www.VIPLiveTV.com This is the VIPTV on a Laptop TV with an HDMI Cable and the money to be saved. Order your VIPTV subscription today.. aaad lugf 6m16s (C371 G368 A2ju)

The VIPTV subscription is very popular. See other videos below on its opeation on a Smart Phone and a TV using a stand alone Media center that we sell called a Vstream.

Around the world, VIPTV  can be operated on any smart phone, laptop, computer or other TV streaming device that has a 10-12mb speed and full browser access.

Notice you can save a lot of money on your cable bill by using this subscription on a laptop and initially connecting it to your HDMI ready TV. You can take your savings and buy a Vstream Media center to get the over 100,000 recorded movies and TV programs with no monthly fee. With a Vstream you also get an automatic updater and an even more user-friendly VIPTV menu driven system. Call the person who sent you this link on how to order a Vstream Media Center for recorded movies and TV programs.

To help with our expansion plans we do offer a $4.50/month/subscrition for your signups with friends and others. With 7 you will have coverd the cost of your own subscription.