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Ask the person who sent you - how.

Process for bringing in nearby churches and organizations with a meeting. 


A simple email inviting members to a meeting about a new fundraiser is sent out. You brief the group. Show www.IGetMyTVFree.com . Maybe even show the live IXQTV service through your firestick on a TV in the room or your laptop projected onto a screen or big TV.  


Let them know: 


 1. IXQTV is no-contract $39 to try it for 30 days and then keep it if they like it for $39/mo. Don't push "cutting the cord" or saving money on TV, or the 1-day trials. In fact, this is a great "stand alone" entertainment package. As they use the service they will decide on their own that they can cut premium movie channels, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey sports tickets that they are paying for. The service has most national and local broadcast and the firestick is now getting most local channels. 


2. Refer one and the $39/mo cost goes to $29/mo, two then $19/mo, Three then $9/mo, Four then $0/mo.


3. The people being referred by the supporters of the organization should not be other people in the organization but people outside of the organization. This is done so the organization gets the $10/mo residual donation for all members of the organization.


4. All members of the organization get a web site to refer outside people to: www.BuyIXQTV.com  /Their user name.   


5. To get their referrals, they can show others the service on their own laptop, cell phone or Tv or they can send them www.IGetMyTVFree.com  



At the meeting Give them a flyer with the Organizations signup site  www.BuyIXQTV.com  /the organizations user name. Or have them fill out a paper form with their information so you can put it into the computer (your upline may have a form for you to use.) 


The organization signs up at the $59.95/mo pro level. This allows them to get the $10/mo beyond 4 personals. The church or organization signs up as a Pro using their nonprofit tax id.  


With 300 personal signups the organization would get $3,000/mo residual donations coming in. This is much better than a onetime $5 from the kids doing a car wash. This is repeat donations every month.  


The supporters are happy because they each get their cost to zero by referring only 4 others.  


Only discuss income from "generations" of subscribers with the head of the organization if they ask the question when they see the "Compensation Plan" link on their main web site they get as Pro subscribers. Don't inform the supporters that they could make money beyond referring 4 by becoming Pro Business Partners themselves. Only tell them about generations of income potential if they personally ask.  


Avoid the generations of income discussion because it looks complicated to new people and you don't want them to miss out on the level residual donations because they think it is complicated. Later on, the head of the organization will be pleasantly surprised with the extra residual donations that comes naturally.


Without taking donations from the church or organization, the pastor or leader of the organization may want to earn some personal income by signing up as a Pro them self and then signing up the Nonprofit Church or organization.


The Pastor or leader of the organization will see the compensation plan link on their Pro web site.  Let them know that their supporters don't see this link on the www.BuyIXQTV.com site. Supporters are not distributors and cannot earn income they can only refer 4 to have their bill reduced to $0/mo. 


This is not covered at the meeting, but over time, some supporters may come to realize that they could convert to Pro and build some income for themselfs with $10/mo from referral number 5, 6, 7 or 100 or more and generations of income deep.


This action by the new pro just increases the residual donations received by the church as shown in the hypothetical chart below.   


You can use the chart below to show them generations of donations when they ask questions about, "what happens to the income as Generations of customers all want theirs for free?" 


This an example chart of potential income based on each customer, in generations, each referring 4 to get their cost to $0/mo . The organizations, as Pros, would in fact be receiving these residual donations from generations. 


table fund raiser IXQTV  bgfii                                 

pay table* with 15 Cv for customers only

and you the only PRO. How about residual income to true infinity? 

Then for each group of 4 customers you make $40 and potentially $133,156/mo

A church or organization of 300 is 75 groups of 4 customers. 75 x $40 = $3,000/mo 1st level.

75 x $133,156 = $9,986,700/mo*

*No Guarantees, people may not get theirs’s for free with 4. 

P.S. See other pay plan discussions for pro getting pro along with testimonials and technical recordings at an Independent Business Partner site www.OurPowerVideo.org   and  www.FreeTVToday.com