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Development to "Full Customer Readiness"
By Independent Business Partners  
We believe that there is a great chance to attract at least 50 million Independent Business Partners (IBPs) and tech savvy customers and others around the world who would be happy to be loyal subscribers to VIPtv during our development phase to "Full Customer Readiness". We believe this is true, even if the development phase, prior reaching the "viral" phase of the subscription, lasted several years. 
This is the "Full Customer Readiness" definition which includes the willingness of IBPs and customers to use the service during our development phase:
Independent Business Partners and Customers (IBPs) who subscribe to use the VIPtv subscription during our development phase should know that they are doing so as a part of our crusade to save people money and help the company bring the service to "Full Customer Readiness".
This term is defined in more detail at www.FullCustomerReadiness.com for Independent Business Partners and at www.FullCustomerReadiness.info for Customers. 
In summary, "Full Customer Readiness" means that, when the service reaches "Full Customer Readiness" that it will have all of the available state of the art menu functions, little buffering or down time and 98% of all normally watched channels. It will be ready to "go viral". 
IBPs and most of the Customers who join during this development pase are willing to notify the company of any programming functions desired and buffering or downtime that they observe. 


Team building with VIPtv to realize

your full potential in this

2.2 Trillion Dollar Industry.


This discussion is about what we have been doing for the past 10 months as we build toward “Full Customer Readiness”.


Behind the scenes, Streaming is a complex technological and business environment that we are helping to develop.


Our partnership with Sony has allowed us to be able to address the important “royalty” payment issues. Please see the Sony logo on our main site www.OrderVIPtv.com


Streaming technology is coming to the forefront as companies compete for customers.


Streaming is the future of how people will watch recorded and Live movies and TV programs.


Most companies keep all the monthly residual revenue for themselves and do not allow individuals to capture any significant share of the monthly income by referring their service.


Most companies in the home entertainment business pay their employees an hourly wage or very small residuals on only direct customers.


VIPtv has a better way to build a business in the world of home entertainment and realizes that it is the team developed by an individual that can truly build more customers…


and allow any individual to also capture a larger share of the 2.2 trillion dollars available.


We realize that by allowing an individual to participate in what is called the “doubling phenomena” that any individual could initiate and build a large residual income with a good product.


Einstein called this “Doubling Phenomena” the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Before we move on, just one example why he called it the Eighth Wonder of the World:


If Mary or Joe were to involve one Independent Business Partner in one month, and no more and that, and these Independent Business Partners were to involve one the next month then…..


in 12 months Mary or Joe would have 12 Independent Business Partners in their business.


If Mary and Joe could live forever, then in one million months Mary and Joe’s business would have 1 million Independent Business Partners.


This is 1 million divided by 12 or 83,333 years to have a company of one million.


But if Mary and Joe were to involve two Independent Business Partners in one month and no more and each of them were to involve 2 the next month …


then in only 19 months Mary or Joe’s business would have one million Independent Business Partners.


And they would still be alive.


This is 19 months, not 83,333 years – This is the Eighth Wonder of the World at work.


For the last 10 months, our 18-year-old company has been working to continuously improve the streaming technology that we are offering to make it “fully customer ready”.


By “fully customer ready” we mean,


One: have simpler ways to, not only watch it on portable devices and laptops and computers, but also on the big screen.


Two: have fewer and fewer times when buffering from our end occurs and streams stop completely for a few minutes.


We have been making great progress every day.


In the meantime, our “team development” Independent Business Partners realize that when we are “fully customer ready” that they will prosper the most by having a large number of “team development” Independent Business Partners in place on their own team.


This will allow them to capture greater market share when our service begins to go “Viral” with the power of duplication.


Our “team development” Independent Business Partners have been very loyal and helpful to give feed back on any service issues that they see and recommendations for apps to make using the service easier.


These are the steps that many of us are using to help put more and more “team development” Independent Business Partners in place as we move to “full customer readiness”.


Demonstrate the service to others and let them know what we are doing as we move to “full customer readiness”. Let them see how great the service currently is already.


Have them go to www.OrderVIPtv.com for more information and to signup and join our campaign.


If you are prospecting remotely, give the prospect a free trial code and ask them to look at the service with you on the phone and them looking at their laptop or computer.


If they have a Firestick up and running, have them go to www.VIPtvUpdates.com and follow the simple steps to see the service on their TV


We recommend that, for best duplication, that you recommend that the prospect buy a Firestick and get Amazon to help them to get it up and running.


Then show them or have them install VIPtv on the Firestick by it following the simple steps shown at www.VIPtvUpdates.com


They may have Smart TVs, Rohu devices, Game Station or android boxes but for duplication have them stay with the Firestick.

If they want to use these devices on their own have them go to www.VIPtvupdates.com and also call into the noon and 9PM Ask the The Expert calls with any questions.


Unlike other companies, we help people with buffering issues involving their own internet. See the 10 steps at www.PerfectStreaming.info


If you would like to prospect other people who are familiar with Network marketing, we have simple scripts and process to work with for about an hour a day.

We have several links to obtain lists of Networkers to contact as well.


All of this information is at our Independent Business Partner site www.IForgotTheNameOfTheSite.com


Now for some feed back and discussion with Terence Courts and Bob Peterson.





1. On laptops and tablets stop all active downloads on the device.

Disable the auto updates option.


2. Use the pause button on the movie or live tv to create a larger pre-buffer of content.

Clear cache data weekly


3. Increase your internet speed until you reach your desired performance.


4. Make sure if your WIFI is split into 2G and 5G. select the 5G.


5. Alter your time and date function. 15 minutes behind your current time.


6. Limit the amount of devices on your network that are not being used. Restrict the Apps the are running in the background.


7. Select the correct streaming App for the appropriate device. Use google chrome as first option if using a browser.


8. If needed select 720p instead of 1080p reducing picture quality can increase speed.


9. Use a wired connection into smart TV’s when possible.


10. Purchase your internet or cell phone services from the top providers in your area. Always use Tier 1 companies.