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Demetrice Etheridge
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Retired United States Navy as a LDO Communications Officer (6420) with over 24 years of experience in the field of communications. Served as an officer technical specialist in automatic data processing and digital communication technology; provided direct supervision of programmers and telecommunications personnel concerned with the installation, operation, and maintenance of data systems including hardware and software operating and application programs; developed local area network design specifications and connections to Wide Area Networks including system requirements, band width specifications, and technical requirements; provided system analysis and evaluation and system administration including beta testing, troubleshooting, traffic control, and system training; developed policy for data processing and communication priorities, evaluation methods, work standards, and procedure manuals for technicians; provided leadership, professional counseling, and career guidance for team members; prepared technical reports and provided advice to Senior Naval Leadership on data processing and communication matters; prepared budgets and performed cost analysis for computer and communication operations; supervised data processing and communication and needs assessment for personnel, logistics, intelligence and operational requirements for tactical and non-tactical operations; ensured data integrity, system security, inventory control, and Total Quality Management; maintained records and documentation; prepared personnel evaluation reports.

Specialties: Customer Relationship Specialists. I utilize information age marketing to set myself apart from others by sharing a lucrative solution to a complicated online marketing world.

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