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Please read this short message to understand our most important business model example.

This may cause you to go to work and never look back.


Let’s say that you have a group of 100 distributors and each day each of the 100 distributors gets 2 network prospects to tell them:

“No – I won’t look at your product or pay plan videos”.

This level of activity takes about 4 hours of work per week. With this activity level going on each day by each distributor, for a month, there is a good chance that each of the origional 100 distributors will recruit one other distributor for their business in one month.

This growth by one new distributor by each of the origional 100 distributors in one month means that your group would now have - 200 distributors by the end of month two !!!

We believe that this is the best Network Marketing Concept in the industry.


Without this 4 hours of work a week, that takes no training, this group growth would not be possible.

So please don't join as an active distributor unless you are dedicated to do the 4 hours of work a week.

You can, however, join as an inactive distributor. As an inactive distributor you are called a  "Wholesale Shopper Distributor" with the "Virtually Free" $68.50/month Pro Discount product . With this title you can buy the products at a discount but you will not make large monthly residual income.

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Simple - Simple - Simple- Simple- Simple


Take these videos to heart to know that you have


arrived at your business destination.



See our 3 minute process video that sets us apart from all others: www.TwoNOs.com






Our two powerful featues: www.LivingRoomDuplication.com

A reading of this block is at:  www.BeforeYouGoToBed.com


With our 17-year-old company, just work as little as 4 hours a week gathering at least 2 “No’s” a day with our process and you have the mathematical potential with our “Virtually Free” $68.50/month Pro discount product of making over $6 million/month*

Along the way, as you are gathering your 2 "No's" a day to build to the high monthly residual income, you make over $100 upfront weekly paid checks as people order our products.

This super simple process, that requires no training, just execution, works because you run across Heavy Hitters who bring big groups with them into your group and you get a 20% match of the monthly residual checks that each of your personal referrals receives.

In addition, you can qualify to get a 10% check match of each of the many checks of each of their distributors 4 levels deep into the structure of each of your personal referrals. This is a lot of matching checks.

Plus you can qualify to receive even more, including matching their monthly residual income over 90%, 8 levels deep in their structure and they can push you to the $50,000 leadership bonus. You and your team will find these Heavy Hitters.

But don't study. Don't wait. You should begin today, even before you go to bed, to get 2 people to tell you "NO - I don't want to look at your company videos."

Do this daily with our 2 “NO’s” a day using our 2 magic videos and you will become rich as long as you don't quit.

Call the person who sent you to see our magic product videos.



HIstory of nxrGlobal/vStream Company
Bob Peterson Review of the Nature and Character of the nxrGlobal/vStream Company.

Bob Peterson (* Bio), Independent Distributor.
This is some data about the company that I have gathered during my part time involvement sense 2008.
I have known 2 of the Co-Founders of nxrGlobal/vStream sense 1990. The marketing arm has been known by a few other names over the years.  
For a good overview of the history of the 17 year old company see a site by another independent distributor at www.4find4founders.com
Bob Bremner, and many of the 200 distributors, who are vStream Founders, are shown on my video from the first vStream convention held on December 5th 2015. These videos are at www.4find4.com  . Three Hundred distributors were in attendance at this Pre Launch convention held in Richmond Va.
The company headquarters and shipping facilities are in Mechanicsville VA, a suburb of Richmond, VA.  Many from the convention visited this facility.
As you can see, nxrGlobal/vStream is a small, debt free, privately owned company. They own all of its facilities. The company is supported by legal and accounting capabilities with in-house web design and offsite programing.

In 17 years, the company has never missed a pay cycle and has paid over $30 million in commissions. The company has a very good accounting system for each distributor. This can be seen in the back office by signing up as a Free Distributor using the number of the referring distributor at www.vstreamtv.com .

Even Free Distributors can make some money and grow a very large group with no personal expense.

The company is prepared for growth because it has a very solid cash flow model that it will never violate. It will not violate the positive cash flow model even if product delivery, at times, may fall behind.

The company will never miss a pay cycle.

The sales base of the company is it's health products. Over the years, sales have gone up and down but have provided positive cash flow. The company, with recommendations from its advisors, has experimented with several compensation models. Always looking for for one that would support the dream of networking. That is each distributor recruiting 2 other distributors in a month or two.
This 2 find 2 growth model would develop a company size of over 1 million in about 20 months. Not only has nxrGlobal not found the secret of 2 get 2 but no company has.
But now with the introduction of the vStream in the 2 trillion-dollar movie/Tv industry and with our current pay plan improvements, we are now beginning to move. You can get a sense of this by listening to a training done by Independent distributors on July 9th, 2016. This is at www.4find4Training.com  This was attended by over 300 distributors on this Saturday morning. 

The pay plan that we have settled on, after years of trial and error, is the addition of a driver unilevel for our basic unilivel. We have had the basic unilevel for over 10 years. The basic unilevel is an infinity pay 9 level "no-breakawy" structure. It has a $100 to $100,000 one time leadership bonus and unlimited monthly residuals.

The new driver for growth and fill of the basic unilevel is a new 5 level deep Check match unilevel. With 2 sponsored you receive 20% check match on level one. With 4 sponsored - 10% check match of distributors on the 2nd level, 6 sponsored - 3rd level, 10 sponsored - 4th level, 15 sponsors - 5th level. These are compressible levels. 

As each distributor drives for these deeper check matches by sponsoring more and more, the basic infinity pay unilevel begins to fill.
The upfront $100 and $200 direct sales weekly pay commissions are a 2nd driver for growth. This provides income as the group residuals build up over time. 
The company also uses a simple support system, so that each distributor who will follow this simple system, will sponsor many more than 2 . This is described at our team site www.DialAndTextForNos.com  . When distributors implement this simple process, as little as 4 hours a week, we give a guarantee that they will develop over a 5 figure residual income.

Details of the very unique compensation plan with examples of income well over $6 million/month with a "Free" $68.50/month discount product are at our team site at www.YouAreOnlyOneDistributorAwayFromAnExplosion.com
The business model, with the “Free” $68.50/month Pro Perks Discount product and “Free” $68.50/month Wholesale Shopper position is set up to last for hundreds of years, always delivering residual income. This model sets up total stability for hundreds of years because residual income is not product type or product price dependent. For the long haul, we know products always will come and go, depending on technology and competition. 

The "Free" aspect is somewhat unique:
Inline image

Many programs in the industry say they have a "Free" autoship, but in fact, for most of them you need to sell and make money to pay for the autoship.
Our "Free" autoship delivers about $400 of Free value every 6 months to cover most of the $68.50/month cost with no requirement for our Distributors or "Whole Sale Shoppers" to recruit or sell any product. 
6x$68.50 = $411.
Every 6 months, the distributor or Wholesale shopper receives a Free vS2 which has a suggested retail value of $399. Or the Pro Perks member can choose $400 of retail value of health products. This is very near the $411 spent on the Pro Perks discount product.
As you can see from the convention testimonials, the Bremner family is well respected for their vision and hard work.
The lifesaving health products are a real cornerstone for the Company and they do so much to help the community. Bob Bremner, the co-founder, is a real expert in this field. You can see Bob Bremner at work on some of the recorded health product webinars by our team at www.WeeklyInHomeDemo.info
*I am retired after 45 years with the Nuclear Weapons program of the Department of Energy. BS Engineering Physics, MSA-Management of National Resources, Graduated from the Industrial Collage of the Armed Forces, Fort McNair, Washington DC. 
No Work = No Money

This information will change your finacial life!!

This is a presentation on the power and the meaning of the phrase:


“You are only one distributor away from an explosion.”


Note: as we describe our pay plan you will see why we say this is the most lucrative pay plan in the industry. With only a “Free” $68.50/month product a 4 find 4 model, mathematically, will generate over $6 million/month*. Just hold on to see how it develops.


And this is all driven by $100 or $200 "up front survival" weeky pay income and a "Free" $68.90/month membership.


By an explosion, we mean that a Heavy Hitter or Rock Star at any depth in any leg of our unilevel plan could drive your volume from this one leg to the top of our infinity pay 9 level “no breakaway” unilevel plan.


In this chart with the long leg, the middle red person, you could have the Heavy hitter 4 levels deep, the pink in Leg 4.



You are starting many of these lines and you don’t know which one will lead to the Heavy Hitter. “You are only one distributor away from and explosion” anywhere in any leg, including the one you just recruited.


This is exciting: the bigger any leg gets to infinity deep, the higher the chance that one or more Heavy Hitters will be found and that leg. And you are taken care of as far as pushing you to the top of the infinity income that the plan pays.


Just so you see the potential numbers in the plan look at this hypothetical chart.


If everyone were to build uniformly you would realize $710,000/month at the 9th level from a “Free” $68.50/month product.


We use the work “Free” because every 6 moths you get either a $399 vStream TV system or $400 of our health products of your choice. So you recover 6 x $68.50. This has never been done in any plan that we know of.



But in the real world, Levels and Legs don’t build uniformly and some sponsor many more than 4 and some sponsor zero or 1. So we want to be able to pay even more than this $710,000 / month in the real world. This then is the actual unilevel pay diagram.


This is the chart of the percentages paid in the unilevel and the chart below, is the total volumes required to drive the pay to bigger infinity percentages and deeper “no breakaway” levels.



 The chart above is the total group volume requirements from all legs for various rank advancements.


At the Executive level you have the 1st infinity commission, the blue. This is 5% from level 4 to infinity as long as there is not another executive in that line.


See how at each rank you get an additional infinity component and it is less likely that you will have, in any line, person after person, at a rank higher than you. In other words, at Regional to International you have a 6 level “no Brakeaway” structure with an infinity component beyond the 9th level of 18%.


18% is the total of the blue numbers and one of the Red. This builds down to the 9th level with a potential 33% infinity amount for distriburors below the 9th level.




And when you are a 3 Star you hope you have 9 3 Stars in a row in many lines because this will put so many people above your 9th “no breakaway” unilevel that you will be financially secure.


But in any one of you many legs, if you do have 9 you still have the infinity pay in all other legs, to infinity, beyond the 9th level until there are 9 3Stars some ware in the line to infinity deep.


This is a huge pay plan and easier to qualify for than any we have seen.



One strong leg can push you to the $200,000 level of 3 Star and your only requirement is to have 25% or the requirement, or $50,000 volume from all of your other legs combined. This is the fairest pay plan in the industry and you are paid on all volume unlike in Binary Plans, where you are only paid on the “week” leg.


When we do the 4 find 4 chart, Showing the $710,000/month from a “Free” $68.50/month product, the 25% outside of a strong leg is already taken care of.



The average concept, in realizing the $710,000/month is that people who aren’t doing their part of getting their 4 don’t stop this chart from developing level by level because there will be enough people on each level who are doing the work to sponsor more distributors than 4 so that the level averages 4 for each person on the level above.


The simple work is:


“A demo a week to reach your peak and call your sponsor once a week and/or leave the BJ Massey Magic 45 words on the voice mail machines of about 5 network marketers a day.”


Enough people are found who will not stop, that your income and their income desires are met.


This will happen to you if you have the patience to let you simple daily work to deliver for you . And statistically it will. It always does.


This is a huge additional incentive for people to sponsor 4 or more!!


In addition to the desire that distributors have to keep sponsoring to find those legs with heavy hitters we have a Check Match structure that goes deep and deep the more Personal Sponsored distributors that a person has.


You get a 20% Check Match of your personally sponsored when you sponsor 2. You get a 10% check match of all of the 2nd level distributors when you sponsor 4.


This is big money from the 2nd level distributors, so do you see the incentive for everyone to sponsor at least 4?


Many have and many will sponsor 15 so that they will get the 10% check matches to the 5th level


Just a Matching check example.


So let's say you have reached your 15 on your 1st level and on average the 15 sponsor enough to average 4 per person on your 2nd level and these on the 2nd level sponsor enough to average 4 per person on the 3rd level and so forth.


By the time this reaches the 5th level you would be matching over 5,000 checks .


And this is only your 5the level in the 9 level unilevel and your income would be beyond belief.



Growth is driven by the product and the www.AlternativeOfChoice.com  question and the desire by everyone to get to at least 4 to get the 10% check match on the 2nd level and eventually get 15 to max out the Check Match income.


But we only need $1000 or $2000/month to change our financial life.


It is so simple!!


So keep Doing a demo a week and/or leave the Magic 65 word BJ Massey script on answer machines of networkers and then ask the www.AlternativeOfChoice.com question to make $100 and $200 weekly pay ‘up front survival income’ and you will defiantly make it.


See the Magic 65 words at www.4find4script.com

Just don’t give up and take many, many, many nos.


Remember that you are only one distributor away from an explosion.


Just a few words about binary plans that you might see. The old big successful companies like Amway, Herbalife, New Skin Melaleuca all use unilevels.


A video on the side at www.4find4payplan.com shows why a pure binary with a 40cv/month volume peaks at $5000/month with a 4 find 4 model. Our unilevel does not peak and goes on to over $6 million/month.


So pure unilevel is where it is at in “State of the Art” plan design.


To counteract this mathematical weakness of binaries, some companies have added a unilevel without you knowing. They do it with a Check match on personal people sponsored.


But even these are week because they don’t have 5 levels of Check Match. And they don't have a "Free" product.  And to pay the check match they must reduce the already poor pay out of the Binary. Paying only on the weak side volume.

It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at www.staged111.com

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