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April 20, IBP Newsletter


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April 21st on our Webinar/call. Eastern Time.

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Prior to our launch of our new web sites next week, IBPs have begun to gather savings experiences from customers and IBPs. Please see these postings at 



Watch for instructions and information from our coorporate office starting next week. 



Our product, concept and pay plan is designed to provide residual income in the short and long term no matter what happens in the field of technology and competition.


You can always save money and reliably build with our 18-year-old company.


On the April 21th Webinar, at Noon EST, Bob Bremner, CEO will give us status for our new web sites to come shortly.




The pay plan basics remain unchanged. $15 and $25 fast start and $5 or $8/mo residuals on personals with great overides:   and 




Our Guiding Management Principle -

It is easy to see who is "working" the program by referring just one subscription

during the month.

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