeo videos.


How to download videos onto a Laptop is given at www.dialandtextforno.com 


With just these videos and a labtop it is possible to do a Demonstration and take orders for the VStream during the week.


This is easier than in the olden days of door to door encyclopedia and vacume cleaner sales. Just look at the educatonal content of the VStream. For example look at this video: 



The 1 year warenty that the company offers makes the sale even easier.


Capture Pages

Pro Perks members can order free “capture pages” for marketing purposes if they would like to use them. A signup link for these is in the back office of the Pro member. You are also then a member of the Pro Perks mailing list.

For those who would like to use it, there is also a paid automatic prospecting system in each person's back office called MLM Recruit on Demand.


Work as Little as 4 Hours a Week to Become Rich with our "Dial and Text" system as long as you never quit.


With our www.HowDoIAskForANo.com  process we use 2 "Magic Videos" : This is what customers see with no pricing information www.NoMoreDVDs.com and this is what networkers see to make money www.NoTrainingRequired.com    

We get people to watch the video by using 2 Magic Questons that are listed on www.HowDoIAskForANo.com .


We provide access systems to tens of thousands of phone numbers of networkers so distributors just go to work Texting or dialing. As long as a distributor works as little as 4 hours a week texting and dialing the downline will grow very well. see www.TwoNos.com 


As the residuals are building up from the “Free” pro perks discount product (see history document below) distributors earn $100 and $200 upfront commissions paid weekly. These come from the orders of the VStream and/or distributors selecting the $580 value starter pack. The cost of this is only $299. The Distributor now has a VStream to use and to demonstrate bring in more $200 and $100 commissions.


So study www.HowDoIAskForANo.com  and begin the 4 hours of work a week. Post the number of nos at www.facebook.com/groups/dialandtextforno


These are sites to explain the dial and text for no concepts. www.MuddyMarbles.com  and www.TheBeautyofNO.com


This is a great 5 minute video on the power of our concept and pay plan. www.goforno.net


Weekly Webianars and Training

Get on one of the Webianars each week.  8pm est Tuesday health product call and 9pm EST vStream demo and testimonials on Tuesday and Thursdays and 11am EST Training on Saturdays.


These are at www.vswebinar.com and/or 701-801-1220 pin 898-601-050.


For encouagement watch www.IfYouHaveNeverFailedThenYouHaveFailed.com



Box 2 Let's start off with our Duplication Process so you can make some money.

 Our Duplication process expanded:


Don’t worry about your warm market or "Chicken" market to recruit them. To start off you will want to inform them that you are selling the VStream and don't buy from anyone else until they check with you. You will want one in your home as a demo unit.


To make a lot of monthly residual income, you will be dialing and/or texting a list of numbers of networkers and others for as little as 4 hours a week to receive $100 and $200/order upfront weekly pay checks. This leads naturally to the development of a group that will be copying your process.


For your warm market, you will send them a business announcement letter which says:


“You may have heard how people are buying streaming technology devices to cut cable bills. These are items such as the Walmant and Best Buy Roku, Amazon fire stick, Neflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Apple TV etc.


I have found the VStream Media Center, with no monthly fee like the others have. Please don’t buy a vStream until you contact me for pricing options.


Please see the what is happening with the deregulation of the industry with President Obama’s recent announcement. See this and how the stream competes at www.CableDeregulation.org [no pricing or recruting information]


Thanks, [put in your name, phone, email (don’t give them your order link until they call. Of course, when they see yours operating in your home they are going to want yours.) ]


This is the dialing and texting part of your 4 hour/week process:


You will be using “Magic” question #1 and #2 outlined at www.HowDoIAskForANo.com 


When people want information after they respond to "magic" question #2, text or email this message:


"Please review the information on President Obama’s announcement to deregulate the Cable industry at  www.CableDeregulation.com


After you see this video you can signup for free. (Can be free forever). Then see your 3 free personalized web sites.


This is my link for you to signup for free www.vstreamtv.com/yourausername


After you signup. I will call you with our marketing instructions and how to buy a VStream at a discount price.


In summary, you will be texting and dialing for as little as 4 hours/week to make, upfront, $100 to $200/order, paid weekly, and as long as you and your team never quit gathering and posting No's you will develop a large residual income .



Mary Smith your phone and email.


Process note:

If they have questions before they signup for free, send them to:


for many more answers.

If they give you their company to review, take a look at it and send this message back to them:

“Thanks Doug, nice looking company. Would you take a quick look at more features of our plan and products at this 5 minute comparison video  www.gofornos.com   ? Please review and consider my offer of a free signup to look at your 3 free websites and do further investigation at www.4find4welcomeletter.com “

Then move on to get more “No's” . This is explained at www.TwoNos.com 


For tough cases, who are good marketers, who still have questions, put them on the phone with a bigger Upline or in rare cases we can get company management involved.


(2016-05-14 welcome letter)


Box 3 Main Signup Options

5 Main Signup Options




When you click on each of these icons below in your back office you see a description of each.




Free Distributor:




The Free Distributor makes 20% fast start of the Commission volume (CV) when someone they sponsor orders. For example, when someone orders a vStream at the customer price of $399 they make 20% of 80cv or $16. But if they become a Pro they make $200. They also do not make any income from lower levels as their group grows. All that income “rolls” up




“Free” $68.50 Wholesale Shopper or Distributor Position:




People can be “Free” Pro perk “Wholesale Shoppers” or they can voluntarily work as distributors for $68.50/month. This allows them to  get 110% low price difference travel guarantee and an app for the phone to get discounts from over 300,000 businesses. The distributors, who signup people, get full commission in the plan as their group grows. By never outlaying more than the “Free” $68.50/month, the pay plan has the capability of delivering millions of dollars a month as the group grow. Pros make 30% fast start income. The $68.50/month has a split commission to pay upline of $40cv.




$299 Starter Pack:




This is our most valuable and the most pouplar option. It has a $560 retail value for only $299. This is a very good option to get a vStream and an HD antenna, plus more. This can be compared to the customer price for only the vStream and the HD Antenna for $399. The “plus more” is a one-month membership in the “Free” Pro Perks. This allows future vStreams to be purchased for $199 each with a Free vStream or $400 of health products every 6 months. Of course, in month 2 and beyond the member can change the autoship to the very popular “Free” $199/month for a vStream a month. This monthy vStream can be sold for $399 yielding a $200 profit. The Starter pack also comes with a one-month supply of the live saving 02 Performance hydration and 2 bottles of the very popular Metabolic Balance product that helps the body handle sugar. This has a $100 fast start weekly pay commission.





$199/month – Get a vStream a month starting in month 2.  (Could be $224/month if you want an Antenna each month).


This also makes you a Pro for all of its discounts. It is “Free” because as you do your Demo’s or neighbors and friends seeing you use it they will want yours. But you have one on the table so you can sell it to them for $399 and make a $200 profit after you pay you $199 subscription. You are, in reality getting your vStream each month for $131. The $199/month has an $80cv/month split commission upline. So it pays 30% x $80 or $24 fast start commission.




$1250 All Star- Pack




Many people want to be able to order vStreams for $169 each so they purchase the All Star Pack. Included are 3 vStreams and 3 HD antennas. This also pays double leadership bonus. So the $50,000 bonus is $100,000. This pays a $200 fast start commission and puts $400 cv split commission into the plan upline.

Box 3 International Director Factory
(2016-04-14 vA dialText)
International Director Factory
There are several ways to earn $100 and $200 weekly pay upfront income checks followed by the natural growth of true monthly residual income.
This income will come, guaranteed, with consistent weekly work of as little as 4 hours per week.
A foundation for upfront income is the actual demonstration of the vStream or health products in the home or at meetings or events. see how people do this at www.4find4inhomedemonstrations.com/
But beyond this, it is important to concentrates on one of the simple ways for growth called “Dial and Text For Nos”.
With this process, you will be an "International Director in Training".
As your group builds, your residual incomes will increase to the full time income level at International Director. (See details of the pay plan at www.YouAreOnlyOneDistributorAwayFromAnExplosion.com ) These average between $2000 to $3000/month and if you are selling vStreams as well, could be as high as $6000/month or higher.
The purpose of the very Simple "Dial and Text For Nos" process is to have all distributors in your downline active for ever.
"International Directors in Training" begin with this very simple and effective "Dial and Text for Nos" process.
As a distributor's group grows, knowledge is gained and some distributors are tempted to advance to using other techniques to accelerate the "Dial and Text process" with Facebook marketing, capture pages, automatic dialer software and methods of automatically finding the phone numbers of networkers to call beyond using the manual system discussed below with the www.manta.com web site.
It is critical, however, that your new "International Directors in Training" do not take the time to learn how to use these automated systems but manually begin to Text the 2 "Magic questions" discussed below.
With the simple Texting For Nos process your growing group is likeley to find a potential International Didrector, at any depth in only 2 of your many legs. These 2 International Dirctors will drive your group volume to the $50,000 one time eadership bonus and your residual income to over $30,000/month.
So in this case you never did need to be an "advanced" autotic dialer type of person. You found that capability anyway with people in your downline. This is one of the promises on networking and it will happen to you as long as you put in your time, even with the simple manual "Dial and Text" system.
It is the desire that counts. In is the number of "Nos" recorded that counts. Not the sophistication of the technique.
So "International Directors In Training"  get your feet wet and get your  "Nos" so that growth begins to occur. There are millions of "Nos" waiting out there. So Don't wait. Don't study. Go get your share of the available "Nos".
As your group grows, with you texting every day, you are showing your count of "Nos" to your growing downline and they are encouraged to never quit with their own 4 hours of work a week. This growth is the promise of networking and the "Magic" of duplication.
If your group has 100 people "Texting for Nos" monthly, 4 hours/week,  then with the magic of duplication, next month, your group could well have 200 people. This is because the 4 hours of texting work from each of the 100 could easily bring in one new  "Distributor In Training" for each of your 100.
In some cases a few of the 100 new distributors could have the capability, because of their past experiences in business or intense desire, to rapidly advance to the Full Time International Director position. This is what we mean when we say www.YouAreOnlyOneDistributorAwayFromAnExplosion.com 
But it will never work without your example and your post of your No Count on www.facebook.com/groups/dialandtextforNo 
Your activity and the activity of your groups will be exposing many of the millions of network Marketers to the two “Magic Questions” below and the one “Magic Video” at www.CableDeregulation.com  
We show you, below at www.DialAndTextForNo.com , how to get unlimited phone numbers of networkers for free.
This is the whole ball of wax: Two "Magic Questions" and One "Magic Video" . What could be simpler?
In Summary, when you “Dial and Text For Nos” consistently, week after week and year after year, for as little as 4 hours a week, you will find distributors who will become International Directors in our rank advancement system. They will drive your residual income, with our unique pay plan design, to unbelievably high residual income levels, as is now happening for many.
You can modify the two “Magic Questions” slightly to ask them of Real Estate Agents, Insurance Salesman of all types, Finance and Security Salesman and managers, Retail Managers, managers and supervisors in any business.
You can pick up business cards of these people everywhere. You can find their web sites everywhere.
Box 4 Peterson's History Observations of the 17 year old company

Following is a view of the History of the 17 year old company.


FYI. This document may be helpful to send to some seasoned networkers and business people who need to know about the company in more detail.


It is posted at www.YouAreOnlyOneDistributorAwayFromAnExplosion.com


Bob Peterson Review of the Nature and Character of the nxrGlobal/vStream Company.


Bob Peterson (Bio at the* below) , Independent Distributor, 301-641-8318.


This is some data about the company that I have gathered during my part time involvement sense 2008.


I have known 2 of the Co-Founders of nxrGlobal/vStream sense 1990. The marketing arm has been known by a few other names over the years.


For a good overview of the history of the 17 year old company see a site by another independent distributor at www.4find4founders.com


Bob Bremner, and many of the 200 distributors, who are vStream Founders, are shown on my video from the first vStream convention held on December 5th 2015. These videos are at www.4find4.com . Three Hundred distributors were in attendance at this Pre Launch convention held in Richmond Va.


The company headquarters and shipping facilities are in Mechanicsville, VA, a suburb of Richmond, VA. Many from the convention visited this facility.


As you can see, nxrGlobal/vStream is a small, debt free, privately owned company. They own all of its facilities. The company is supported by legal and accounting capabilities with in-house web design and offsite programing.


In 17 years, the company has never missed a pay cycle and has paid over $30 million in commissions. The company has a very good accounting system for each distributor. This can be seen in the back office by signing up as a Free Distributor using the number of the referring distributor at www.vstreamtv.com .


Even Free Distributors can make some money and grow a very large group with no personal expense.


The company is prepared for growth because it has a very solid cash flow model that it will never violate. It will not violate the positive cash flow model even if product delivery, at times, may fall behind.


The company will never miss a pay cycle.


The sales base of the company is its health products. Over the years, sales have gone up and down but have provided positive cash flow. The company, with recommendations from its advisors, has experimented with several compensation models. Always looking for for one that would support the dream of networking. That is each distributor recruiting 2 other distributors in a month or two.


This 2 find 2 growth model would develop a company size of over 1 million in about 20 months. Not only has nxrGlobal not found the secret of 2 get 2 but no company has.


But now, with the introduction of the vStream in the 2 trillion-dollar movie/Tv industry and with our current pay plan improvements, we are now beginning to move. You can get a sense of this by listening to a training done by Independent distributors on July 9th, 2016. This is at www.4find4Training.com This was attended by over 300 distributors on this Saturday morning.


The pay plan that we have settled on, after years of trial and error, is the addition of a driver unilevel for our basic unilivel. We have had the basic unilevel for over 10 years. The basic unilevel is an infinity pay 9 level "no-breakawy" structure. It has a $100 to $100,000 one time leadership bonus and unlimited monthly residuals.


The new driver for growth and fill of the basic unilevel is a new 5 level deep Check match unilevel. With 2 sponsored you receive 20% check match on level one. With 4 sponsored - 10% check match of distributors on the 2nd level, 6 sponsored - 3rd level, 10 sponsored - 4th level, 15 sponsors - 5th level. These are compressible levels.


As each distributor drives for these deeper check matches by sponsoring more and more, the basic infinity pay unilevel begins to fill.


The upfront $100 and $200 direct sales weekly pay commissions are a 2nd driver for growth. This provides income as the group residuals build up over time.


More about the Pay Plan is at: www.YouAreOnlyOneDistributorAwayFromAnExplosion.com


The company also uses a simple support system so that each distributor who will follow this simple system will sponsor many more than 2 . This is described at our team site www.DialAndTextForNos.com . When distributors implement this simple process as little as 4 hours a week and never quit a very nice monthly residual income will develop.


Details of the very unique compensation plan with examples of income well over $6 million/month with a "Free" $68.50/month discount product are at our team site at



The business model, with the “Free” $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount product and “Free” $68.50/month Wholesale Shopper position is set up to last for hundreds of years, always delivering residual income. This model sets up total stability for hundreds of years because residual income is not not product type or product price dependent. For the long haul, we know products always will come and go, depending on technology and competition.


The "Free" aspect is somewhat unique:


Many programs in the industry say they have a "Free" autoship, but in fact, for most of them you need to sell and make money to pay for the autoship.


Our "Free" autoship delivers about $400 of Free value every 6 months to cover most of the $68.50/month cost with no requirement for our Distributors or "Whole Sale Shoppers" to recruit or sell any product.

6x$68.50 = $411.


Every 6 months the distributor or Wholesale shopper receives a Free vS2 which has a suggested retail value of $399. Or the Pro Perks member can choose $400 of retail value of health products. This is very near the $411 spent on the Pro Perks discount product.


As you can see from the convention testimonials, the Bremner family is well respected for their vision and hard work.


The lifesaving health products are a real cornerstone for the Company and they do so much to help the community. Bob Bremner, the co-founder, is a real expert in this field. You can see Bob Bremner at work on some of the recorded health product webinars by our team at www.WeeklyInHomeDemo.info


* I am retired after 45 years with the Nuclear Weapons program of the Department of Energy. BS Engineering Physics, MSA-Management of National Resources, Graduated from the Industrial Collage of the Armed Forces, Fort McNair, Washington DC.

It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at www.staged111.com

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