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Great ORU Introduction. Who are the founnders.
The new $5.95/mo Premium business to explode your personal family

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Prior to watching this video, please see www.FunAndSecure.com


Welcome to 


produced by Independent Members

and not the ORU organization. 


Official information is at www.ORUMarket.com  and www.ORUPartners.com  


ORU has a secure internet platform with very valuable tools.


Many will join you because they have the choice of joining as a Free member or as Premium Member for only $5.95/mo. 


As a free member they have the trementdous value of useing all of the platform tools and being paid daily amounts into their My Funds account.



As a Premium member they can withdraw money from their My Funds Account to use anywhere.


You automatically become Premium when your account reaches $5.95. This is used to make you A Premium Member. As a Premium Member you can withdraw daily free money that was put into your My Funds account by the ORU organization and others.

You can also put money into your My Funds to transfer to others with no fees around the world.  


As a Free or Premium member you will get emails each day that notify you to check your MY Funds account to see the amounts added. Having money added to a Free account everyday has never been done before by any organization to our knowledge. 


As these deposits come in daily you will become curious about how to increase these deposits even more. 


The answer is to sign up others for Free or at the Primium Level and to log in daily to use the tools with no cost.

When you sign up Premium Members you get $2.50 put into your My Funds account. 


The way to increase your deposits is by increasing your score. How do you increse your score?


You increase your score by encouraging others to join for Free and by logging in daily to use the tools with no cost.


When 4 people, either start or upgrade to Premium, you will have earned 4 x $2.50 = $10 in your My Funds Account. If you have a Free account this will automatically upgrade you to a Premium account yourself and you will still have $4.05 in your My Funds account.


As you have people join either for Free (Lite) or as Premium, you will see your personal family start to grow.


This increases your ORU Score which will result in higher and higher DAILY deposits into your My Funds account.  


As you bring in more Free or Premium members, it's very possible to see extreamely large daily deposits made into you My Funds account. 


Let's look at potential growth of a personal team with Free members getting Free and/or Premium Members. 


2 could bring in 2 in a month or 10 could bring in 10 in a month but let's look at one example of 4 bringing in 4:  


Your job is to find 4 people in a month and then to help them find 4 people in a month. Your family continues helping 4 people get 4 people until this has been done for 10 months, in this example. 


When you bring in 4 in a month and you help each of these bring in 4 in a month you have a family of 20. Your 4 plus 16. 


Multiply 4 by itself 10 times, representing 10 months, to get a feel for the potential size of your family in 10 months. This is an unbelivable large family and no one has brought in more than 4. 


But even with a smaller personal family, the ORU pay algorithm could bring in daily incomes equal or grater than the incomes of the highes paid people in the country*. *No daily deposit levels are guaranteed or implied. There is no guarantee of income. 


ORU is not MLM. The organization has no published pay charts or promises. 


There are no contracts or promises. Just get in for Free (Lite) or as a Premium member, participate and become encouraged by the daily deposits into your MY Funds account. 


The remainder of this script reflects the understanding of ORU (One Race United) gained by Independent members. 


A group of programmers, engineers, scientist and entrepreneurs have helped many organizations develop Programing and other systems to generate great wealth. 


This group has launched ORU to give back some of the wealth they have accumulated. 


ORU is an enterprise Software and Information Technology network that offers one-stop global social sharing, travel, healthcare, communication, financial, trade and marketing software tools to its members. 


The network was founded to offer its members and subscribers a wide range of tools to succeed in commerce and life. 


Their intent is to grow ORU to a membership of 1 to 2 Billion people. 


By doing this, they will help the many millions of people who are “unbanked” around the world and who are surviving on as little as $2.50/day. 


See a discussion of the background of the founders at the “about us” tab at www.OruMarket.com and at the video above this video




The usage of the tools and systems of the ORU Platform brings money into ORU for distribution to members according to Daily Score. See the video about Daily Score above and the longer program video by ORU. 


The level of the Daily Score is related to the activity of an individual in using the communications and other tools and capabilities of the platform. 


In any case, if an individual does not log into www.ORUMarket.com  or does not use the tools they will still get a daily email which documents an amount deposited into the My Funds account of the individual in ORU. 


Over time, members are encouraged and gain an interest in telling others about the mission and using the internal system to send secure, non-bounce email and individual and group chat messages. This minor usage increases the Daily Score.


Use of the travel, coupon clipping, medical discount cards, free eBay type buying and selling and other features coming also increases the daily score. 


At some point the MY Funds will be high enough that the Free (Lite) member becomes a Paid Primium Member 


Can you imagine having 100 personal Premioum members? That is $250 up front deposited into the My Funds account.  


Just send our videos to as many people as possible and make sure they do the same and followup and watch what happens. 


This is a wonderful, unique process that will help the organization membership to grow to 1 to 2 billion members worldwide. 


Join and watch the tutorial videos at www.ORUPartners.com  


Also join some of the weekly online briefings to ask questions. 


Additional Tips: 


Have you ever wanted a way to effectively build a very large group and have it stay in place? 


Well the  ORU Market and the daily emails with daily pay deposits, even if the member does nothing, could well do it for you. 


But if you want the daily amounts being deposited to rise to a very high level on a daily basis than take a few simple steps to share the following videos:


Prospect 1st with this Google Search Proof Curiosity Call Back (GSPCCB) Video (video by Independent Members) www.FunAndSecure.com  


Let them see www.ORUMarket.com and ask them if they would like to start as Free or get more pay and bennites at the $5.95/mo Premium Membership. 


They will need a cell phone during the signup process because they will be sent a code to use in the signup process. 


After they are signed up send the www.ORUPartners.com and our Independent advocate site www.TheSquirrelVideo.com    


Some of the discount services planned include the paid advertising of big companies (Media Share) that will give score when members watch the advertising videos and the ORU Ride Share that will give score when members take an ORU Taxi ride. 


All Free (Lite) and Premium members can advertise and sell their own products and services with no charge. Members use their MY Funds balances to make purchases from others and there are no transaction fees.


The My Funds can be used to purchase products and services from other ORU advocates around the world with no merchant fees.


My Funds can also be transferred to your to a variety of your own accounts that can receive money such as Pay Pal. 


The advantages to companies 

being members: 


A company can have an account to provide their product or service worldwide and users can pay with My Funds account balances. The company can even pay commissions to its members by way of My Funds Accounts. This avoids the need for merchant account fees. Millions of members of organizations that you know may join your family.


The use of the ORU platform for business is being developed. Ask about business use on the weekly calls. No Merchant fees, No transaction fees or foreign currency fees. Ask about "Media Share" as well.


Sign in as a Free member or Premium Member, but in any case watch the  tutorial videos about the ORU Platform at 



Call the person who sent you this video to get signed in as soon as possible.

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