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Buffering is normally not caused by our new service, it may be caused by factors related to the 10 steps below. 


1. On laptops and tablets stop all active downloads on the device.

Disable the auto updates option.


2. Use the pause button on the movie or live tv to create a larger pre-buffer of content.

Clear cache data weekly


3. Increase your internet speed until you reach your desired performance.


4. Make sure if your WIFI is split into 2G and 5G. select the 5G.


5. Alter your time and date function. 15 minutes behind your current time.


6. Limit the amount of devices on your network that are not being used. Restrict the Apps the are running in the background.


7. Select the correct streaming App for the appropriate device. Use google chrome as first option if using a browser.


8. If needed select 720p instead of 1080p reducing picture quality can increase speed.


9. Use a wired connection into smart TV’s when possible.


10. Purchase your internet or cell phone services from the top providers in your area. Always use Tier 1 companies.

Terence Courts Survey Questions Prior to Sale

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