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The $59.95/mo is covered by $30 value of the 20 but if 20 sales came in this is 30x$25 = $750 income and $240/month residual. (30 because with only one subscription you get 10 more for the month.) 



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For the VIPLiveTV product, see the company web site at www.OrderVIPTV.com  

The 1st video below is an overview by Bob Peterson including the Pay Plan.

Also plays at a "Sizzel Line" along with a message from motivational speaker - Les Brown 720-721-4815.

People can listen in their Car. 

Famous Motivational Speaker Les Brown Audio with comments about VIPLiveTV is at 720-721-4815

Must listen to the new Independent Distributor Pay Plan video at www.OneIsGreaterThanTwo.com  


See addtional Webinars below at Group 401A. You can also visit our "Training and Library Web Site" at


This site has may videos to be used for prospecting for sales

and other Business Partners. 

Group 401A - Each Webinar has diffent testimonials about the product and opportunity.

Owning this technnology can literally save you as much as

$50 to over $400/Mo off of your cable TV bill.  

"No Contract" "No Credit Check" "No Cancellation Fees" 




Welcome to the launch of this technology product in the $2.2 trillion entertainment industry. 


This is brought to you by our

18-year-old company.


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