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Sharp Shooter Keychains,It is like 3 devices in one!
Hi I am Grand master Moran I Am Here To Share My Best Patented Products with You on Etsy!

My name is Robert Moran, and I’m the creator of the Sharp Shooter Keychain.

I wanted to give my friends and family an out, if they ever were faced with immediate need to survive. I’m not naive enough to think that my loved ones will be safe no matter what. Grand Master Moran Read More...

Protect yourself and your family, feel safe and secure when out on the streets: When Thugs, Skinheads and Felons Choose A Victim, They Pray Their Target Doesn’t Have One Of These My Device Is Subtle, Easy To Carry, And Will Prove Deadly To Anyone Who Targets You In A “Random Act Of Violence” In back allies, dark clubs, or even in plain daylight, a certain “unusual” type of person can be found. Whether from desperation, poor upbringing or a neuron that just isn’t firing straight, no one knows exactly what creates this type of person. In their eyes, you’re not a human being... you’re meat. These Sick Jerks Actually Enjoy Hurting And Humiliating People! They don’t care about who you are, or what your life is. They don’t care if you’re with your family, your girlfriend, or if you’re smaller than they are. They are out for blood, and more often than not, they get it. The good news is, there are fewer of these people on the streets than ever. The bad news is, your odds of being a victim of one are still shockingly high: If You Live In The United States, There Is A 1 In 19 Chance You Will Be Robbed, Assaulted, Raped Or Murdered At One Point In The Next 30 Years This bone chilling statistic doesn’t lie, and it leads to the question: “what can I do about it?” It’s true that most cases of violence happen due to mistakes made by the victim. Wandering around a bad area late at night, or accepting a drink from a complete stranger. A lot of violence can be prevented just by keeping your head cool, and seeking to avoid it in the first place. But “random acts of violence” has the word “random” in it for a reason – sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, violence comes to you. And if that happens, the only thing that has a hope of saving you, is the means and ability to IMMEDIATELY defend yourself, with explosive, unexpected defense. If You Are Targeted And Can’t Defend Yourself… You’re As Good As Dead! When faced with direct, imminent violence, you have two options: explode ferociously and escape, or submit to violence, and hope you end up okay. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want ANYONE I know to have to pick option #2. I have taught my family how to defend themselves. How to know when they’re in danger, and how to EXPLODE, so they can get away unharmed. The biggest problem is, these thugs… these street rats… they usually aren’t small guys. More often than not, they’re big, and they’re tough. I knew that even with self-defense training, my loved ones weren’t totally safe from these people. That’s Why I Invented The Sharp Shooter Keychain My name is Robert Moran, and I’m the creator of the Sharp Shooter Keychain. I wanted to give my friends and family an out, if they ever were faced with immediate violence. I’m not naive enough to think that my loved ones will be safe no matter what. I know that violence can and does happen to people who aren’t looking for it, and don’t “deserve it”. The Sharp Shooter Keychain is a simple device, made from ultra-strong paracord (the same material used on parachutes), with a black vinyl grip at the end. Here’s a video of me using it to quickly demolish a coconut:  The Sharp Shooter Keychain is incredibly easy to use, and most importantly, it will come as a major surprise to anyone who wants to do you harm. It’s a favorite of all who use it, because: • You can instantly deliver a disabling, defensive blow, allowing you to quickly escape from an otherwise horrifying situation. • Unlike pepper spray or stun guns, the Sharp Shooter Keychain will never accidentally discharge and injure yourself or others. • It looks like an ordinary keychain lanyard… which is why you can take it pretty much ANYWHERE you go. • The Sharp Shooter Keychain is extremely easy to use, and will exponentially multiply your force… even the smallest people can take out a big thug, no problem. • I have personally cut a concrete block in half with this keychain… it packs an incredible punch. • The Sharp Shooter Keychain is pure black. At night, it’s virtually impossible to see. By the time your assailant realizes what happened, he’ll be on the ground and you’ll be long gone. • The Sharp Shooter Keychain is significantly more affordable than other less-effective, more cumbersome self-defense devices. With The Sharp Shooter Keychain In Your Pocket, You’ll Feel Secure And Able To Defend Yourself And Loved Ones When thugs, felons and skinheads attack individuals, they purposefully target those they view as weak. This is so they don’t have any risk to their personal safety. A person who is weak is a person who is afraid, and unable to defend themselves. If you are walking alone and you KNOW you can’t defend yourself, you send off “fear signals” that thugs and gangsters can pick up and hone in on… like sharks smelling blood. With the Sharp Shooter Keychain, you’ll have the cool confidence of someone who KNOWS they can deliver a terrifying blow their assailant will never see coming. Just having the keychain in your pocket significantly reduces the odds of you ever facing violence! For just $12.95, you can own the Sharp Shooter Keychain, and the peace of mind knowing that at any time, and at any place, you are more than capable of defending yourself. There’s more. For a limited time only, I’m including three additional bonuses, FREE with your order. FREE BONUS #1: “Three Techniques To Disabling ANYONE With The Sharp Shooter Keychain” When you order the Sharp Shooter Keychain, I’ll include a FREE video, that will teach you exactly how to use the Sharp Shooter Keychain in the most effective manner. I’ll detail some situations you may come across, and exactly how to handle them. FREE BONUS #2: Pressure Point Defense DVD What’s the most terrifying part of being attacked? It’s when your assailant has you, arms wrapped around you… in complete and total control of you. Fortunately, the human body is covered in “pressure points”. If you know where these are, and how to activate them, you can get even the most hardened criminal to release their iron-hard grip on you, and get away safely. I’ve put together a comprehensive DVD, detailing the location of pressure points, and the exact techniques needed to make your attacker howl in pain, and let go of you. FREE BONUS #3: Pressure Point Location Chart I’m also going to throw in a complete chart of every pressure point on the body. Just looking at this once will give you information that you can immediately recall exactly when you need it. 100% Risk-Free Guarantee – All The Risk Is On Me I know my product works, and I stand behind it. For this reason, I’m willing to offer a guarantee unheard of in the world of self-defense. If you are unhappy with the Sharp Shooter Keychain in any way, over the next FULL YEAR, I will refund you the entire amount of your purchase, no questions asked. I know you are going to be happy with your purchase. Once you have it in your hands, you can feel the power you’re capable of unleashing with it. You will feel the sense of security that comes with the knowledge that at any time, and in any place, you’re capable of defending yourself. Remember, when you order, you’re getting: 1) The Sharp Shooter Keychain – The most subtly powerful self-defense device you can take with you practically anywhere you go. 2) “Three Techniques To Disabling ANYONE With The Sharp Shooter Keychain” 3) The Pressure Point Self Defense DVD 4) The Pressure Point Self Defense Chart All backed by a one-year, no-questions-asked guarantee. ORDER THE SHARP SHOOTER KEYCHAIN NOW What People Are Saying About The Sharp Shooter Keychain? TESTIMONIALS 1.  1 year ago My sharp shooter just arrived here in Europe. This is the first weapon I can use in the street without looking very suspicious … I have a blog about self-defense and I am always looking for additional ways to defend ourselves within the law and they have silly laws over here. I can say that ! Thanks again for your amazing vids !! 2.  1 year ago Great demonstration… I don’t think anything can beat the concrete block the sharp shooter cut in half in just 2 or 3 whacks, That was just insane!!! This device is great. So happy I own one. Thanks for inventing it.

 P.S. The #1 reason why people get attacked in the streets, is because they KNOW they can’t defend themselves, and thugs and gangsters pick up on that. These people only attack those who are weak.

With the Sharp Shooter Keychain, you will be STRONG, and capable of immediately defending yourself, and whoever else is around.widget-sharp-shooter-sale

Review: SharpShooter

I saw a cool impact weapon in one of my feeds, and got in touch with its creator, Karate Master Robert Moran,  to see if I could try one out. Master Moran was kind enough to send me one, and I've carried it in my pocket for some time now, and can give you my thoughts. This is the SharpShooter keychain and what I can tell you about it.The keychain consists of four distinct components. The core element is the paracord that runs through the center. This is doubled up and serves as the main conduit for the Sharp Shooter's action.Knotted at one end, a length of steel tubing, covered in a silicone sleeve for grip is set up to run freely, apart from a silicone gasket, which pins it in place as a friction lock.A steel o-ring is looped into the main paracord loop and is used as the retention system for the keychain, and its as easy to use as wearing a ring. Being free-floating the ring and the steel tube can slide freely. The last component is the keychain component, which features a steel oval screw link as you might find in climbing or in boating. It holds your keys in a nice tight bunch, ready to open your doors, or perhaps offer a face-full of "please unhand me, uncouth ruffian" as needed.
The idea of the keychain is to offer an alternate means of carrying your keys as well as offering a flexible weapon, that unobtrusively sits in your pocket or purse. Master Moran offers an instructional DVD as well as on-site training at his Dojo. The tool works by cinching up the pipe all the way to the top of the knot, up near the screw-link, and by slipping the toggle back, you can transition from a downward strike with the pipe as a pressure point tool, but which a flick of the wrist, you can "shoot" out the keys, to form an impromptu flail or mace. The ring keeps it secure and locked into your grip, but subtly enough that it certainly doesn't LOOK like you have anything other than a set of keys dangling over your knuckles. I have tried the flick and swipe techniques, and the strikes with the pipe piece a couple of times, on a couple of different materials, and with some of the techniques I remember being shown by Sensei Guest at a Bujinkan winter camp in flexible weapons, I could see how this could give you a very game-changing strike in a last-ditch self defense situation. I'd suggest you check your local concealed weapons laws, but if you fancy adding a little something to your EDC to give you an edge, that doesn't raise a lot of eyebrows, for the otherwise noncombative members of your family, this might well be something to look into.