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David Lundgren is a Social Media Marketing Expert. With over 31 years of Digital Training Experience , David can help ANY website owner setup a system which can attract 1000+ Visitors / Day (Check out his Traffic Chart below). As part of his Digital Team, you'll also have access to Daily LIVE Q&A Training Calls. Go ahead - give him a call at: (805) 276-6633 - Test his Motto "You Call - I Answer!"

Does your website need more traffic?  

  • How about your YouTube channel, your eBay page, or your Pinterest board?
  • How about your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign?
  • Maybe you're promoting "you" and need more traffic driven to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account?
  • Does one of your favorite charities need more web traffic?

No matter what, your website needs more traffic and we can bring it to you!

"Stage-Bot" Posts your pre-approved viral videos to your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook,Linkedin) and your friends and followers will click on these links to see what all the hubbub is about.
When they do, an amazing thing happens. The are transported to your "Staged" page where you are able to share any message or content you want others to know about.

Staged.com is Traffic Generation on Steroids.
If you can click a mouse, you can generate an endless stream of laser-targeted traffic for any industry - within any geographic location.

What Are Stages?
Stages are very attractive one page websites that feature proven, high-traffic YouTube videos and multiple advanced branding, advertising and lead capture devices fully customized to you.  Or, to put it another way, your ads sit right next to popular YouTube videos, and your ads cannot be blocked from view.

How It Works 
First the "StageBot" posts your pre-approved viral videos to your social media accounts. 

Then your followers click the links to your viral videos.

Next an amazing thing happens, they are now watching a video that is hosted on your Staged Page and it is surrounded by your banner adds, contact information and message about your web site or service.

Every time your Stages are auto-posted you know your branding, ads, banners and lead capture devices are being delivered to your targeted audience in a subtle, cool and fun way - over and over, every day.