Bitcoin Documentary by Discovery Channel

What Is A Bitcoin?

Explained by Bitcoin Expert Andreas Antonopoulos

ThE New Economy Is Here to Stay!

We now live in a global economy and if you're not aware of the changes that are taking place, you're going to be left behind!

In this Global Economy there are new forms of money called Crypto-Currencies, and they are allowing everyday individuals that have been left out to participate on a scale that has never been seen before.

There are approximately 2.5 to 4 billion people that now have access to a financial system that they would never be able to access under our current banking systems because these people live in areas where they don't have a local branch to go into to conduct financial activity.

Because of crypto-currencies and their smartphones they can buy goods and services, they can send money internationationally, and they owe this all to the White Paper that started a Global Economic Revolution when the very first crypto-currency was created.

Welcome to the Bitcoin Revolution!

Bitoins have been outperforming every currency to include gold in six out of the last seven years.

Bitcoins are helping everyday people overcome financial difficulties and making more money than they were on their job!

You owe it to yourself to find out everything you need to know to start profiting from Bitcoins and other crypto-currencies.

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 Let me be clear with you, you don't need the CoinXL Trading Platform to purchase Bitcoins, but you do need a Bitcoin Wallet to securely store your Bitcoins and you do need a place where you can purchase Bitcoins.

 That can be online at any of the Bitcoin Exchanges or at a Bitcoin ATM. If there are no Bitcoin ATMs in your area, you can contact Bitcoin Depot and they will pay you $300 for finding a suitable location (must have wi-fi and 18x23 inches of space) in your area to place one of their Bitcoin ATMs.

 When it comes to Bitcoin Wallets, I recommend Blockchain because they are user friendly and have an APP that you can download to your smartphone.

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