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Great ORU Introduction. Who are the founnders.
www.LogInAndScore.com How Score Works to give higher free daily pay.


This script reflects the understanding of ORU (One Race United) gained by Independent members. It is not a company product. Official information is at www.ORUMarket.com


A group of programmers, engineers, scientist and entrepreneurs have helped many companies develop Programing and other systems to generate great wealth.


This group has launched ORU to give back some of the wealth they have accumulated. They have established the nonprofit ORU organization and its related foundation.


Their intent is to grow the ORU business and communication platform to a membership of 1 to 2 Billion people.


By doing this, they will help the many millions of people who are  “unbanked” around the world and who are surviving on as little as $2/day .


See a discussion of the background of the founders at the “about us” tab at www.OruMarket.com and at the video above this video - www.TheSquirrelVideo.com


The usage of the tools and systems of the ORU Platform brings money into ORU for distribution to members according to Daily Score. See the video about Daily Score above. 


The Daily Score is related to the activity of an individual in using the communications and other tools and capabilities of the platform.


In any case, if an individual does not log into www.ORUMarket.com or dose not use the tools they will still get a daily email which documents an amount deposited into the My Funds account of the individual in ORU.


Over time, as individuals see this money being deposited every day, they gain an interest in telling others about the mission and using the internal system to send secure, non-bounce email and individual and group Chat messages.


This minor usage increases the Daily Score. Use of the travel, cupon clipping, medical discount cards, free ebay type buying and selling and other features coming also increased the daily score.


At some point the MY Funds will be high enough to allow the Free Lite member to purchase the Visa Debit Card for the one time cost of $34.34.


This card allows My Funds amounts to be withdrawn to the individual Visa Debit card and then be available to use worldwide to deposit or spend as the individual desires.


The $5.95/mo fee for the visa card allows for its operation and also brings even more funds into ORU for distribution to members in the score process.


As individuals introduce members to ORU, this greatly helps multiply the daily score according to a proprietary algorithm.


With enough usage and a big enough personal family the daily amounts could equal or significantly exceed the individuals current income capacities* No guarantees of success are given or implied.


Just register as many free Lite members as possible and help them use the ORU tools and watch what happens.


This is a wonderful, never done before process that will help the organization membership to grow to 1 to 2 billion members worldwide.


Join and watch the tutorial videos at www.ORUPartners.com


Also join some of the weekly online briefings.


Tip. When you join for free at the link given to you by the one who sent you, you will need a cell phone to receive a code by text. The code will be put into the join form to allow the process to be completed and issue your own link to give to others.


Some Additional Thoughts: 


Have you ever wanted a way to effectively build a very large group and have it stay in place?

Well the free signup in ORU Market and the daily emails with daily pay deposits, even if the free member doses nothing, could well do it for you.


But if you want the daily amounts being deposited to rise to a very high level on a daily basis than take a few simple steps to share the following videos:

Prospect 1st with this Google Search Prof Curiosity (GSPC) Video (video by Independent Members)


When people respond and ask questions, you can give this the company site www.ORUMarket.com and this video (video is by Independent Members) 


and your signup link. This is in your back office of www.ORUMarket.com at the Profile Tab. It has your Sharing number included.


We now have an extremely exciting way for members to bring millions of people into their personal ORU family worldwide.


Growth is driven by the  free position in ORU called ORU Lite. When one person introduces 4, 10 or 20 and they do the same, all Free, huge groups can develop.

For each personal referral who obtains the ORU Visa Debit Card, $5 is paid into the MY Funds account. So refer many free members who, at some time change to Premium Member by getting the Visa Debit Card.

Within a members growing group a few may grow their own personal family very large. This benefits the member according to the ORU proprietary sharing model.

There are no contracts and agreements to sign and no guarantees. Just get in and share. 

Have you ever been part of a business and comminution platform that you could join for free and stay free and yet the company would pay you daily for things you do online for free anyway?



Some of the discount services planed include the paid advertising of big companies that will give score when members watch the advertizing videos and the ORU Ride that will give score when members take a ride.

All Lite and premium members can advertise and sell their own products and services free of charge. Members use their MY Funds balances or Quantum to make purchases from others and there are no transaction fees.

Members can increase their My Funds balances by purchase of ADVT credits with their own credit card or debit card. Other members and companies can deposit some of their own My Funds balances into the balances of others with no transaction fees.


Members can help others with the tools and get a score card from those they help. This increases daily score.


The My Funds can only be used to purchase products and services from other ORU advocates around the world. These purchases have no transaction fees. No Merchant accounts.



The advantages to companies

being members:

A company can have an account to provide their product or service worldwide and users can pay with My Funds account balances. The company can even pay commissions to its members by way of My Funds Accounts. This avoids the need for merchant account fees.


The use of the ORU platform for business is creating big opportunities for individuals and companies worldwide. No transaction fees or foreign currency fees.

Companies can advertise and even do special paid advertising with ORU. This is providing funding into the nonprofit ORU company to share with members daily.

So, help us sponsor many advocates worldwide as soon as possible.

Sign in for free so that you can see all of the tutorial videos about the ORU Platform at


Call the person who sent you this video to get signed in for Free as soon as possible.

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