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Proximity Beacon Marketing ~ Marketing Out of Thin Air
Proximity Marketing Gems
1 GEM $25 mo
3 GEMS $49 mo
7 Gems $99 mo
No set-up fees, no apps...
This little gem works right out of the box.
Ask How To Get Yours Free. Call Me!
Bulk pricing available.

Royaltie GEMS are no longer compatible with iPhones.  But the numbers don't lie.  Leave your GEM just outside a busy restaurant or mall.  Your brand will be seen thousands of times by Android Users.

Invite guests to CheckIn and share on social media using the Royaltie Gem.  

Earn commissions on sales of GEM units!

Royaltie offers a lucrative compensation plan for affiliates who sell the GEM units to other businesses or individuals.

This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing. You don’t have to recruit or meet any sales minimums.

There is no cost to become an Affiliate, other than just purchasing your personal Gems.


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Proximity Marketing
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Marketing Out of Thin Air
Be on the cellular device of over half of your Audience
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Gaining visibility, brand recognition, increasing user engagement and growing an online presence in unique ways Ask me how to STAGE your brand for social media.
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Staged is a Dynamic Social Tool designed to provide multi-faceted social leverage that will allow ANY business to generate a stream of HIGHLY targeted business traffic all with only a few clicks of a mouse.
Providing unparalleled social prospecting, our proprietary technology enables a business to pinpoint any niche, automatically create and post a bounty of vibrant content, and nurture follower engagement with ease.
People Absolutely LOVE being STAGED.

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