www.LSNAccess.com Call the person who sent you this video on how to start helping your organization and saving at the same time nrtd (C548 4yjv)
This site is by Independent Business Partners and has a Powerful message to people who love their organizaton or fundraiser and want to support them or it.
By having the membership in with this discount platform, the organization they love will get a very high "Residual Donation."
This is $15 up front and $5/mo and eventially the special $5,000/mo LIfe Style Bonues becomes possible.
At the same time that supporters are helping their favorite orgaization raise Residusl Donations by being members of the Discount Platform, some members of the Discount Platform save as much as $4,000/year on their normal purchases.
Note: if you save $4,000/year, this is the financial equivalent of making $5,000/year before takes. For example, in a 20% social security, State and Federal tax bracket, the taxes would be $1,000, leaving you a net of $4,000.
What could you do with $4,000 of savings? Is it worth the time to use your Discount Platform? 
What is  easier, to make $5,000/year of taxable income or save $4,000/year? Same bennefit to your bottom line.