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Part 1 and II of Essentail Oil Products for Babies and Children

Part 1 (Part II is below)

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What I have done with my girls is placed Di-Gize in the palm of one hand and rubbed both hands together until they were dry, then I placed one hand on the lower abdomen and the other on their backs. It worked for the gas pain almost within minutes. Blessings, Carol Mcllvane


I have no experience using oils on babies, as I began using them when my son was 11. But if it were me, I think I would put Di-Gize and Lavender on the baby’s feet first, just a little. Then if the baby seems comfortable with that, I would put it on the navel and around the stomach, rubbing in a clockwise direction. When my son Hank was detoxing at the clinic, he experienced severe stomach cramping. Di-Gize alone didn't work; Lavender alone didn't work; but when I used the two of them together the cramping stopped in seconds. I have used Lavender with him because Peppermint is so stimulating, and just felt like I wanted to use the relaxing oil. Good luck and God bless. Maureen


Baby skin is so sensitive that on the tapes Dr. Gary recommends putting the oils in a warm bowl of water and wringing the cloth out and putting it on the baby. No direct oils on the baby and many times on old people who are thin skinned. On the same tape he suggested putting it on the person who is doing the oils ands and just holding it over the baby. Rose

Babies have such a huge transition to make and so much to adjust to parents, too. Babies in my opinion need to be close to their Mommies and smell her scent and the scent of her milk. Be careful not to mask that most powerful essential connection with anything else - including oils. Wearing a baby in a sling type baby carrier that holds the baby close and secure and keeps the mom's body and arms from getting too sore make it easy to hold and carry the baby - a lot. The best solution is for a fussy baby is a relaxed mommy I would do everything possible to support her so she can care for the baby. Bathing with the baby in a relaxing bath with some nice oils or diffusing some Gentle Baby or Peace and Calming would be nice. Some babies love to be massaged and it's a wonderful way to tune in to your baby and learn about who they are. My heart and compassion go out to you. I know from experience what it's like to have a ''fussy'' baby who cries and needs sooooo much. It's so normal. I think if we expected babies to be this way it would be easier. The Baby Book by Sears got me through so much as did La Leche League meetings. Mother's milk is the best soother I know. Elizabeth Fine Crocker


If they were my friends I would have them STOP using usual baby oil, soap, etc on the baby. We with YL know how toxic these products can be. Instead, use Lavender in a carrier oil, and YL cleansing soaps. I would have them use only distilled water for bathing. Wash the baby's clothes, etc. in distilled water with YL suds. With the genetic insufficiency, it could be that the baby cannot combat the chemicals that we use in our everyday life. Speaking of which - NO plastic, glass ONLY. All of this should be a point of departure. Then start looking at the body's systems like the blood to support with the oils. Char


In response to Gloria Palmers question about how much Thyme to use for a 15-year-old girl, you generally reduce portions for children. I give my children ImmunTune (no longer available), but I divide 1 capsule into 3 as they are young, and when I use the Mountain Savory/Lemon/Oregano mixture for sickness, I cut the portion in third. That's my general guideline for children. For a 15-year-old, my suggestion would be to keep the same time frame, but to reduce the portion to half. Erinn


When my daughter-in-law was pregnant with her last child - in her 4th month the doctor got very concerned because on the sonogram it showed the fetus had very enlarged kidneys and some other problems that they have found to be connected with mental retardation. My children of course, were very upset and called crying, "Mom, what can we do?" I sent them a bunch of oils, Gentle Baby, Lavender, Frankincense, Thieves - anything I had on hand. I told her rub them, drink them, breathe them, bathe in them and pray - pray like you've never prayed before. I put them on prayer lists all over the country. They had an appointment in 6 weeks with a specialist to have another series of tests run and were planning an amniocentesis on the fetus. I am a retired nurse and my "logical medical mind" said this is a waste of time, but my grandma and mothers heart said, "It's worth a try."

She followed through and as her husband said their house reeked of oils for the next 6 weeks. All of family, friends and church groups prayed diligently. The specialist was amazed. The report he'd received from her OB was totally wrong. There was no evidence of enlarged kidneys on the sonogram he ran. There was no evidence of any problems on the blood tests he drew and he was totally baffled as to why her doctor was so concerned. This was a very well known and respected OB doctor in Phoenix, Arizona. Joshua is now 11 months old. He is a beautiful, alert and very active little boy. This is the second grandchild these oils and God have saved for my family. I thank Him daily. My opinion is with essential oils and GOD, anything can be changed! Blessings, Nel


One of my children as an infant would cry nonstop every evening from 7-11 pm. It was exhausting for both of us. Someone advised me to try Peppermint Oil in water as it would help her burp. I did and it worked wonders. I dipped a toothpick in the Peppermint Oil then into a 4 ounce bottle of warm, purified water. Since she started crying around 7pm, I gave her the water around 6pm. If we were away from home and she didn't get it, she would cry again that night. It did make her burp a lot in the evenings and it would smell like Peppermint. She drank about 1 ounce each night. Mona


I just read in People Magazine that baby doctor Harvey Karp was helping crying babies by mimicking condition in the womb, i.e. swaddling them tightly, rocking them gently, and saying shhhh, shhhh repeatedly to emulate the mother's blood through her veins. Book is: The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Baby Sleep Longer. Has anyone tried Di-Gize on the baby's tummy? We had to bottle feed and our little girl seemed to do well with adding a little gut flora and Allerzyme to the formula. I also add 2-3 drops of Essential Omegas. Good luck, Jeff


My question is on the video of the Raindrop, why does Dr Young put oils directly on his baby? Our babies have the oils put on them neet and we have no problems at all with it. I feel that my children are much more tolerant to the oils than I will ever be because they will not have a chance to become as toxic as I have in my 30 years. They swallow the toothpaste and mouthwash, which I have yet to accomplish. Have a good day, Elaine


Somehow I missed the original question but thought I'd contribute my 2 cents. When our daughter was little, sometimes the fussing would either be because she needed to burp or a bowel movement. She once went for a week without one. The doctor’s office said to insert a cotton swab with Vaseline (which I probably wouldn't use now, I'd use Tender Tush instead) in her behind, very gently for about 1/2 inch and slowly turn it around so as to stimulate her to have a BM. That did the trick whenever she got backed up. Another thing is, sometimes people are trying to follow the book and only feed them every 3-4 hours. Well my babies didn’t read the book and wanted to be fed much more often, sometimes half an hour after the last feeding. I learned that "on demand" meant on the baby's demand.

Sometimes they're just plain tired out and need to have some quiet time and will settle themselves when all our efforts won't. I had one that had to be rocked to sleep, and one that preferred to be laid down in her crib and put herself to sleep. If you're leery to use Peace and Calming directly on the baby, how about just putting it on yourself or waving it around in the air? Good luck, I know it can be challenging. Leslie


I found that Geranium has helped with colic in both of my kids. I just put about 1 drop on each foot. When my little girl would get fussy she would calm down with Lavender; with my little boy it is Peace and Calming. Kami


... The mother is using Megazyme for her own digestive needs in hopes it will help the baby with time. I had found for myself that I could eat anything while I breastfed if I took Megazyme along with it. That included very hot and spicy foods, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, etc. Megazyme made all the difference in the world for my baby and me. I have a vegetarian friend who gave her infant a drop of Fennel Oil in milk when it went to fussing. This consistently gave the baby relief so that it quit crying and went to sleep. Orpha


To enhance bonding with the baby and reduce baby's fear after birth use Gentle Baby and I think Peace and Calming. I think I heard this on a training tape. It's been a while. Char


I had a baby in September and she also fussed in the evening no matter what I did. At the 2 week checkup, the midwife noticed she was arching her body back and she wanted to suck a lot even when not for nourishment. She said, "This kid has a headache." and sent us to a chiropractor. After 3 cranial adjustments, I had, and still have, the happiest little girl. The chiropractor told me a story of a baby who the doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery on and they couldn't find the blockage but thankfully the parents took him to the chiropractor first and he adjusted a vertebra and the problem was solved. Personally, I believe all newborns benefit from adjustments if done by someone well trained and used to babies; also pregnant and postpartum moms. In case chiropractic care had not yet been considered or tried, I hope this post is helpful. The sleepless nights don't last forever. Much love and empathy, Heidi


 RC is an oil that has helped many children and adults who have breathing difficulties. My daughter-in-Iaw's mother had severe asthma, and by using RC she no longer requires an inhaler and hasn't for a year. If that were happening to my child, I would rub RC on the chest and back, and if available, I'd rub Raven on the bottom of the feet, several times a day. Some days I might switch the locations - RC on the feet and Raven on the chest and back. Raven has oils in it that create a hostile environment for bacteria and viruses. RC contains oils that enhance breathing.

I would also make sure my child was drinking plenty of pure water in addition to any other liquids. Juice, milk, soda, etc. all dehydrate the body, and the lungs need a lot of water. When you breathe out on a cold day and can see your breath, what you're seeing is tiny water droplets being expelled from the lungs. A healthy respiratory system needs lots of pure water to function correctly. She should also be taking a Vitamin C - TWICE a day - C is water soluble and is gone from the system in 12 hours. This is very important. I'm sure the mother is already smart enough to limit sugar and white flour from the child's diet - if not, please ask her to think about that. It will make it so much easier on the child's body. I hope this is helpful, Vicki


 I personally use Di-Gize on my abdomen or I will take a few drops in a glass of water. I will have to try it on the inner calf. When children have an upset stomach, I will put a few drops in my hands and rub them together. I will either wave my hands in the air or place them over (not on) the abdomen, with clothes on. Children are much more sensitive. I did not see the original post; however, I also recommend lots of good water. Gloria


 As for the child that picks fights - have you tried Peace and Calming? It works wonderfully with my combative four-year-old.   So much so that I rarely need to use it more than once a week. I rub it on his large muscles - thighs, arms and back as well as his feet. It has helped so much that now he will come and ask for it when he feels about coming on. Gotta love these oils, Jessica Wild


Another company I am associated with said that you use 1/3 of a dose for children under 6, 2/3 for children ages 6-14 and adult dosages starting around the age of 14. Also be sure he is getting enough water! Hope the poor guy feels better soon! Margaret R


I have had my mind changed on something this week. Remember I am the one who said I didn't like PanAway, that it did nothing for my family. Well, I rescind that comment and want to tell you why! Four days ago, I was assisting my two-year-old while she was making a sandwich. She was standing on a stool in the comer of our kitchen counter. I have one of those lazy Susan corner cupboards, the kind that are set into the cupboard and have a wooden lip at the bottom.

Leah slipped off the stool and on the way down scraped her back on that wooden lip. She was immediately howling in pain. I knew she was hurt, so I told her to "meet me at the rocking chair" where we do most of our "oiling for owies". By the time I got to the chair, she was REALLY howling. I lifted her shirt and what I saw made me blanch! She had a purple raised mark about the width and length of two pencils lying side by side. I thought it was bleeding at first, but it was only hundreds of broken blood vessels. I was afraid that we were going to be making a trip to the Urgent Care. Does that tell you how bad it was? I had thought I was going to put Lavender on it like I do with most other owies, but reached instead for the PanAway. I took a second to look at the bottle and thought, This is going to bum her, I have to dilute it. But I followed the prompting to put it on neet. (Which in itself is strange, I VERY rarely put an oil on neet, especially one like PanAway that can burn.)

I expected more howling and to have to grab the V-6 to fix my "mistake" but instead, she stopped instantly! I said, 'What is wrong?" She told me it was hurting "a little less". We went into the living room and I had her lie down on the couch on her tummy. I went to the sink and got a clean wet washcloth as hot as my hand could tolerate. I folded it in quarters and put it on the wound. She lay there for about ten minutes, quite content for having a wound that severe. I took the washcloth off when it was cool. And the huge contusion that I was afraid would end us in the doctor's office at the least, was only three small pencil eraser sized DOTS! I was amazed! One application of PanAway had done that? Last night after her bath she told me her back itched. I rubbed over the small scabs and they all just fell off with no trauma, at all under them! This story is amazing, but here was what REALLY changed my mind.

Yesterday, my one year old was trying to be big and close a door all by himself. He is at that stage where he needs to do EVERYTHING his siblings do - arrgghh! In the process, he closed the door on his foot and had two large cuts on the top of his tiny foot. We went to the rocking chair and again I planned on getting the Lavender, but PanAway came to mind. I repeated the ''wrestling with the prompting to put it on neet" scenario and again followed my prompting. He stopped immediately and pushed off of my lap to get down! Keep in mind he has two cuts on his foot, not scratches - cuts!

By later that night, they were faint pink lines on the top of his foot and this morning they are gone! I was telling a friend about it and she asked what I thought had done it and I remembered, while explaining to her that Gary Young used PanAway as pain killer during an ankle surgery so he wouldn't have to go under an anesthetic. I remember him saying that he made a deal with the surgeon that if he couldn't handle the pain that he would go under, but that during the surgery, he would sit up, drop PanAway into the wound and lie back down for a while. And repeat the process when he started feeling pain again. I will never be without PanAway again! Jessica Wild


 This is what I would do. With a worrisome cough, I would go to the doctor to get diagnosed. Educate your doctor that you like to use prevention and natural methods and avoid excessive use of antibiotics, etc. You do have a say. I always educate my doctors and use them to help diagnose so that I know how serious or not something is. I get their input and read, ask questions, trust my own wisdom. I love my (son's) doctor. I got his name through the natural mothering community and he's a big wig in the medical community as well. HE trusts ME! It is a working partnership, where we discuss the issues and I choose. I don't choose much medical stuff - sometimes I've been happy to have it. About RC, it has Peppermint in it, which should not go on a baby’s neck. I'd alternate Raven and RC. You can diffuse; put a couple of drops diluted with oil on the soles of feet. You can add some undiluted to a humidifier or steamy bathroom. You can try some diluted with oil to her chest or back, very little I would say. You can rub some between your hands and hold near her to breathe. Babies have developing immune systems. I would nurse, nurse, nurse, to build her immunity and help fight off infection. Take care, Elizabeth


My little girl is now 11.5 months old. Her skin is pretty fair. She just had a bad cold that almost needed hospitalization. We did take her into the emergency room to make sure she was not developing pneumonia. She had a small amount of blood on her bedding and we did not know if it was from teething or because she was coughing so hard. She has had 2 other colds, one at about 6 months and 9 months. These were associated with wheezing and she was prescribed albuterol. I did this as little as possible. What seems to work for us is to temporarily take her off her bottle to reduce mucus.

Apparently, this is okay to do for 2-3 days, she does not have much of an appetite anyway, give her lots of water with about 0.5 ounces of NingXia Red (or a pinch of EmergenC brand powered vitamin C (some flavors specialize in electrolytes)). I am not sure but I think the Vitamin C really seemed to help.

On the first 2 colds I only used gentle oils like Gentle Baby and Frankincense on her feet. I also diffused RC in her room. I was much more concerned with the last cold; it was deep in her chest. Oregano, Cloves, Thyme, Purification, RC and everything else went on her feet. After a day the feet would become dry and flaky so I added Valor for the almond oil. This seemed to work. I put RC on her chest and back. After one or two applications, this would cause a red bumpy mild rash. Adding Valor first was enough to fix this problem. I included PanAway and Relieve It to help with discomfort. This helps with mild teething too. I generally applied 2-3 drops of each oil every 4 hours or less

As a new parent and although I am big time into YELO, I am very happy I went to normal doctors for an opinion. She had no fever and no ear infections. For 20 dollars you can get an instrument that lets you look into her ears with a light. If it is red an infection is probable. We could not tell if her ear pulling was an ear infection or teething. She has had two fevers 100.7 and 1013. Both times 2 hours after applying oils on her feet, the fevers broke. This does not prove it was the oils but it's an interesting coincidence. Her cold was bad. I tend to credit the oils with keeping her out of the hospital. Good luck! Jeff Fitzmyers


One thing you can do is to drastically increase YOUR vitamin C. Vitamin C is one that goes straight through to breast milk. You can tell if you are taking too much if you start to have diarrhea. I'm talking about 1 to 2 grams per hour. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration of whooping cough by 75%. I don't have the reference at hand right now, but will get it for those interested. If it will help with whooping cough, it will help with what your daughter has and if not it won't hurt.


If you do have to put your daughter on antibiotics, YOU should supplement with natural yogurt with active cultures. I'll keep you in my prayers. I remember how scared I was when my daughter was about that age and developed much the same thing. And that was 29 years ago. Jacke


We had a situation where our baby was over ventilated at birth and it tore an inch hole in his lung. He was SICK all last winter. I asked Cherie Ross what to do because I was at my wits end. As some of you might have seen Cherie in the fliers a few months ago, she does product testing for Gary Young and she is a national trainer. She said to put Lavender on baby's chest in the morning and at night, neet. It reduces the mucous. During the day do RC and Raven, Myrtle and Myrrh all mixed together and rub on the chest. Myrrh is an excellent carrying oil, very waxy. Rub on the chest 2 times a day. We noticed a slight rash appeared on the baby, so we used some mixing oil. We removed milk from his diet totally. We have him take 1 Sulfurzyme, 1 Royaldophilus and 1 Super Cal a day. We put it in his Sippy Cup with juice. He does not mind it at all. He has been doing this since he was 9 months old. He is now 19 months and has not had a severe cold since January 2002. But this summer there have been some really nasty colds going around that take about 5 weeks to get over. So remember to have all the cold and flu oils on hand as we approach the fall. Elaine



The way we found out that my 20 month old grandson had pneumonia was by going to the pediatrician on a Tuesday morning. She is an alternative one and knows the oils but still gave a prescription. My daughter-in-law came home and we worked very heavy with the oils. She had to go back in two days. When she did, the pediatrician found no signs of pneumonia. That was using the oils only. The prescription was never filled.

On Tuesday I did Raindrop with Frankincense, ImmuPower and Exodus II. Hyssop diluted on chest, on back put V-6 first before Raindrop, Eucalyptus on lung on hands, Thieves on feet and Raven on back. On Wednesday I know we started alternating with RC and Raven. Whenever we could we put more oils on. Thieves on feet. I only kept a record of what we did on Tuesday when we found out. Now that was us. I would never tell anyone to do that or recommend it. We did not want to fill the prescription. After the two days, all he had was a slight wheezing which the RC and Raven took care of but the lungs were clear the doctor said. Rhoda



I have been meaning to share this. We make a blend at our house we call it the bedtime blend! It is 2 or 3 ounces V-6, 20 drops Cedarwood, 20 drops Lavender, 10 drops of each Chamomile (or 20 drops of Surrender instead) and 5-10 drops of Peppermint. FYI, we live in Arizona. We add the Peppermint so that they feel cool and WANT to snuggle into warm blankets on their beds or in the rocking chair. It makes a BIG difference! We rub it on warm bodies after bath time and let them run naked for a minute or two to let it absorb, then get our kids dressed for bed. I feel that routine at bedtime makes a big difference. We start talking about bedtime at our house at 6:30 right after dinner and try diligently to have a set pattern for them. I have found that it makes them mentally ready for sleep and I think that having their mind ready for sleep is as important as having their body ready.

Don't forget to suggest to this poor frazzled mom that Lavender in a warm bath (for mom and baby?) and then crawling into a bed and nursing to sleep is a good thing! As far as babies that won't stay asleep, I am a big fan of a few drops Cedarwood on the feet and the residual rubbed under the nose. It helps my children get back to sleep really well. I usually don't use anything else if they wake up in the night. Dream Catcher is the other oil we use for nightmares and waking up in the night. It is my four-year olds favorite oil!

And one last thing. I am a big fan of a bedtime snack. Our favorites are a banana, half of a peanut butter and jelly, warm broth, soy milk or raw goats milk. In a pinch, we also use frozen peas, com or mixed vegetables. It doesn't take much to top up a little tummy and I think it really makes a difference. (And, yes, we brush after the snack! Also, keep in mind that 11 month olds might not be ready to sleep through the night. My daughter, who I think is the healthiest of my children, nursed two times a night until she weaned at 15 months old. She just has a small stomach. She still eats more frequent, small meals than the other children. Jessica Wild



I like to also use Raven and Thieves when fighting colds. Sometimes RC works better and sometimes Raven does. Usually I use both, one on the chest and one on the back and then Thieves on the feet. It is good to layer Peppermint on top. Does anyone else add oils to their cool mist vaporizer? I don't have a diffuser yet so I use the cool mist vaporizer and put the oils in the water and then put it right by the child with the cold. It seems to be very helpful, especially during the night when they have to cough. Then I use RC and Peppermint. When my infant woke up with a croup in the middle of the night, I put Raven in the vaporizer besides applying oils to the baby and help the baby's face close to the mist. The croup was breaking up within 15 minutes and saved us an emergency room bill. I am always careful to not get the oils to close to the face when below a year old as the vapors from the oils can overwhelm the baby. We also like NingXia Red and then a liquid multi vitamin-mineral-herbal supplement for our children during flu and cold season. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Best wishes to you and your family! Orpha



Here is the recipe for those baby wipes. Take one roll of nice quality paper towel and cut in half to make 2 small rolls. Take the core out of the middle of one of the small rolls and put the paper towel into an airtight container. Boil 1 1/2 cups water and mix in 2 teaspoons KidScents Lotion, 2 teaspoons KidScents Bath Gel and 2 teaspoons V-6 Mixing Oil. Mix together with a wire whisk and pour over the paper towels in the container. Let set until it has absorbed the liquid. When you're ready to use pull wipes from the center of the roll. Keep in airtight container! These wipes are awesome and they are 100% chemical free. Thanks, Lena



Sometimes I dilute a tiny drop of Peace and Calming and the Relaxation Massage Oil and massage my little one's feet. She's usually out in no time. I also use it on myself and it's wonderful. Leslie



I love using RC on kids. Myrtle is also gentle enough in my opinion to use on their chests. My children also respond really well to Hyssop. I have some old Young Living bottles and make diluted oils for my children. I put about 40 drops of Thieves in a bottle and then fill it with Olive oil. That way when my kids start getting sick, I have some that I can put on them as often as I think about it. I also use Myrrh (about two drops) in some raw honey as a cough syrup. I actually just did this for my kids this morning. They are all trying not to get the cold I have. As soon as they ate the honey/Myrrh, the coughing slowed to a trickle and they seem more comfy. Jessica Wild



Yesterday I had my 2-year old nephew over and he has yet another cold. I've been giving him NingXia Red, which he loves and drinks straight without even wincing. He says, "Mmm, just wight foh Aidan's mouth." I also give him Lemon in water, ImmuPower on his feet with V-6. But yesterday I felt compelled to give him the antibiotic (10 Lemon, 8 Mountain Savory, 3 Oregano), but knew it would be too much for his little body and I could never get him to swallow it. So I mixed up about one third the recipe, put it in a little V-6 and rubbed it on his feet. He told me to "rub the toes hard"! He got really wired for a few minutes, then fell asleep for about 2 ½ hours and seemed so much better! Hope this helps give you some ideas of things to try. Peace and Love, Sally



If my kids are really sick I give them a drop or two of Thieves and a drop or two of ImmuPower in a capsule. And they chase it with soy milk or raw goat milk so that there is something in their tummies to buffer the oils. I would not hesitate to have my older two that can swallow capsules take a drop or two of Oregano in a capsule. I don't know if I would use the anti-biotic or antiviral combination of oils, maybe one drop of each? I never have Mountain Savory! I also give mini-modified Raindrops to them. I use Valor, Hyssop, ImmuPower, Oregano and Peppermint well diluted on their backs then do the hot towel under the warm towel and they rest for 20 minutes or so with the oils and towels on. Sometimes I add Dream Catcher to the back and Peace and Calming on the chest right before a nap and the sleep is sooo healing! Jessica Wild



I have had my testimony renewed of oils on kids today. My kids have the sniffles again and I was about to cave and give them Tylenol. They have been achy and whiney and are running low grade fevers. I went instead to my oils - DUH! I used Believe on their spines. The Frankincense and Idaho Balsam Fir Oil in it worked faster and easier than Tylenol ever would! I also rubbed Gratitude on their chests and more Idaho Balsam Fir oil. I just have to remember that Idaho Balsam Fir oil is sooo good on kids for pain! Jessica Wild



German Chamomile might be a good oil to try for teething. I have put a drop or so on a washcloth that I tied around an ice cube. The combination of oil, cold and hard really helped with the babies I had in my old day care(s). Valerie Williams



Before applying PanAway to a baby's jaw think about the fact that that baby might touch the jaw and then its eyes! I would never apply PanAway to a baby's face. On the toes where the VitaFlex points for teeth are yes, on the face no! I would apply Idaho Balsam Fir on the jaw or even in the mouth. It is a milder oil. If the teething is just mouth (gum) pain and not bone pain, I would stick to a diluted Clove Oil or Citrus Oil with parent drying the gums before and applying oil with a finger. Then holding baby's hands for a few minutes to be sure that the drooling doesn't spread the oil. Just my opinion (after burning a baby's chin with oil because I was not as observant as I should have been!) Jessica Wild



We have a 2 year old who had a tear in his lung after birth. I have him on 2 Royaldophilus, 2 Sulfurzyme, 1 Super Cal, and 1/4 teaspoon Coral Sea per day. He cannot drink milk as it makes him extremely green. I put this in his juice and he drinks it all day long and I make sure he drinks it every day. He also takes 1 teaspoon Power Meal a day in porridge. He has come a long way in the last year in which we have been supplementing him. He no longer has blue around his eyes and his mouth. He is much larger at this age than any of our other children and he has the most famous bowels that work several times a day. He is not immunized and he has never been on antibiotics or steroids for his "asthma" as the doctor told me it was! And his scar in his lung within 1 year has decreased 75%.



You are on the right track. The antibiotics have trashed his inner flora. There is something you can do. First, make some raw cultured vegetables and use a spoon to dribble some of the juice into his mouth several times every day. Many mothers have done this successfully. If you are breastfeeding, you need to be eating the vegetables too. Making your own kefir is also a good idea. Eating yogurt is OK so long as you can be assured that the cultures were added after pasteurization. Better yet, make your own. The idea is to get as many friendly flora back into his system as you can. Lauren



On a previous post, it was mentioned that Stevia Select with FOS was helpful with bowel problems, so I decided to get some because of bowel problems that I have. I must say that it really has helped. It feeds the good intestinal flora, promotes Calcium, potassium and magnesium absorption as indicted on the label. It is very tasty and I would phone the Young Living clinic to see what dosage they recommend. In the EODR on page 249-250 under Antibiotic Reactions may also help where Stevia Select is noted as beneficial. The baby will love the sweet taste and help to make sure that the baby consumes enough liquid. Hope this helps. Regards, Nicole



When my grandson was an infant, I purchased a very helpful book titled The Super Baby Food Book. There are some vegetables that can't be tolerated until certain ages, even juiced. In health food stores, there's a product called Baby Acidophilus that we used successfully. Celeste



Here is the recipe for those baby wipes. Take one roll of "nice quality" paper towel and cut in half to make 2 small rolls. Take the core out of the middle of one of the small rolls and put the paper towel into an airtight container. Boil 1 Y, cups water and mix in 2 teaspoons KidScents lotion, 2: teaspoons KidScents Bath Gel and 2 teaspoons V-6 mixing oil. Mix together with a wire whisk and pour over the paper towels in the container. Let set until it has absorbed the liquid. When you're ready to use pull wipes from the center of the roll. Keep in airtight container! These wipes are awesome and they are 100% chemical free. Thanks, Lena



Sometimes I dilute a tiny drop of Peace and Calming and the Relaxation Massage Oil and massage my little one's feet. She's usually out in no time. I also use it on myself and it's wonderful. Leslie



One of my downline asked me to tell this. She has a 1 year old that the antibiotics were just not working on. So we got out the book and chose to put diluted RC on a cotton ball and some on her feet. The little one slept through the night and this moming all the congestion was loose. She is thrilled. Rose



I am babysitting my sister's three-year-old for 4 days. Julia wakes each morning in a grouch! She usually whines and fusses for at least 30 minutes. My sister has not been able to distract her or change this behavior in any way. The first morning I had my Joy Oil out waiting for sleepy head. She whined all the way from her room to her mother's lap. One drop of Joy over her heart and she was playing with the other kids in less than two minutes! Now that I'm alone with her, we repeat the same thing every morning - it is truly amazing. When she woke up in the middle of the night missing her mother, she started to fuss. I had the oil beside the bed and put one drop over her heart. She was asleep again in about 30 seconds. Now I'm wondering if this would work for those kids I hear on the planes. Jacke Myers


Yes, I use it all of the time and it works putting my hand up to the air jet. Terrie



Okay, one issue at a time! I would make sure that you have a diffuser and that you are diffusing diluted Thieves (we dilute with Lemon Oil!) and Purification alternating! When we have the "sickies" we diffuse all day! We have found that sitting under the diffuser while it is on (it is on top of a book case in the living room) and reading stories for a half hour at a time makes a HUGE difference in the kids when they are sick!) and the time on mom's lap may help your clingy 4 year old too!

Try Harmony on their necks for the runny noses. And I would let the kids drink Peppermint tea or any other flavor of herb tea that they like for the water intake to be bumped up to help the body work through this! My kids really like AlkaLime when they are throwing up! Just a pinch in a swallow or two of water and they notice how much it helps! My two year old actually asked for it the last time he was puking! Also change the sheets! Change the toothbrushes! When we are just starting to get over the gunkies, I change pillowcases every day and I soak the tooth brushes in Thieves all the time! Thieves in water - every time I walk in the bathroom I dunk them in and out of the water to drag them through the floating oil.

Are you spraying Purification on the beds and curtains and carpets in their rooms? I put 20 drops of Purification in a 4 ounce bottle, fill it with water and spray everything I can reach! Try White Angelica on your clingy son. It is my favorite oil for emotional kids! Also maybe Inner Child? What oils is mom wearing? When my kids are sick, I keep myself doused in oil. I just put a few drops on an hour of whatever oil I want them to smell when we hug or whatever. Just a few ideas! Jessica Wild



Yes, I would call the clinic! I would also look at this concoction – 1/3 raw goats milk, 1/3 raw carrot juice and 1/3 distilled water. This is what my niece put her son on when she could not nurse him, and BTW, what Mary Young used when she could not nurse Jacob! The raw foods supply enzymes that the body can use. I would not hesitate to recommend enzyme supplementation too. Good Luck! Jessica Wild



I would do a Raindrop with the oils you have! Remember any oil is better than no oil! Be sure he stays hydrated, so that his body can work! (Think teas, Popsicles, anything!) Also, remember that fever is our friend! If you can let the fever run and just make him comfortable, Peppermint is great for this, he will get well sooner. I love Idaho Balsam for aches and pains in kids. Believe is my favorite, because it has Frankincense in it too! You are in my thoughts, I know how hard this is mom, but this too shall pass! Jessica



Just for the record, my two little ones were four and six or seven when they had their first Raindrops. It was a good experience, but boring. I used extra carrier oil on the older one who has very sensitive skin. We often do Raindrop VitaFlex if there's illness around or colds, flu, etc. It is miraculous. Also, I loaned my RDT kit to a wonderful woman (now in my downline). She used the RDT VitaFlex on her baby's feet - less than a year old, in desperation during a severe bout with the flu and high fever. The baby girl recovered rapidly - her fever went down right away (after several days of worry for the mom) and now stretches out her bare feet to her mommy, hoping to be oiled. Lita



The reason why there is a warning with Peppermint and children is that the fumes are very strong and can sting the eyes. In a child under two the fumes can shut down breathing. Gary Young has said, that you can use Peppermint on babies if you put it on their feet. Do not use the Peppermint above the level of the navel in small children under 2. Peppermint can be safely used on their feet and also on their back where the fumes won't get in their face. If you do get Peppermint fumes or oil in their eyes then put V-6 or olive oil in their eyes to dilute it. Yours in health, Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff



One of my bad experiences with the oils was putting Peppermint on my 7 year old daughter's feet, probably diluted equally with carrier oil. Within 1 minute she was screaming that her throat was stinging/hurting and that she couldn't stand it. I felt terrible. Both my children still don't like Peppermint in candy or toothpaste (and they're teenagers!). I really think it's just too hot an oil for them. My daughter had a strong reaction to Thieves, as well. It probably depends on the child or person. But I'd dilute it a lot to start. I know that when I use certain hot oils and have them on my hands, I soon taste them in my mouth, so I know my daughter's reaction was real. Good luck! Jeri



My grandson, age five, was displaying disruptive behavior at preschool and at home. He would get mad, throw temper tantrums, tell his parents he didn't like them and wished they would leave. My up line recommended we get the following oils and use them on him - Clarity, Valor, Peace and Calming, Orange and Sacred Mountain. She puts Peace and Calming on him at night and all the others (except Clarity), she puts on his feet before he goes to preschool. The Clarity she rubs on his chest so he can smell it. The difference in his behavior is amazing. It's as if you turned on a light switch. God Bless, Verla Oldham



One of the things I'm studying to teach right now is baby/infant massage. Massaging a newborn is an excellent way to calm the baby and the mom. If you're not familiar with this, I'm sure the bookstore has a book or two on this. If it's digestive, one of the things you can do is to massage with your index and middle finger, in the direction of the digestive tract. The first stroke should be straight up the left side of the baby following digestive tract. The second stroke would be straight up like before, then go over under the breastbone. The third stroke would be the same as above but add the down stroke. Imagine the letters I L U (upside down) for I Love You - you can even say it out loud. You don't really need a massage oil for this, but you can use if you're more comfortable. Don't 'drag on the skin. While you're doing this be sure to keep the baby's arms and legs swaddled for that feeling of security. This is an excellent tool to calm both baby and mom and daddy if he chooses to get involved in this and create a wonderful bond.

Blessings, Beverly Claussen-Allen



My 23 day old grandson has a virus in the sacs between the lungs and the chest. It is not in the tubes. He was given an allopathic breathing tube and we want to know what we can diffuse for a baby of that age instead. Are RC and Raven safe? Can they be diluted and put on the baby? It seems that there is a weakness also in the lungs that could lead to a serious breathing problem. The doctor wants to put him in the hospital. We just want to know what oils are safe to put on that age child. We started with Frankincense. The doctor said it is intense. Thanks, Rhoda

Dear Rhoda, I have seen this same difficulty greatly relieved in adults by rubbing Lavender on the chest and back. If I had a 23 day old baby, I would put about a nickel's size amount of a really clean cold pressed vegetable oil like almond, apricot or Young Living's massage oils if I had them. And then I would drop a single drop or two of Lavender into the massage oil, stir it around and apply it to my baby's chest and back. I hope that the baby is much better soon! Love, Vicki Opfer


If he were my child, I 'd blend 1 drop each of Raven and Frankincense in 2 teaspoons of V-6 Mixing Oil and place it on the chest and upper back as well as on the feet, specifically on the ball and toes of each foot. I'd diffuse them together, too. If after one day he isn't any better, I would reduce the V-6 Mixing Oil to 1 ½ teaspoons, still 1 drop of Raven and Frankincense. Hope this helps.

Nimisha Jimenez


Gary used any oil on Jacob. I saw him do a Raindrop on Jacob at 6 weeks of age. He used the regular Raindrop Kit but did not use Oregano or Thyme. For a baby this age I would use extra caution. What I would do is make it a habit to put a drop of ANY oil on the inside of my upper arm before putting it on the baby. If it doesn't burn the inside of the upper arm, then dilute 50/50 with V-6. If it burns the inside of your upper arm, I'd dilute it 10 drops of V-6 to one drop of essential oil. R.C. and Raven are good choices. Before diffusing, I'd put a couple of drops in my hand and hold it close to the baby's nose. That way you can always walk out of the room if there is a problem. The bottom of the feet are also great for getting the oils to the whole body. If he tolerates oil on the feet I'd dilute it and put it directly on the chest. Keep us posted on the progress, Jacke



I have read that the homeopathic remedy of Pulsatilla is very effective for ear drainage issues and has kept many, many children from having to have tubes. I would certainly give it a try as it is inexpensive and can't harm her! There may be other homeopathic remedies that a trained homeopath would prescribe for her but Pulsatilla is the "classic" one for ear drainage issues. Julia



I found by accident, when my overactive 4 year old granddaughter had a slight sunburn on her back, that by mixing Lavender oil with a few drops of mixing oil and applying to her back after bath really calms her down and helps her sleep at bedtime.



I have a friend that has a 2 month old baby that has acid reflux. The doctors have the baby on Zantac for babies. Any other options out there that might benefit the baby? Help him feel better? Blessings, Christina

Water, water, water. Is the baby nursing? Doesn't sound as though. If not, pour the formula out and fill the bottle with water. Zantac is dangerous! Bill


First GET THAT BABY OFF OF ZANTAC! If the baby is drinking formula, please see if you can convince the mother to switch to Goat milk, even the dried goat milk at the HF store is better than formula! Next, if the baby IS nursing have the mother closely examine what she is eating! Dairy is the number one culprit for acid reflux in babies! Just TWO bites of ice cream triggers my babies! I have repeatedly tested it!) The other foods that can aggravate baby's tummy through breast milk are pork, (some babies can't deal with any meat for the first few months!) beans, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, peppers, eggplant, onions, corn, eggs, wheat - basically any food that is prone to create food allergies.

If mom is nursing, taking Enzymes will help baby tremendously! Also, if mom is taking probiotics, baby will get them through the milk and it will help. If all else fails, Papaya Mint tablets are great to let baby have a few grains of or any homeopathic remedy that fits. BUT have mom look for the cause, not just treat the symptoms. Also, is mom feeding any solids? If so, babies do not have the enzymes to digest solids until six (really nine!) months! Just a few ideas! Jessica Wild



I put Lavender around eyes for any infection. I also use Frankincense. If this were MY baby, I'd do it then hold baby's hands, play a game or something for about 20 minutes until the oil was absorbed. Yes, it is time consuming, but Lavender always works for us in two or three applications. Jessica Wild



With all of the young mothers that are breastfeeding on list, I thought I'd share this. I found it a great support for delaying solids until the body can produce enzymes (at nine months!) Jessica Wild



A Risk Factor for Type 1 Diabetes - Two new studies investigate which children are most likely to get Type 1, or juvenile, diabetes, a chronic disease that runs in families. The age at which infants start eating solid foods appears to be an important risk factor. Doctors at Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver followed almost 1,200 children from birth to age 4 to 6 years who either had a gene associated with diabetes or a parent with the disease. Doctors from the Diabetes Research Institute in Munich, Germany enrolled 160 newborns using the same criteria. Both studies measured islet cell antibodies during the first four to five years of life. Islet cells in the pancreas produce insulin – a hormone that helps the body process glucose (sugar) - and antibodies that destroy these cells cause diabetes. Those who develop this disease must receive injections of insulin throughout their lives and can develop serious problems with circulation and vision. The researchers in Denver and Munich discovered that infants who were given solid food, usually cereal, before the age of 4 to 6 months had four to five times the risk of developing these antibodies, compared with the children whose parents did not introduce solids until after 4 to 6 months of age. (JAMA, 2003; vol. 290: pp. 1713-1720, 1721-1728, 1771-1772)

Comment, by Loraine Stern, M.D. This study is important not only because it has implications for juvenile diabetes but because it reinforces the validity of the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that solids be withheld until an infant is 6 months old. We know, for instance, that early introduction of solids is associated with obesity later in life. If your family has a history of Type 1 diabetes, following this advice is even more crucial.



Actually the body doesn't fully produce the enzymes to digest food until the eyeteeth (canines) come in. The first enzymes are those for protein and later the carbohydrates, so rice cereal is a terrible first food! And if a child doesn't have any teeth, they don't have ANY enzymes even if they are a year old. My niece was a year before she got her first tooth. Marisa



First, I really hate that doctors freak mothers out so that they will "obey!" Second, the growth charts that doctors use are worthless! Children grow at different rates - fact! No one can "control" that and they should not try! How great that you found fresh goat milk! That baby will be so much better off for the sacrifice!

Babies do not start producing enzymes until later in life. Some are of the opinion that it is when they get teeth. I have read many studies that talk about babies not producing any food enzymes until 9 months and that breast milk or a good substitute should be the only food for a baby until 9-10 months!

It is fine that this nine month old is chubby! Babies grow like that! First they chunk up and you cannot keep them fed, then they go on what appears to be an eating strike. Some mothers think that they are sick. Then as they "strike, they sleep and grow up vs. out!

I would not worry that she is not crawling. My babies don't crawl until they are 10-11 months old, and I have brilliant children! I also have really chubby babies, we're talking Michelin Tire legs and arms! Now, they are all the "right" size for their age, even a bit petite!

Ignore the doctor or find a new one! About the crawling, if baby is still not crawling at a year then look. But babies all develop differently. I did not walk until I was almost 2. I had older siblings to carry me! The crawl play is good, but don't force this baby. She'll figure it out, they all do!

We do lots of sliced or "sticked" fruit for finger foods. Pampered chef makes a great tool called an apple corer. It takes out the circle of the core and leaves the rest of the fruit intact. Babies can get their thumb into the hole and eat the apple/pear/etc. "ring". It’s worth the $6 you pay for one! We also use green beans, peas in the pod, home made French fries (baked in the oven with sea salt on them) and sweet potatoes slightly fried so that they are crispy. Bread is another really good one, home made or otherwise, it is getting easier to find good bread in the stores.

Really, this child can have most food put in front of her and choose what she likes. She may eat better that way! And it may just amaze mom at how "intelligently" this baby eats, most children will choose really good food if it is offered to them.

Any fruit cut into "non choke-able" bites, any veggie. Really anything mom and dad eat cut up or chewed for baby. I am a closet "pre-chewer" for my babies. I think it is better that way, there is already some saliva enzymes in the food and baby can chew it easier. My only advice is never feed a baby pureed baby food! Especially after they get teeth! There is value to the learning that takes place and the muscle development gained in the grabbing of food and feeding it to yourself! My oldest was fed baby food from a jar until he was two and suffers greatly from fine motor skill development. I believe it was because I did not let him do this step of growing. Jessica Wild



I would say find a new pediatrician! First of all if she is thriving on goats milk, she is getting good stuff. If she is intolerant of foods, there is a reason. My son although nursed, wouldn't swallow anything except breast milk until he was 8 months old and crawling with his belly off the floor. He pulled up to stand at 7 months before he crawled belly off the floor at 8 months, although was mobile by 4 months, had a tooth, and I gave it to him. He really wasn't interested until 11.5 months though. This whole solids thing is blown way out of proportion! So what did I feed my son when he was ready? First of all nothing baby food! I didn't do rice cereal - have you read the ingredients! I gave him what was on my plate that he was interested in. If it meant he ate apple, potato or a bite of chicken - fine. Whatever he was interested in. There are some healthy cheerios, but who cares. They get practice with pincher grasp as they are ready. Marisa



I really like RC oil for babies. Any of the Eucalyptus oils are gentle and good also. Raven is good for viral issues, but dilute. Also Thieves diluted on feet is SUPER for helping baby kick a cold. Lavender is always a high choice with babies, as well as Melaleuca. Both are gentle enough and good for helping relax and heal. Jessica Wild



To address parasite cleansing and diabetes as well as general health, virgin coconut oil would be an excellent addition to his diet. It is anti-parasitic and is balancing to the hormones. Very supportive of steady blood sugar also. Julia



As a mother who has been where you are twice, I have babies that are 20 and 21 months apart, I can tell you that I totally empathize with you! First I would use Lavender or Peace and Calming on you at your neck, breast and chest areas that she will cuddle into and on her!

Second I would not be making her nap if she is getting restless sleep. Some children (my third) just don't need that much sleep! Maybe her nighttime sleep will be more fitful if she is tired, really tired!

Third overtired can also be hungry, thirsty or just "fighting the sleep monster". What about a small snack as you are rocking her? A banana? A small cup of milk (we use raw goat milk), a slice of toast or just a glass of warm, sweetened Chamomile tea. If she is still taking a bottle (or breast) then use these tools!

I have also learned that sometimes, baby just needs to learn that they cannot behave like that! My two year old is the case in point. I tell him, "When you are done, you call for me and I'll come and get you" and put him in his crib. He stops pretty quickly and I know that consistency is the key with that. He knows I will not put up with him screaming at me when it is time for bed. I am not a "cry it out" mother, but sometimes that is the only way a child can learn.

A few other ideas. We are using ImmuPro right now as an immune builder, each of my children is taking about half of one at bed time, approximately every other day and they sleep soooo well after half of one! They have a slight amount of Melatonin in them! They always wake happy and well rested, but I do have to sacrifice naps the next day usually, because they are just not tired after all of that deep sleep!

Also, Cedarwood is great for deep sleep. We do a "bedtime blend" at our house, about 15 ml of olive oil, 10-15 drops of Lavender, 10-15 drops of Cedarwood, 10-15 drops of Chamomile (I also use Surrender in place of this) and 5 drops of Peppermint. We live in Arizona. This cools my kids, and they want to cuddle in a clean, warm quilt!)

I give them a warm bath and then use this as a "lotion" type treat on all of the kids. They love it! I am also a big believer in ritual at bedtime. It is like a bunch of little "warnings" that it is fast approaching bedtime. We do a warm bath, oil them up, into jammies (after about 10 minutes of "naked time" to let skin breathe and oil soak in) and then a story in the rocking chair. And then each of my children gets rocked and sang to. I am one of those moms that is acutely aware that there are only so many days that you can rock a child and I use every one of them! My two and a half year old still gets rocked to sleep. They will soon out grow the need for rocking and ask to go to bed before they are asleep. But until that day, we enjoy close time together. When I had a newborn, I sometimes rocked a toddler while baby nursed to sleep. I have a great "momma chair", a big rocker. I would not trade it for the world!

This too shall pass but not before it has the potential to get hairy with new baby! Try the no nap thing and see if it works. Offer quiet time, a video and books, lights low, pillow and blanket on the living room floor. Give her the opportunity but not the requirement to sleep and see how that works. Jessica Wild






My six month old grandson recently had a bad bout of constipation caused (we think) by mom taking her perinatal Vitamins when she ran out of the postnatals. I suggested two drops of Chamomile in 4 ounces of juice and let him have a little suck throughout the day. Unbeknownst to me she also put some on his tummy that day. He cleared his bowel the next day and with no distress. Obviously jaundice is a different condition but it appears that German Chamomile is safe and gentle enough yet helpful with rebalancing liver stuff. German Chamomile is listed in both Gary Young's books for Jaundice. If you are worried about too much internally for the little guy, try swirling a toothpick in one drop and then swirling that same toothpick in his juice bottle. It was very gentle and his relief was immediate and without distress. Best Wishes, Sheila B



I wish I had these resources when my daughter was jaundiced (10 years ago). But I noticed that the more she pooped, the more yellow she lost. How about a finger of Berry Young Juice for the little guy. My son is 8 weeks old and has been getting a finger full of BYJ every day since he was about 2 weeks old. I simply wash my hands very well, rub Lemon Oil on them, wait 5 minutes and dip my finger in my 1 ounce serving and let him suck my finger. He is a very happy camper and doesn't mind the flavor and he only gets a small portion. I then feed him for the dilution. Good luck and have a glorious and healthy day, Dawn



First, congratulations on your new grandson! How exciting. When Gary's son Jacob was born, he talked about doing a Raindrop on him using one drop of the oil on his hand, rubbing his hands together until they were dry and then rubbing his hand on Jacob's back. He also talked about doing VitaFlex on his feet with just the one drop of the oil. He said that your hands feel dry, however there is still enough oils on them for an infant. Where your grandson has not had the experience of the oils throughout his development in the womb I would think your intuition is telling you what is best for him. Again congratulations, I know you will do what is best for him. Janet Ballingham



(Yeast infection in child after antibiotics) Acidophilus!



Dr. Daniel Penoel, MD, French medical doctor, did some research on the use of Coniza oil to normalize growth in children. Coniza oil is found in our product, Ultra Young. Love, Vicki


Part II


These usage experiences have been shared among independent distributors of Essential Oils. They are not reviewed or approved by Young Living Corporate or the FDA. Young Living official Coorporate statements about oils are at their web site at The statements below are not meant to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you have any doubt about using these oils for the usages described than please don’t. You can always consult with your licensed Medical Doctor about their use but unfortunately most Doctors have no knowledge of therapeutic essential oils. There are books available to purchase from amazon with more information.



(Congested 10 month old) I have heard that placing a drop of Purification on a Q-Tip and then swabbing the inside of the nose can help. With congestion, it sounds like his body is not able to digest and assimilate what he is consuming, causing the congestion. I get this when I consume dairy products. I would also consider adding digestive enzymes to his meals. My nephew at 3 months started with enzymes because of his diagnosed respiratory/digestive condition. I would contact customer service and see if Detoxzyme or Allerzyme would be appropriate for a 10 month old. I'd break open the capsules and sprinkle some of the enzymes in with his food. Has he been tested for soy allergies? I am concerned about the soy substitute. Here is what I've found on Dr Mercola's website, "Contrary to the advice given by some, soy milk, almond milk, or carrot juice, even if organic and homemade, are most definitely not acceptable substitutes for breast milk, or even for formula. Please recognize that soy formula is an unmitigated disaster for infants and should never be used. It is high in manganese, aluminum, phytoestrogens that will harm your baby." You can research this topic, his philosophy, credentials and hopefully find an healthy alternative by visiting These quotes were taken from Cheryl



(For congestion) We swab our nose with Purification. We put a drop in olive oil or V6 and it does just fine. Especially with children it is not recommended to use the oils full strength. Rose



I seem to have missed the original post on this, but please do not subject a 10 month old to Purification up the nose! I have done this on myself and while it works beautifully, it is also very painful! Ravensara Oil on the other hand, is not at all painful and works just as well, if not better! We use Ravensara in our children’s noses with little to no complaint, but Purification would turn them off of oils permanently, I believe! Just my opinion. Jessica Wild



In a hurry and no time to research it thoroughly, but if I were you, I'd get the freshest coconut I could find and feed Maren the water from it. In lieu of that, I would get a can of coconut milk (without added chemicals) and bottle feed her that. The lauric acid in the coconut oil will help her fight off the virus as it is anti-viral and strengthens the immune system. Julia



When using essential oils on babies and children, it is always best to dilute 1-2 drops of pure essential oils with ½ - 1 teaspoon vegetable oil. If the oils are used in a bath, always use a bath gel base as a dispersing agent for the oils.

Keep essential oils out of children's reach. If an oil is ever ingested, give the child an oil soluble liquid such as milk, cream, or half and half. Then call your local poison control center or seek emergency medical attention. A few drops of pure essential oil shouldn't be life-threatening, but for your protection it is best to take these precautions.

In Shirley Price's book, Aromatherapy for Babies and Children, she mentions 19 oils that are safe for children. These oils are *Bergamot (Citrus bergamia), **Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica), Chamomile, Roman (Chamaemelum nobile), Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Frankincense (Boswellia carteri), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), *Lemon (Citrus limon), *Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Marjoram (Origanum majorana), Melaleuca-Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), *Orange (Citrus aurantium), Rose Otto (Rosa damascena), **Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Rosewood (Aniba rosaeodora), Sandalwood (Santalum album), Thyme (Thumus vulgaris CT linalol) and Ylang-Ylang (Cananga odorata).

*These oils are photosensitive; always dilute. To prevent a rash or pigmentation of the skin, do not use citrus oils when exposed to direct sunlight.

**These oils should never be used undiluted on babies and children.

Caution: Do not use synthetic or adulterated oils. Do not use oils with different botanical names until the safety data has been thoroughly reviewed.

Essential Oil Uses for Babies and Children - See the Common and Botanical Name Index for the botanical name of each oil listed below.

Colic: Bergamot, Ginger, Mandarin, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, or Ylang-Ylang. Blend: Combine 2 Tablespoon Almond oil with 1 drop Roman Chamomile, 1 drop Lavender, and 1 drop Geranium. Mix and apply to stomach and back. Note: Burping the baby and keeping the abdomen warm with a warm (not hot) water bottle will often bring relief.

Common Cold: Cedarwood, Lemon, Melaleuca ericifolia, Rosemary, Rose, Sandalwood or Thyme. Blend: Combine 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil with 2 drops Melaleuca, 1 drop Lemon and 1 drop Rose Otto. Massage a little of the blend on neck and chest.

Constipation: Ginger, Mandarin, Orange or Rosemary. Dilute one of the oils and massage on stomach and feet.

Cradle Cap: Combine 2 Tablespoons almond oil with 1 drop Lemon and 1 drop Geranium or with 1 drop Cedarwood and 1 Sandalwood. Mix and apply a small amount on head.

Croup: Marjoram, Ravensara, Rosewood, Sandalwood or Thyme. Dilute for massage or diffuse. Bundle baby or child up and take outside to breathe cold air.

Crying: Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose Otto or Ylang-Ylang. Dilute for massage or diffuse.

Diaper Rash: Lavender (dilute and apply). Combine 1 drop Roman Chamomile and 1 drop Lavender with vegetable oil and apply.

Digestion (sluggish): Lemon or Orange. Dilute and massage feet and stomach.

Dry Skin: Rosewood or Sandalwood. Dilute and apply.

Earache: Lavender, Melaleuca, Melaleuca ericifolia, Roman Chamomile or Thyme (sweet). Put a diluted drop of oil on a cotton ball and place on the surface of the ear; rub a little bit of diluted oil behind the ear. Blend: Combine 2 tablespoons vegetable oil with 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Roman Chamomile and 1 drop Melaleuca. Put a drop on a cotton ball and put on surface of the ear, rub behind the ear and on the ear VitaFlex feet points.

Fever: Lavender. Dilute in vegetable oil and massage baby or child (back of neck, feet, behind ear, etc.). Peppermint (diffuse only).

Flu: Cypress, Lemon, Melaleuca ericifolia. Dilute 1 drop of each in 1 tablespoon bath gel base for a bath or diffuse.

Hiccoughs: Mandarin. Diffuse.

Jaundice: Geranium, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin or Rosemary. Dilute and apply on the liver area and on the liver VitaFlex feet points.

Premature: Since premature babies have very thin and sensitive skin, it is best to avoid the use of essential oils.

Rashes: Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Rose Otto or Sandalwood. Dilute and apply.

Teeth Grinding: Lavender (rub on feet).

Tonsillitis: Ginger, Lavender, Lemon or Melaleuca, Roman Chamomile. Dilute and apply.

Thrush: Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Melaleuca ericifolia, Rosewood or Thyme. Dilute and apply. Blend: 2 tablespoons garlic oil, 8 drops Lavender, 8 drops Melaleuca ericifolia, 1 ml. Vitamin E oil. Apply to nipples just before nursing or with a clean finger into baby's mouth.

For more information on the use of essential oils and aromatherapy for babies and children, see also the books Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby by Allison England and Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child by Valerie Ann Worwood.

The information on this page is an abridgement from the Reference Guide for Essential Oils "Personal Guide" section by Connie and Alan Higley, ©1998-2002.



Lavender is calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally. A universal oil with many different applications, Lavender is a sedative and has been clinically evaluated for its relaxing effects. As an antiseptic, it is beneficial for cleansing cuts and wounds. Ideal for skin care and burns. It helps with insect bites, chicken pox, hives, colds and flu, laryngitis, asthma, ADHD, autism, insomnia and convulsions. Apply directly to skin or put a few drops on pillow case to aid in sleep.



Peace and Calming promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirits. It may calm overactive and hard-to-manage children. Use for emotional traumas, stress, restful sleep, depression and anxiety. Rub on feet or diffuse.



Valor helps balance electrical energies within the body, giving courage, confidence and self-esteem. Helps to overcome fear and opposition when facing adversity. Use for bedwetting, motion sickness, emotional support, shock, back pain and inability to cope. Rub on feet before bed or between shoulder blades on back.



Peppermint is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Peppermint also improves concentration and mental accuracy. It is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind. This oil may help with indigestion, heart burn, stomachaches, food poisoning, constipation, diarrhea, hiccups, headaches, mental fatigue, toothaches, nerve regeneration, respiratory and throat infections. Take internally by putting a few drops in water or milk and drink. Also rub on stomach. Do not use on children under 2 years of age.



Brain Power may help to clear brain fog, increasing mental potential and mental clarity. It also supports and strengthens immune function. Perfect for promoting deep concentration and channeling physical energy into mental energy. Use for brain disorders, mental fatigue and nervous fatigue. Apply temples or diffuse.



Joy is an exotic blend that produces a magnetic energy to enhance the frequency of self-love and brings joy to the heart. It helps to overcome grief and depression. Revives feelings of self-confidence. Apply directly over heart while repeating an uplifting affirmation.



Vetiver was the object of Dr. Terry Friedmann's study which examined the effectiveness of essential oils in the treatment of ADHD diagnosed children ages 6-14. Results revealed that the essential oil of Vetiver improved brain activity and reduced symptoms of ADHD diagnosed subjects. Similar results were found with the essential oil Cedarwood, although not as statistically significant. Letters from parents of ADHD children stated that their behavior at home and school had improved. Based on this study we recommend the use of essential oil Vetiver in the treatment of ADHD, using the essential oil Cedarwood in situations where Vetiver is not available.



I would not use the Peppermint on the chest of a baby because of all the cautions against it - even diluted.   I would use the Peppermint on the feet, Lemon on the chest and I would diffuse Lemon and Purification in the room where the little one is sleeping. This has made a huge difference in our children when they are sick. We do not have a diffuser however. I have a cool air humidifier/mister. I put in a couple of drops of each as I am filling it up with water. Juana



When my granddaughter was an infant she had the same problem with colic. It was so bad at times all she would do is cry and cry. What we found that would help her with her pain was dilute Di-Tone and apply it to the reflex point on her spine for her stomach and on her feet on the colon reflex straight. This would take her pain away and then she could sleep. All you need on the feet is one drop per foot. We didn't have BYJ at that time but I would use it now. Dilute it with water and let him sip a little and see if that will help. I know it works great for adults with acid reflux. I hope this helps, because when you can't do anything for the little one you cry right along with him wishing you could take his pain for him. Nancy Sanderson



I have a two year old. When he shows the first signs of a cold or flu, I use Thieves and RC on him. It is best to dilute them with an organic vegetable oil for children. I use avocado oil or almond oil. Then I rub it on his chest and/or back and feet. The oils can also be diffused in their room. Almost every night, I rub Peace and Calming on his feet. He loves it and it helps him settle down at the end of the day. He hasn't gotten anything more than a little runny nose since I've been using the oils. Note: It is not recommended to mix blends, so use the Thieves and RC by themselves, or in different locations. Like Thieves on the feet and RC on the chest.



I have had great success using RC and Lavender on my 17 month old. I used diluted Lavender and gave him full body massages every night. I diluted the RC and rubbed it on his chest and back before bedtime and before every nap. I also did "percussion" on his back to help break up the mucus, as well as getting lots of water in him. As for the fever, we don't ever try to break it. We let the body do what it needs to do to fight the infection. Melissa



I have used Melrose for ear infections. Hope this helps. Penny



My 2 year old daughter awoke yesterday with a 101 temperature, severe ear pain and the usual accompanying runny nose and cough. I immediately put Melrose all around her ear area, which was red and tender and Grapefruit, (a remedy I heard from Vicky Opfer) and Peppermint on her feet to bring down the fever. Her fever didn't go down immediately but hovered around 101, so I figured her body was really fighting off this infection and I shouldn't interfere. I pushed water all day and put Frankincense and R.C. on her chest with a hot towel, Thieves on her feet (paying extra attention to the ear VitaFlex point) and Peppermint on her neck around the ear area. Well, I did this throughout the day and she wasn't a happy child, let me tell you. However, around 6 p.m. she started to get up and run around and return to her old self. The oils work, you just sometimes have to have a little patience! Today, her birthday, she was her happy little self again. I am so grateful for these oils and the wonderful healing they bring to our lives. I couldn't imagine raising children without them! Lisa



My 9 month old daughter suffered from diaper rash ever since she was born. I tried everything from Aveeno to a mixture of Mylanta and Corn Starch. It helped a bit, but never got rid of the rash. When I was told about Tender Tush I was very, very skeptical because I had never heard of it, nor had I known any one who had used it. To my amazement, after putting Tender Tush on her three consecutive days every time I changed her diaper, the redness and swelling was gone and I have NOT stopped using it nor has my daughter had a diaper rash. Tender Tush, you bet your tush it works. Alba Castro



A friend has a son with asthma. He was on medication with steroid backup for severe episodes. She agreed to let me try Raindrop on him and he is now entirely off medications. She does Raindrop on him and uses Peppermint at the first sign of breathing difficulties. He now comes to her and asks for Peppermint.

He was 2 years old when I first did Raindrop. I used the regular oils but in smaller amounts. Start with Valor, then either 1 drop of Oregano or 1 drop of Thyme. Then I used 2 - 3 drops of each of the remaining oils in the Raindrop kit.

He was very shy at the time so he stood on the floor and laid in his mother's lap. I didn't do any of massage movements and no hot towels. Although I wouldn't hesitate to do these, he didn't like me to touch him. His mother commented halfway through that she could feel him melting into her lap. He went to the couch when we were finished and slept for 2 hours. Jacke



If it were me, I would drown them in red raspberry leaf tea. I would stick them all in a HOT bath with some cayenne or Thieves Oil or Ginger and make them drink as much as they can while they are in there. When they get done, wrap a cold wet cotton sheet loosely around them and pin down the sides and put them to bed and cover them with a mountain of natural fiber blankets. Before you leave their room, make a paste of garlic and Vaseline (yes I know it is a low vibration substance but the reason for that is to hold the garlic in suspension because something like olive oil will be absorbed and then the garlic can burn their feet) and thoroughly coat the bottoms of their feet with garlic - a good half inch thick and bind their feet loosely with some cotton gauze. Tuck their feet in and say good night. You can diffuse Lavender and Thieves in their room too. The cold sheet treatment should raise their fever and then break it overnight.

When the children wake up after the cold sheet treatment, wash them down with half apple cider vinegar and half distilled water. You want to take all the toxins off their skin before it dries on to suffocate their skin. When you unwrap the sheet, you may see all kinds of funny colors - this is the toxins that have come out of their bodies. Marisa



(When asked if you could use Animal Scents Ointment instead of the Vaseline) I don't know about Animal Scents. I recently listened to Dr. Christopher outlining the cold sheet treatment. He was adamant that even though Vaseline is a petrochemical with low vibration, it was much better for this purpose than oils, anhydrose lanolin or anything else that the body would absorb. He also stressed not putting it anywhere except the soles of the feet. Truth be told, I have put a garlic paste on my feet and used a good amount of olive oil - both for me and my husband. Our feet did not blister, but a child's might. Because of the beeswax the Animal Scents Ointment might work. I don’t know. Marisa



(Child that has not responded to normal oils) Bless you for your devotion to walking a natural path with Chance! I would be rubbing Thieves on the bottom of his feet as well as the tops of his feet. Do you have the VitaFlex chart that is available online? If not, let me know and I'll send you one.

Diffuse ImmuPower and Thieves, topical application of Melaleuca alternifolia (1 drop) and Rosemary (1 drop). Blends: Thieves, Melrose and Purification to stem the infection.

I have had great success with the new Thieves cough drops as well. I actually wish they would make a sucker out of these cough drops so that we could easily give them to our children to help their immune system (I think I'll make a suggestion to customer service!). And finally - do Raindrop on him and on his feet as well. Namaste, Annette



I had a woman in my downline who had to leave her young son at daycare. He had terrible separation anxiety and the teacher would have to peel him off of his mother while he wailed. She tried everything from bribery to behavior modifications and nothing worked. She had to work and would often leave crying also. I introduced her to Valor and she applied it to his feet while he was asleep. She was afraid he wouldn't like "girlie smells" and wanted to eliminate the placebo effect. The next day the teacher gently pried him off his mother with no screams. The following day he actually walked away from his mother. Now he lets his mother know if he needs an oil or not and which one. At 5 he is empowered. And he tells his friends which oils they should tell their mothers to use to help them in their sleeplessness, sore throats, etc. Miracles do happen, especially if you are using Young Living! I hope this helps. Sue



We just went through a persistent cough with our 1 ½ year old son. Western Red Cedar on the throat worked wonders. I also did Exodus II on his chest and R.C. on his back alternating. I diffused Eucalyptus radiata and one evening before bed, I gave him a rectal implant of the bronchitis blend. The mixture is 2 Sage, 4 Myrrh, 5 Clove, 6 Ravensara and 15 Frankincense. I didn't have Sage and Myrrh but I put a couple drops of Cinnamon in instead. By morning he was 90% better. It was amazing! God Bless! Ruthy



I have used a modified Raindrop for young children with great results. I saw Gary do Raindrop on Jacob at 6 weeks. I use fewer drops of each oil and only one drop of either Oregano or Thyme. I would start with V-6 on the back the first time. Instead of Thyme or Oregano, you might consider R.C. in the neck area. I avoid Peppermint and Eucalyptus on the chest. The sharp aroma sometimes is too much for a baby. If the mother is hesitant about the oils, she may be willing to have you rub the baby's feet. Jacke



Cherie suggested that persons with persistent allergic-like symptoms consider undergoing testing for chemical sensitivity. Some insurance companies cover the cost. She explained the case of a young boy (toddler) who from time to time displayed extremely violent, hostile behavior. No one was able to correlate anything in his diet, environment, etc. that triggered the attacks. When he was tested for chemical sensitivity, it was found that chlorine brought on the attacks. The seemingly random occurrences had to do with the level of chlorine that would build in his system and result in eruption of this behavior.



You can research this very extensively, but very high doses of Vitamin C will take care of the child’s allergies. It really will. Go to bowel tolerance. Then just back off a little. It will do the trick. It’s been done thousands of times. No side effects. PJ Bittner



FDA regulations controls a lot of what YL can say about the oils. Unless there is recognized research proving that the oils are safe for children (or pregnant women), the company has to recommend that they be used only under a doctor’s supervision. Most of the oils have been used by one culture or another for centuries without problems. But Western medicine hasn't done the "research" so YL can't officially say they are safe. I saw Gary do a Raindrop on Jacob when he was 6 weeks old. Of course, he did not use as much as you do with an adult. He and Mary have both said that they used any oil they felt like using when Mary was pregnant. They also have said that they use any and all oils on the children.

What you read on the internet usually includes all essential oils. That means the oils that are grown with fertilizers and pesticides and oils that are processed with chemicals are grouped in with our pure oils when cautions are given. When you are using YL oils you don't need to be concerned about them not being safe. Reactions to oils are caused by toxins in our body. The oils release the toxins and the toxins are what causes the problem. The body is not "allergic" to the oils. By using the diluted oils first, you are allowing the body to release the toxins more slowly. This is less of a stress to the body.

Dilute the Clove Oil - 1 drop to 5 drops of olive oil and rub on the bottom of your daughter's feet. Do this for several days. If there is no negative reaction, use equal parts of Clove and olive oil for several days. Then go to straight Clove Oil. The bottom of the feet is always a safe place to put the oils. Anytime you have a question, dilute and put on the feet. As you gain experience and confidence, you will feel free to experiment.

Oregano is one of the hot oils. Put a drop on the inside of your forearm. Have a bottle of olive oil close by when you do this. When the heat builds up, add a couple of drops of olive oil and the heat will go away. Some people are more sensitive than others. I can tolerate RDT with no dilution. When I do RDT on my husband (a darling red-head)I have to start with olive oil. The Oregano and Thyme sets him on fire if I don't.

Your naturopath would not have added YL oils to her practice if she had not studied them. Dr. DeMarco charges for her phone consultations. She is very good but I just wanted you to be aware of this. YL sometimes forgets to tell people when they give out her phone information. Jacke



Because my children both attend daycare, I was concerned about them being sick a lot. My husband and I had missed a lot of work due to sick children. Since we started drinking Berry Young Juice, my kids are the only ones who have not gotten sick this year! My little boy said, 'You know Mom, drinking Berry Young Juice is like having little armored men inside of me poking the germs with their swords.' He is the proof! Cathy Lalli



My son Austin seemed to catch every 'bug' at school. He was sick so often that it began to affect his schoolwork as his attendance suffered. Austin (along with the rest of our family) began drinking Berry Young Juice every morning and he has not been sick at all for the last four months! With his newfound health he has perfect attendance at school and came home with straight "A's" on his last report card. Elizabeth Jones



(Acid reflux) I have helped my friends with small children and babies with this problem that Tagamet and Prilosec and other such digestive medications seem to make the problem worse. We had success with Di-Tone diluted on tummy and feet, Lavender Oil diluted on tummy and feet as well as adding Royaldophilus and Detoxzyme to the baby formula or food. I use the Mighty Mist Multi Spray Vitamin with my 8 month old who I just finished nursing.



My husband is Greek and I have learned many useful home remedies from his mother with regard to helping ourselves and our children when we are sick. Whenever anyone in my family has diarrhea I make a simple rice soup: about 2 tablespoons of rice (I usually end up using white since it is more binding, but I don't use any minute rice or converted rice) 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water, a pinch of salt, a dash of extra virgin olive oil. You let it cook for about 15 minutes. Then you add about 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. However, for your 18 month you may want to add only 1/4 teaspoon. Remember that with diarrhea there is always some dehydration that occurs so it is important to get fluids into her/him. Even if you can just get him to take a teaspoon at a time he will benefit. Also, the longer you let the soup cook, the more the rice dissolves and it kind of becomes a thicker broth which your child may also tolerate better. A simple rotational gentle massage on the abdomen is also very soothing (in acupuncture it is like you are accessing the energy of 4 different energy channels on the body). I hope you find this useful. Maria Antonopoulos



(Cold and Flu season) We use the precautions with my 20-month old grandson. We use Thieves Household Cleaner and Thieves Wipes to clean his highchair and crib. At least once a week, we put a drop of ImmuPower on his feet, as we go into fall; at the first sign of anything that seems like a cold coming on, we put either Purification or Eucalyptus or Melaleuca in the diffuser in his room.



For diabetic children apply Thieves to the baby's feet and to the mother to help balance the blood sugar. Gary said that he has found that Thieves work better than Dill and Coriander or Fennel. (I myself have seen excellent results from Coriander and Dill, 5 drops each mixed together in the palm of the hand and applied over the pancreas bring sugar level down from 265 to 165 overnight. So work with what you do have on hand they both work. Gary has been able to pull a person out of a diabetic coma. So along with MultiGreens, they help to balance the blood sugar levels. Nancy Sanderson



How Gary would support a newborn with diabetes: Breastfeed with Mom taking VitaGreen and Carbozyme (3 each meal). Apply Thieves Oil to the mother's and baby's feet. This helps to balance blood sugar. Gary has pulled someone out of a diabetic coma with Thieves. Thieves works better than Dill, Fennel with Coriander is also good for blood sugar balancing. For Children, put VitaGreen in applesauce.



The good news is that nine year old livers clean very fast! You can clean it by always giving wonderful good food to eat. You can clean it by teaching them to love fruit and vegetables juices. I mean to buy a juicer and give them fresh organic juice. You can clean it by putting warm compresses of JuvaCleanse or JuvaFlex on it. (Before JuvaCleanse we used JuvaFlex and Ledum.) Surely, by now the child can swallow pills and take a JuvaTone a day.

Freshly squeezed lemon in water the first thing in the morning is a wonderful cleanser. Keep it clean by doing oils and not drugs, using non toxic products. Use Balance Complete in smoothies and NingXia Red for nutrition. I just finished watching Dr. Hill’s presentation on using the 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse again. He says that these products are more about giving the body the proper nutrition so the body can heal itself.

There is a great website called that talks about what diet helps the liver. Don't forget to read The Rejuvenate Program by Dr. Young. He also talks about good foods cleaning the liver. Go back and listen to his tapes on the Rejuvenate program and diet.

Make sure that the child has a lot of fiber in their diet to keep their bowels open. Get rid of white flour and milk products that create glue and mucous in the colon. Eat a lot of carrots and beets and raisins and tons of leafy greens. Yours in health, Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff



(Thrush in 2 year old) Thrush cannot survive in an alkaline environment. I learned a simple remedy from La Leche League years ago. Mix baking soda and water. Put on a clean cloth - I used a wash cloth and rub in child's mouth several times a day. I'd wash all the child's sippy cups etc in the same solution. I was nursing at the time and washed my breasts before and after feeding as well. Jacke



We give our little ones 1/2-1 ounce of NingXia Red. We started that before they could drink from the glass, we used a medicine dropper. Both of our kids love NingXia Red. Our youngest signs 'thank you' before I even give it to him. The amount we give them depends on how they're feeling (fine versus something coming on) or muscle testing. They are healthy. Makes me happy. Debi



Last night my 12 year old said that his throat was hurting and that he had a small lump (lymph node swollen). When I went over to him he had a fever. I got the thermometer and he was at 100.1 and then shortly after at 101.1. I ran to my book and looked up fever and sore throat. I rubbed Thieves Oil neet all over his throat up to under his earlobes. Then I took a drop of Basil and a little V6 and rubbed his feet with it. In about 15 minutes I went back and he was asleep. His temperature was back to normal. This morning when he got up he said that his throat only hurt a little bit and the swollen node was down. Very impressive! Love these oils! Many Bright Blessings, Sandy



Direct application: Mix 1-2 drops of an essential oil in V-6 Mixing oil or Massage Oil Base and apply to bottom of feet.



Children: Put 1-2 drops on bottom of feet or anywhere else on the body as long as the oil is diluted in V-6 Mixing Oil, Massage Oil Base or any vegetable or massage oil. The dilution is always the important factor in comfort.



(2 year old with eczema) If this were my baby, I'd cleanse his liver. We use a drop of JuvaCleanse Oil on the liver and a drop in the mouth on our young children. My kids will drink JuvaPower (but I think I have weird kids when it comes to food...they are pretty much self inflicted vegetarians.) Eczema is all about the liver. Release Oil, Helichrysum, JuvaFlex, JuvaCleanse, Roman Chamomile and of course Lavender and Frankincense would be oils I'd reach for. Also if you know he is allergic to foods...are you looking at all possible trigger foods - dairy, eggs, wheat, sugar, corn (pay close attention to ingredients. corn syrup is everywhere!) Just a few thoughts. Jessica Wild



(2 year old with eczema) From what Gary Young says, anything that surfaces like this on the skin is due to high acid in the body. Look at what he is eating and ask yourself if this is acidic. I am not sure if AlkaLime can be given to a baby but, I can't see that it would hurt. Mix it in his apple juice (non-acidic, by the way). Also, what kind of detergent is used to wash his clothes? What kind of soap/shampoo is being used in his bath time? Some answers can be simple. I am thinking though if you got him more AlkaLime. Tami Morrow



For emotional issues I would reach for White Angelica, Believe, Harmony, Grounding, Gratitude, Gentle Baby, Into the Future, Surrender or Trauma Life. I use any and all of these oils on my children, one of which is a three year old boy. I can feel your pain! White Angelica, on the shoulders, head and rubbed all over the "aura". If I were you, I'd sit down in the rocking chair, after slathering myself with Believe Oil and tell your son that Daddy will be home, he is just gone for a few more days, etc. I would also diffuse Harmony or Gratitude at night. The other oils I'd use on feet or chakara points. You may also reach for Acceptance Oil...I love this oil for children with separation anxiety! Good Luck. Jessica Wild



Maria Turchi, a former CPA, now a full-time massage therapist, spoke about her 15 year old daughter and 10 year old son. Her son Alex has Downs Syndrome and has had deep respiratory issues and sinus problems, which afflicts all Downs Syndrome children because of the shape of their head. Maria stated that she made changes to his diet, tried acupuncture and kinesiology. All helped, but the work with the Kinesiologist changed the shape of his head to a more normal shape. Then James Niederland came into her life at a workshop for Raindrop Therapy. For those of you who do not know James, he is a Psychotherapist and Wellness Consultant, who is also a YL distributor.. James suggested that she use the following as her base of oils for every day application: Valor, R.C. Thieves, Purification, Peace and Calming and Lavender. Valor brings out courage, confidence and self-esteem and is always applied to the soles of the feet and pulse points on wrists. Maria used R.C. on Alex's sinuses and had him inhale the oil from her hands. He improved within one month and his nose was not dripping anymore. In three months of using the R.C., his sinus infection was gone. In October she started using a YL cold-air diffuser and diffused the R.C. at night in his room, which she believes has made a huge difference in his health. She has also applied Thieves Oil to his feet daily. For the emotional component, she uses Peace and Calming and Lavender, which he loves! Alex also takes the oils in capsules, as he is now able to swallow them. Currently she diffuses Purification every night in his room and now he never misses school anymore and is the healthiest child in his Special Ed class.



Bala Hensen from upstate New York, spoke about her use of the oils with her children. She has had success with using Frankincense for warts on the feet. One of her sons, who is away at college, uses the Dentarome Toothpaste as his deodorant instead of the Brute deodorant he had previously used. The son has helped a college friend come off one of his antidepressant medication (Risperadal) by using Brain Power and Peace and Calming. Bala does routine Raindrop Therapies on her children and they rarely get sick anymore. One of her son's who used to get sick often used the combination of Thieves and ImmuPower on his feet every day for one year and now never gets sick. For tonsillitis, she does Raindrop Therapy on the spine ,Thieves on the heart and Lemon Oil in water. Her son's spider bite on his neck was cured instantly with a few drops of Purification. All her children have their own emergency kit of oils.



Karen Weinstock uses oils with her child. He has had ear shunts since birth because of fluid buildup - 90% and 40% loss of hearing in the ears, plus one of the ear shunts punctured the eardrum. For three months, she used 1 drop of Helichrysum, 1 drop of Oregano and (1) drop of Thyme on the mastoids and base of the skull. She had him inhale Peppermint and also diffused it. In two weeks, the eardrums healed without scar tissue. In three months, the doctor determined that his hearing was perfectly normal. Isn't that just totally amazing!



A school teacher stated that one of her students is now off of Ritalin due to the use of Peppermint, Clarity and Peace and Calming applied to the feet. This process took approximately one year.



My little granddaughter Kimberley had eczema. It was on her legs, arm, back and chest. When she would come and stay and if it was bothering her she would say, "Grammies I have alligator skin again can you fix it?" I would take the Tender Tush and apply it all over her body. And I'd give her Allerzyme and it would clear up and be gone for months. Her outbreak is less and less now. Nancy Sanderson



My 17 year old daughter and I provide childcare each Tuesday morning for 2 year olds during a young mom's Bible study at our church. This year we have 11-15 of them. We've been doing this for several years and I've had good success just wearing Peace and Calming on myself. This fall we had 2 screamers (and I do mean screamers!) and 2 who cried for Mom off and on during the 2 hours. The Peace and Calming was not helping at all.

The 3rd week I decided to try diffusing Citrus Fresh for 15 minutes before the children arrived. The difference was astounding. That first week the screamers didn't scream although they did cry a bit at first and the 2 criers were just fine. Ever since then, if anyone does cry there is a good reason for it and the problem is quickly resolved and they are happy to play again. You might think they were just adjusting to us and the situation but having done this for several years, I can tell you that it takes much more than 3 times for the shy or frightened ones to settle in. The Citrus Fresh blend is just amazing! Sincerely, Mona



I am a huge Oregano fan. I like to mix it with V6 or Olive Oil and some Orange, and rub it all over the body - on the front, back, chubby little thighs and on the feet. It makes for a stinky kid, but it’s really effective. I also use Thieves on the feet and sometimes down the spine, diluted a little. I also give my 9 month old NingXia Red. Using these has kicked pretty much everything my kids have gotten sick with. They are 6, 4, 2, 9 months and I use it on all of them!

If coughing is an issue, I use Myrrh and Harmony on the chest. For snotty nose, I dilute a little RC and Peppermint and rub it on the chest. I also diffuse Peppermint and RC, on a timer for 15 minutes every hour. I hope something helps, Rebecca in NC



(16 month old can’t get rid of cold) A good way to give a young child Peppermint is to place a toothpick in the oil and then swirl it in a spoonful of raw blue Agave. Honey can also be used.

The things that work best for me is RC on the chest, with a little Eucalyptus added, Raven on the back and Cherry Bark drops from Herbs for Kids taken orally. You can find online – Google.

My 26 month old was the first that didn't immediately respond to this. So I had him sip warm water with Peppermint swirled in it (his eyes got quite big!) but then he settled right down and we actually got some sleep. Tamra


Peppermint is too strong to use on a child in the mouth. You could dilute it and use it on the feet but not near the face. It can cause a throat spasm in a little child/infant. Try diffusing the oils in the bedroom.   Do the Raindrop on the feet. Only use a drop of Oregano/Thyme and dilute as they are very strong for little ones. Frankincense is good for colds. The biblical oils are helpful and healing. Layer them on the feet. Egyptian Gold or Exodus on the feet, dilute and rub on the back. Hyssop is good for persistent cough/mucous. Barbara Lemke, RN



(Cleansing for a six year old) I am mom of 7, grandmom of 15. In dealing with a child, be easy. Don't use drastic measures. They respond to everything faster. Why not use the cleansers of the past? Homemade raw sauerkraut juice. You may have to slip it into some citrus juice. Homemade RAW beet kvaas, Kombucha tea, raw milk kefir, raw milk (preferably goat). Check out Weston A Price Foundation for more information.)

Most people have no probiotics by use of antibiotics or just dead food. Keep him oiled with the basics. Remove parasites in him with 2 drops of Clove and Lemongrass 2 times daily in capsule if he can swallow them and/or oil him with Lavender and then Peppermint on his back 2 times daily. Add a bit of olive oil if he is sensitive. Give him a few days. A little NingXia Red 2 times daily wouldn't hurt. Blessings, Ellie



In Ecuador, Gary spoke about diabetes in children, just a little bit and here is what he suggested: 2 capsules Carbozyme 2 times a day, 4 ounces NingXia Red each day, 1/2 gel cap of Thieves diluted with V6 Oil each day and Children's Chewable Vitamins each day. He stressed that children need to be given enzymes - very critical. As I mentioned, before, taking notes when Gary is lecturing is quite a deal. This is what I have and there was not a big discussion about it. Peace, Pen



(Asthma) …So many oils open up the airway. Magnesium Oil, which isn't really an oil but is Magnesium Chloride in sea water, placed on the bottom of the feet can open up the airway. Magnesium is a natural broncho-dilator. I am not talking about oral administration. Anyway, I don't think it is very wise to be giving steroids to babies, for breathing problems, such as asthma. That’s all the doctors know to do. Jeff Kaplan



(To get children to drink NingXia Red) I make a "kiddie cocktail" out of it. I use 1 ounce of NingXia Red, 4-6 drops of Orange Oil, a good squirt of Agave nectar, and ice and water. It tastes so yummy that no one ever complains. Hope this helps. Melissa



(Child’s fever) The high fever in a small child usually is not a virus, but a bacteria that has lodged itself in their body. The fever is a way for the body to "fry" the bacteria and then the natural antibodies are called into action. Dr. Christopher is a wonderful herbalist, and my mentor, and I followed his suggestions for childhood illnesses through all four of my children.

A low enema will help remove some of the matter from the colon so it can eliminate more toxins. I recommend a simple Fleets enema that can safely be used with almost any age of infant or young child. Or you can make up your own solution of water with a little olive oil or sesame oil, and some mild essential oils. Gary uses a "push" in which he fills a bulb syringe with oils added to a solution and just gently squeezes into the rectum. This stimulates peristalsis, the natural contraction of the colon to eliminate the fecal matter.

This is a very safe and effective therapy. The fever will drop in as little as 15 minutes. For wee little ones, place them in a tub that you have prepared ahead. Wash the tub with hot water to warm it. Then dry it out and place a pillow for their head and torso with the legs towards the drain. Turn then on the left side, holding the right leg with your hand. Gently insert the Fleets enema into the rectum just a little ways, and begin gently squeezing your solution into their rectum. The solution should be about body temperature or slightly cooler. When their body is ready they will eliminate. It is easier to clean up the tub and they are not threatened this way. If they are older they can sit on the commode and lean forward, then sit up when they are ready to eliminate.

I sometimes use a blend of catnip tea, garlic oil (from a capsule) and chamomile tea. This helps calm them down, kill germs and relax them so they can rest better. Just remember that if it burns your lips, it will burn their skin too, so stick with mild antimicrobials and you will do fine.

Keep them away from heat and perhaps use an alcohol rub down to help cool them down and a cool compress on their foreheads. Then focus on the liquids. Give them lots of watered down juices, broth soup and pureed steamed vegetables, perhaps a little yogurt to repopulate their colon with friendly flora. Blessings, Doc Wah



This week I got to help my daughter with her sick kiddos. One by one all but the newborn got fever, some with emesis and aches. I brought her bottles of Thieves, RC, Peppermint and Lavender and she had Gentle Baby already. The 8 year old boy was first. I put diluted (in light olive oil) Thieves and RC on his feet, RC on his neck and head, and Lavender and Peppermint on his tummy. She repeated next day and the next day he was fine. Then the 4 year old little girl really felt awful with 104 fever and aches. Again we used Lavender on her arms and legs with Peppermint. We also used Peppermint on her feet, neck and forehead (watch out, not too close to the eyes) and RC on her back and chest. Took 2 days but she is fine now. Mom also gave her Tylenol once. The 2 year old had 103 next. She used the same oils, adding Gentle Baby to his back and tummy. And she mixed the Peppermint and Lavender and Gentle Baby while diluting and rubbed him all over, plus a cool cloth to his head. Last night he was 104.4 and today the fever is all gone. Praise God and thank you Young Living. Hopefully the newborn will be spared as he thrives on his breast milk. Hope this encourages some of you. Sharon in Sac



…My oldest daughter has a 1 year old. She said that she's started adding 3-4 drops of Lavender to Angelina's bath water every night and she's sleeping through the night. She's thrilled. Vicki Opfer



22 Month old allergic to milk. Gave him 1 cap Allerzyme crushed up in yogurt with applesauce. If diarrhea starts, back off. Also can, use 5-6 drops of Mineral Essence.



Gary has Joseph on I cap Omega Blue a day to expand the brain cells and build the immune system.



I use Thieves all the time on my children. The youngest is four but I have used it on her before she was 2 years old. Just dilute it with V6 (start with one drop in about a tablespoon of oil) and put it on her feet. I think that is a very safe dilution and you could probably gradually make it a little stronger. I actually quit diluting once my daughter was 2 years old. I also did full Raindrops on her as well, just less oil of course. You need to be comfortable with this, but like I said I never had a problem and a lot of my friends/distributors have done the same thing. In my opinion, I would certainly try an oil before any pharmaceutical. Best of luck! Jen

PS- Kids love the oils; the smell is so soothing to them! Another tip would be to sprinkle some on her crib mattress and she will inhale it all night. I also have put a drop on my hand and rubbed it all over the kids clothing so they inhale it all day. That way she will still get the benefits if you are still worried about putting it directly on her skin. This is also a good method when going out to Church. We always have sick people at church and I feel like my family is better protected with Thieves wiped all over their clothing (don't sprinkle it directly on the clothing I have seen a slight stain appear but it does come out in the wash). Everyone asks us what that cinnamon smell is too. It is rather comical



I've used Di-Gize neet on the soles of my kids feet as young as 8 months. (You may want to dilute at first.) I rub a drop or two of Di- Gize all over the bottoms of their feet, then do the VitaFlex colon clearing technique on the soles of their feet and usually get fairly quick results. If nothing happens within a few hours, I repeat every few hours until it does. This combination of oil and VitaFlex has been extremely beneficial to our family. I did this most recently this past summer on both my 8-month old twins when they had severe intestinal distress. This particular time was not for constipation but it worked all the same. Blessings, Carrie



(Pinworms) It is usually a different kind of itch. If scratched till dry, yes, but the itch is from tiny wigglies wiggling around on the perineum surface. I'd use much smaller doses for kids. And yes, avoid processed sugars and lean on Di-Gize topical and if possible, internal, to see if that helps first. It is gentler than the ParaFree, though not as broad spectrum. Know the lifecycle (tells how long plus 1/2 or more) to offer supportive methods. Let kids munch on pumpkin seeds, toasted sesame items, cook with sesame oil or pumpkin seed, favor other foods also with mild anti-parasitic effects. Fennel seed, Nutmeg, those on tummy, are also oils I would try. Ysha



(Constipated 2 year old) I had great results using Marjoram neet over the colon area, massaging it in up the right side (ascending colon), across under the rib cage (transverse colon), down the left side (descending colon). I showed the mother of an 8 month old how to do this and within hours the child had cleared the colon. Marjoram induces peristalsis (movement of the colon) and works wonders. This is also why many people detox after a Raindrop session, as Marjoram is one of the oils used. Maria



We have had a nasty flu going around here. I used Oregano, Lemon, ImmuPower and Peppermint. I put it on the bottom of the feet. I have not tried making any capsules of the oils for our children. I also diffused Purification and Lemon in the room while the little one slept. I really think this made the difference as her brothers suffered for 2 1/2 days with fever and headaches. She started yesterday afternoon and by mid-evening the fever broke and she is up and about already. Juana



My daughter is 2.5 years old and I have used Eucalyptus Blue on her since I got a bottle at convention last June. I dilute it and put it on her feet and also diffuse it. She had chest congestion around Christmas (probably because of sugar and dairy that I allowed her to have as a special occasion - big mistake), and the Eucalyptus Blue was great. I put it directly on her chest with Lavender and this especially helped with her nasty cough. I made sure she was getting plenty of water and NingXia Red too to help her eliminate the bad stuff. I have also put it on her proactively, around the ears and a little between her nostrils and upper lip when we're out somewhere and someone is sick. Hope this helps! Laura




(Runny stools in 16 month old) A couple of things come to mind. I agree, no soy - that causes so many problems for so many kids, not to mention the estrogen-like qualities from soy (I can't remember the exact term, but whatever is in soy, it really somehow spikes the estrogen in our bodies, I would try to get her off of soy ASAP). The other thing I think of is electrolyte balance, there's some really nice healthy electrolyte drinks out there. Whole Foods has their brand "365" and they make electrolyte enhanced water. It tastes like regular water! Of course, if you can only get Gatorade, only drink clear.

Sometimes when we get viral stuff it shows as the runs, so boost her probiotics. I would take just 1/5 (even less!) of a Life 5 capsule, open it up and put it in her bottle. I would do this 2 times a day. There are also some great refrigerated probiotics, LIFE makes a great brand. 1 tablespoon has billions of probiotics - add to yogurt. Dr. Mercola is a huge believer in mass quantities of probiotics to stop a runny stool/diarrhea problem.

Give her a baking soda bath, it'll help pull the toxins out, but remember to hydrate. Lots of oils can be dehydrating, so have her drink a lot of water. I would put a cup of baking soda in the tub and let her play and sit for a good 20 minutes, or as long as she wants. Regina



(Potty training help) This was only a challenge with one of my children. I believe that the children enjoy the attention that they get from the changing and cleaning. My fix (1982 time frame - pre oils) was to make wet/poopy pants/diapers the norm. I would change them after an hour or two. I also tried to make sure that they got plenty of attention when they were not wet or smelly. Once wet or smelly, the positive attention decreased with the explanation of why. Naturally, there was much celebration when they were successful in using the pot. Steve



(Potty training) What first comes to mind, you could let her know that now that she is two and a half years old, she is old enough to clean up after herself, wash her own panties. This information delivered with pride and pleasure in her being so capable. Then add a drop of Joy to her hands after she washes those too. Blessings to you both, Jacquelyn



(Potty training) I read that Valor works well, and I believe Cedarwood would as well. Have you checked on Good Luck, Diana



(Potty training) Maybe with summer coming, you could let her run around "bottomless" as not having clothes on helps little ones be more aware of going to the bathroom or needing to go. My sister and I have done this with our kids and it has helped a lot in the toilet training process. HTH, Rachel



Thank you so much for all your input for the potty training. I am so thankful for such a wonderful group. I had emailed about my 2 ½ year old daughter who would not potty train. She seemed so stubborn and unwilling. As a last ditch effort I took her to the chiropractor. It turns out that her tailbone and sciatica were completely misaligned. One quick adjustment and she is a potty trained darling! I have waited to post my update because I wanted to be sure that is what helped her. It has been a week and she has had NO accidents. The acid test was her playing outside. She started to poop, she was able to control the muscle and stop pooping, until she was inside and on the toilet. She barely left a streak in her underpants. I am so proud of her! I will say that I did find the idea of putting Joy in the bathroom very helpful. It seemed to make it less stressful. Also the Peace and Calming helped keep me from coming unglued. Thanks for all the input! Jeanette



(Diarrhea in baby) I have used Lemon Oil as a retention enema on both my children at as early as 6 months. The oils if diluted properly work well for us rectally. I would use some Patchouli diluted on the belly. Will the baby drink some Ningxia Red? I would definitely take the baby to the doctor; some IV fluids might do the trick to prevent dehydration. 5 days is a very long time with a baby, if nothing else get the ears checked and throat. You might also get some Aloe Life aloe juice and try 1 ounce every couple hours. It is very healing to the GI tract and I would definitely get some probiotics. Hope this helps! Kelly Wilson



My seven year old had a stomach upset, diarrhea and low-grade fever over the weekend, so I rubbed her forehead, temples and neck and then her tummy with a mix of Peppermint and Lavender and V6, and gave her some extremely diluted Peppermint water (plus a drop of Orange Oil because it's her favorite). She felt better within minutes. Good Luck, Lita Didschuns



I used Di-Gize on a 3 year old child who had 3 projectile vomiting sessions within 2 hours and after Di-Gize on his stomach, he was back playing and had color in his face. His dad said he had been sick for over 24 hours. I applied 1-2 drops of Di-Gize oil in my palm, rubbed my palms together and rubbed his little stomach clockwise around his navel and that was END of his stomach virus. He was pink faced and playing without a trace of illness from then on. Just my experience. I would use it again if I saw the same situation. Love and Light, Stanlee



The reason that Di-Gize may have a warning against using on children under 5 is it has hot oils and if applied to the tummy it will burn. Even as adults it burns. So it needs to be diluted before use or add carrier oil after applying to the tummy. Safe place to put it is on the bottom of the feet for little ones as it doesn't burn there but do it in caution as it is still a hot oil. Nancy Sanderson



You asked about Life 5 for the 17 month old baby. My granddaughter is the same age and my daughter-in-law pokes a hole in the Life 5 capsule and puts about 1/3 of the contents in a little NingXia Red for her daughter. This works well. And definitely use the MightyVites. Also very important are omega 3 oils. Blessings, Kate Adams



(Child with eczema and asthma) I have lots of experience with this one. LavaDerm topically. Otherwise, focus on alkalizing internally - Lemon in water, etc, small bit of AlkaLime at night and/or with meals, NingXia Red after meals. I would definitely advise MightyVites and stay away from vaccinations! Elisabeth



(Child with cancer) I would let them know that chemo will destroy the immune system and that natural methods would be the child’s best chance for survival. Make a suppository of Frankincense and Lemon by putting several drops of each in a capsule and placing in the rectum. Putting the oils here speeds their delivery to the liver. I would rub Orange and Lemon over the liver area as well as Frankincense.

I would put my child on MightyVites, omega blues and a flax (high lignon content) oil. I would give the child an ounce of NingXia Red every 3 - 4 hours. I would recommend purified water, getting a juicer and juicing several vegetables and fruits adding raw ginger and parsley (as natural news today - shared the anti-tumoral effects of these super foods). No meat or dairy at this time because of the difficulty of digestion. No white flour or white sugar and no processed foods.

Could eat whole grains, blended nuts and seeds and beans. I would include beets, spinach, oranges, lemons, apples, asparagus, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes and raw egg yolks, and organic berries of all kinds in blended drinks. Use as many organic herbs as possible including thyme, oregano, basil, clove, rosemary, and garlic, onion and turmeric. A great way to get these would be a Raindrop of the oils down the child’s back, being extra careful of dilution so that you don't burn the skin and only using 1 drop of each oil. I would supplement the child with B-complex, CoQ10, Beta Glugan, Vitamin D at least 2,000 units per day, AlkaLime, Multigreens, Essiac Tea, vitamin B17 (Latrile). Others could add to this list, but this could be a start. Hope this helps! Kate Adams



For the three year old with allergies, there are a couple of things she might try that are not necessarily very expensive. First I would use Clove Oil on the bottoms of his feet. Clove is the highest antioxidant available. He is having a reaction to the offending things in his environment. They become free radicals in his body and need to be neutralized. The Clove will attach itself to these free radicals and eliminate them so there will be less for his little body to deal with. I use Clove on both my grandchildren probably since they were not even a year old. My grandson was also a preemie and we have used lots of oils to deal with his issues.

Secondly I’d use Lavender, the universal oil and also an antihistamine. Once his body doesn't have to deal with the allergic triggers, it will heal itself. Give them a little time to do their work and use as often as seems necessary. For my grandchildren the oils work very quickly - 10 minutes. But if I notice that they need more in an hour or two, I just use them again. She will know if he needs her to reapply. There are others, but this is a very good start and might be enough. Nancy



I work with two kids born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. We diffuse Lemongrass and Lavender in the home. It works wonders! Nancy



(Child’s cut lip) Put a drop of Lavender on a Q-Tip and gently apply to the cut. It may taste awful to him but it will feel better and keep it infection free. It should not give him diarrhea. My granddaughter came down with a virus that caused lesions all over in her mouth, throat and nose. The doctor told her mother there was nothing they could do, she would just have to wait it out. Poor little girl, she could not eat anything because her little mouth hurt so bad. I applied Lavender to a Q-Tip and swabbed the lesions in her mouth and on her tongue and it would take the pain away for a couple of hours and then she would say, Dranma fix my mouth again, it hurts. She was only 2 ½ at that time. In two days the lesions were gone and her fever gone. She ran a fever of 103 and I would spritz her body with Peppermint floral water and apply Peppermint on the feet. The fever would come down immediately. I hope this helps. Nancy Sanderson



(Child’s cut lip) My son fell when he was 18 months old, just days before Christmas. I waited to see if it would heal and it should have had stitches. I had waited too long by the time I realized it. We ended up using Clove Oil on a Q-Tip for him. We would make sure he had a glass of milk, then put the oil right in the wound and he'd drink milk to cut the burn. It was an amazing experience for me, one that really built my faith in my mothering when this same one and a half year old would come to me in the following days and say, "Mom, oool, ool" and pat his lip. He was asking us to use the Clove Oil and you know what. That wound healed beautifully! Lavender would work, but would not deaden the area like Clove. If you feel Clove would be too strong, try citrus oils. Jessica Wild



(2 year old with sinus infection) Push lots of water. A drop of Peppermint in hot water (let it cool enough to drink) works great if there is any thick mucous in nasal or throat area that needs to be moved out. Raven on chest, RC on VitaFlex points of feet for sinus, ear, nose, throat, chest area on feet; then next application reverse. Put RC on chest, Raven on VitaFlex points. Put oils on your hands, rub them and then put them on her pillow or sheet where she will breathe the fumes. Use Vitamin C. My grandkids respond so quickly, it's amazing. We get at it at onset and it just seems to disappear. Do you do any NingXia Red in her water to boost her immune system? Bev Newcomer



If I were this boy’s mom, I'd write down a brief note each day as to his condition so you have a bit clearer memory to refer back to. (Says one scattered mom!) Also with a long cough like that, has he been swabbed for pertussis? We have had it twice, and it is a bear! Have you done Raindrop on him? For our six year old I use Ravensara, Lavender, Believe, Frankincense, RC, Raven, Eucalyptus, Clove, Release, Grounding and many other not so hot oils. They all love RDT!

Also, look at the emotional connection. Lungs are grief. Are there issues in the home that he is taking on? Children are such little empathic sponges. I sometimes really forget that they need so much support, remembering that the issues all around them are not theirs. I teach my kids to create a bubble around them, it is such a great visual for them, to protect them from negative energy. Also Thyme Oil internally would probably help. I teach my kids how to swallow capsules by having then tip their head forward. The cap floats and then they swallow! Jessica Wild



After my 2 ½ year old daughter's evening bath (using YL KidScents products, of course), I take a good-sized squirt of the KidScents Lotion with a couple drops of Peace and Calming and rub it all over her body. She smells so good and sleeps peacefully through the night. Kristi Bodick



To All Moms who have never dealt with this. My son had a febrile seizure at 10 months. I had never seen anything like that with 5 kids. It scared me half to death. He was sitting on the potty at the time (with a fever ~103, no Tylenol just cool cloths) and he was staring off into space, up and way to the left. I was trying to get his attention and couldn't. I yelled for hubby and laid him down on the change table to put his diaper back on. Big mistake- now he turned blue on me because I guess the tongue blocked the airway. I picked him up and I thought that he died in my arms because he was completely dead weight. After a minute of wondering whether 911 was necessary, I could feel that he was no longer 'dead weight'. He started to come to and we rushed off to the hospital. They did some tests to rule out more serious problems, kept us for 7 hours of waiting and sent us home with some information on febrile seizures. Our homeopath the next day just explained it again, checked him out and said to let him know if it happened again. A febrile seizure does not normally occur twice in the same fever. Whew! The second time was at about 14 months. This time I was a bit calmer and was totally thrilled that my Trauma Life and Brain Power had arrived that day! We weathered the storm with the oils (no Tylenol, just cool cloths and lemon slices on the soles of feet, as per the homeopath) and just had a checkup the next day. (It was still incredibly scary.)

Afterwards, I was talking with my chiropractor and she mentioned that a baby is unable to regulate body temperature and that a seizure is the body's way of shivering like you or I would if we were chilled. The third fever which lasted only a day (the only 3 he has had in his life, now almost 2) I did things a bit differently. Instead of stripping him down to very light clothing and bathing him with cool cloths, I kept him more clothed to keep the body from getting a chill and just bathed his head as necessary. Voila! This time, no seizure. Everyone may be different, but I believe that this made the difference in whether or not he had a febrile seizure again.   I hope that this helps someone else avoid such a scary experience. Tammie



I always bundle my kids up with fevers. Dr. Christopher taught to build the fever with hot bath and warm liquids and insure proper hydration and allow the child to sleep. That is what I do with mine. I don't take temperatures - I bundle them up and push fluids. We will give a hot shower or bath and then put their clothes on them without toweling them off, just before putting them to bed under lots of blankets. I do not do anything to bring down a fever. Marisa



…Lil Shephard was there and told us about her little grandbaby that was only 12 days old and had not pooped for several days. The mother was ready to panic and so Lil put a drop of Di-Gize on his little feet and in 20 minutes they had a mess! I also tried this with my grandson. He is 13 months old and has been quite constipated. He went 4 times that day! Diane



…My kids drink tea almost every day. They are on a detox tea kick right now. They love the taste of the licorice root and Ginger in this tea.   And consequently, they are having a great cleanse.   They are each pooping about five times a day! What a great, gentle way for kids to cleanse! It is called Daily Detox and I got it at the HF store. It tastes rather good! Jessica Wild



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