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Please Pass this card around to people who need more money or who understant the concept of a lottery.

Also give to people who would like to have a big residual income busiess by sending people to recorded videos and then do a simple followup.

During the followup they would provide their signup web site.

These are very simple concepts but hard to implement because others think they know what is going on but they don't . 

Old Add . No Longer Valid

This also works great as a

fundraiser for churches and groups. 

We gave you this old card because it has our web site and phone number. 


Disreguard the offer on this card.

The subscription/membersip has been drastically improve by this 20-year-old company. - (Read below.)


This site is by independent distributors and not the company.



Don’t pass up this offer to expose a few people each week to this wonderful membership and potentially big lifetime residual income in addition to anything else you end up doing.


Diversification is king.


This is one of the highest paying business models with the smallest technical knowledge requirements in business for those who don’t quit.


Not only do you get $10/mo from each person who selects the “virtually free” membership (see below ) but by exposing people every week to this membership offer you might run across one or more very interested persons who dedicate themselves to bringing in many memberships.


This is almost like winning a lottery because you get between 20% to as much as 60% of the monthly residual income of the people that you sponsor*. This is a residual matching income.


You do the math. This is an example - if they generate $10,000/mo** of residual income from their own effort, this would be $2,000 to as much as $6,000/mo** match to you.


*See the company pay plan documents.


**Incomes are not guaranteed. These are just examples. You and they may make nothing. The numbers do have some potential of being considerable larger in some rare cases. For example, if your referred 2 in a month and they did the same then in 20 months there would be 1 million members in you group. Very simple but this rarely happens for some reason. People don’t get 2 and stick around for 20 months. So, you need to personally get more than 2 to succeed.


We have major benefits associated with our "virtually free" membership.


1st - access to major health coverage benefits.


2nd student dept reduction programs. 


3rd - extra Cash Back when you use you credit and debit cards at over 270 major outlets and airlines. This is extra cash back averaging 5.4%  over and above the milage points and cash back systems for the cards you use.


4th - Special discount shopping at over 300,000 stores and providers and a 100% low price guarantee travel system.  


5th - Special software for credit repair.

6th TV service discounted programs (coming) 


But this is big, for each active referral

You get $10/mo.


50 active referrals x $10 is $500/month. 

You also get 20% and more match of the residual income of all of your personal referal builders.


You can qualify for the $5,000/mo

Lifestyle bonus.  



Call Bob Peterson for information.




*Incomes are not guaranteed. Some make it, some don't.

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