Much nicer way to build a business with HealthNuLiving 22s (C1359 4bUW) ZACH

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As you expose our videos to people, one of these will be that full-time person who will begin to fill their $10,500/month matrix. You will get a 100% match to the $10,500/month level. Others in the power legs will find similar people and you will get a 100% match on many of these $10,500/month amounts to infinity deep in the structure. 

This is huge and

the promise of our business model for those who never quit asking

this question.

Prospecting Question: 

How would you like to find a business person and get a 100% match of their matrix income? When they make $10,000 per month you make $10,000 per month? 
And what if it was a 100% match of dozens of businesspeople found by others?