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Frankincense works well for varicose veins.  Just mix 15 – 20 drops with 2 ounces of one of the YL lotions and rub on your legs.  I had a woman use it that has had varicose veins for at least 40 years and they just gradually went away.  Karen 




Hi Sharon

My veins were so purple and noticeable that my grandson thought they were boo boos!  The EODR recommended Helichrysum to help dissolve and reabsorb the congealed/coagulated blood that causes the blue color in the veins.  I've never been able to afford that particular oil so I use whatever blends I have with it in them, usually PanAway.  Then I use Cypress with Lemongrass, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon and Wintergreen.  It only takes 1 drop of each single oil, 3 or 4 of any blend.  I usually mix them together in a few drops of carrier oil.  Aroma Life would be great too, or Aroma Siez and also Citrus Fresh.  My legs feel so much better and the "boo boos" are fading every day.  I apply the oils on the site and smooth gently upward (toward my heart) until dry.  I do this twice a day.  I no longer have to wear support hose every day!  Working toward glamour gams.  Celeste







Use Frankincense.  It reduces the veins very well and also helps with the pain.  I had a client that would rub it around her eyes and then put the extra on her veins and suddenly noticed one day they no longer hurt or were enlarged.  Karen H






Dear Sharon

I witnessed reflexology "curing" this same extreme situation of veins.  Now that I am blessed with Young Living, I use Lemongrass and Cypress on this same individual and now her nightly leg cramps have also vanished.

My reason to mention reflexology is because YL trains with wonderful VitaFlex.  I would choose to do that along with oils!  With excessive bulging though, I would start VitaFlex to the feet first to get that circulation picked up before incorporating the lower leg in later sessions and ever so gently over those veins.  Care'n Boyer Smith






Dear oilers

I have experienced great relief in using Peppermint Oil.  Mix a couple of drops of the Peppermint with a little carrier oil and massage it gently around and above the Varicose veins and it soothes the area greatly.  Hope this helps, Kelli Berglund






Hi Boel

I was told that getting the liver REALLY cleansed will make all those ugly veins disappear from little spiders to big fat varicose!  And from what I was told, they go away rather quickly!  I haven't tried it yet.  Peace and Love, Sally






Dear Oily people

This past Friday a dear friend of mine had surgery.  She had some varicose veins removed.  They made an incision on each end of her leg and stuck a vacuum in there with a "roto-rooter" type attachment, whatever that means, and sucked the veins out.  They really bother her when she is pregnant.  She felt like she needed to have them taken care of before she got pregnant again.  Anyway, we went over to their house on Saturday around noon.  It was a few hours until this sweet lady could take her next pain pill and she was hurting.  She couldn't walk or even move her leg very much.  There was tremendous bruising to the area.  I offered to put some oils on her.  We muscle checked her to see what oils her body wanted and how much of each oil.  She wanted 6 drops of Lavender, 6 drops of Rosemary (diluted), 5 drops of PanAway, 5 drops of Peppermint, 5 drops of Cypress, 5 drops of Black Pepper (diluted) and 3 drops of Lemongrass.  I then put a hot moist towel around her leg and then covered it with a dry one.  She said that her leg got really hot and then it started to tingle.  When her leg started to get cold we took the towels off.  She said that she no longer felt the desire for a pain pill.  The pain wasn't there.  She even felt like maybe she could even walk.  She got up and walked to the bathroom and then walked up the stairs to her bedroom, where she got back into bed because the effort had drained so much of her energy.  But she continued to get better after that.  She applied the oils once again before she went to bed and then again on Sunday.  By Sunday afternoon she was up and moving around all over the house, cleaning and taking care of her three young children.  I am so grateful that Jessica opened her mouth and shared these fabulous healing oils with me.  Thank you again!  Krista







My husband has a family history of horrible varicose veins (vv) so when we saw them start on the backs of his knees we started Aroma Life (for the Helichrysum) and Cypress.  We noticed a difference in two days!  They stopped aching according to him and they visibly shrunk!  He does five drops of Cypress once a day and three Aroma Life and two Cypress the other time on the back of each leg.  I have a friend that had horrible vulvar varicosities (within the pelvic/groin region) and the same treatment worked for her in very few days.  Hope this helps!  Jessica Wild

For what it's worth, I've read or heard some where along the journey that Lavender is also very good for varicose veins.  Cheers, Wendell







Try Helichrysum neet!  I'd also try Cypress and Helichrysum mixed if it were me.  My husband had HUGE veins (runs in his family) on the back of his calves.  Helichrysum one day, Cypress the next for two weeks and you can not even see them!  Good luck!  Jessica Wild







The oil I didn't hear you mention that would be the number one in my mind is Helichrysum.  It, especially in conjunction with Cypress (which strengthens capillary walls), is excellent because it is well-known for dissolving the coagulated blood in the tissue surrounding the vein (which is what causes the blue color).  Joy






A good friend of mine used Ledum on hers and they disappeared.  Nancy Sanderson






In my first 2 pregnancies I experienced significant pain as a result of varicose veins in my legs and genital area.  In my third pregnancy Tiffany recommended an application of 5 ml Young Living Cypress Oil mixed with a 4 ounce bottle of Cel-Lite Magic.  I started using it in the morning before putting on high compression maternity hose and in the evening when I took the hose off.  I would massage it into my feet and then all over my legs concentrating on those areas most affected by the varicosities.  Within just a few days I felt like my pain had significantly decreased, but I was skeptical.

After a week or so I noticed that after dinner I was still able to clear the table, clean up the kitchen and get my other two kids ready for bed.  This was a significant change, because prior to using the Essential Oil, by the time my husband came home from work I was nearly incapacitated from the pain.  In another week or so, I was able to stop wearing my support hose.  The relief was amazing.  Throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I did not have to wear the hose and I was nearly pain free.  I continued to apply the oils a couple times each day.  Since the birth of my baby the veins are nearly invisible - another miracle of Essential Oils.  Thanks Tiffany. 







Your advice made my pregnancy with Anna so much more enjoyable.  Blessings, Marti (3/26/05)







When I was pregnant with my 8th child, a varicose vein became prominent on my inner thigh and ran up into my genitals.  There is a lot of pressure there during pregnancy anyway and it was VERY uncomfortable to downright painful.  I used Cell-Lite Magic Massage Oil with Cypress in it and Helichrysum (by itself) and put it directly on the vein.  The pain was gone and the Helichrysum helps to dissolve the little clots that occur in the walls of the veins.  Helichrysum is also a powerful pain reliever.







I have a friend (male) that has a varicose vein in a very sensitive spot and he has used just the Cel-Lite Magic/Cypress mixture and says that the pain is mostly gone and he only has to use it intermittently now.  Good stuff!  Kathaleen








I have been to the doctor as well and she said there is nothing they could do for my veins.  On my left leg only, they are bubbly and blue and they hurt!  So in the EODR and Essential Oils Guide they recommended Helichrysum and Cypress.  I went through a half a bottle in about 2 weeks thinking this is going to be expensive.  Then I read in the guide that it’s important to alternate the oils used and I found this combo.  Douglas Fir for the pain and to relieve swelling, Lavender - Gary mentioned on a tape that Lavender is good on veins and Cypress because it’s excellent for circulation.  I just got off the Cleansing Trio and have been drinking Berry Young Juice for about 3 months.  In that time I noticed that the parts of the veins that were not bubbly are fading and the bubbly painful blue veins are getting smaller.  I think they are starting to fade as well.

In the morning I add 2 drops of Fir to 6 drops of V6 Mixing Oil (V6 is GREAT for skin issues) and rub lightly up my entire leg, but mainly on the veins and repeat with the other 2 but do them separately.  I still use the Helichrysum at least 2 times weekly just to flush out the deposits.  The guide also said that it will take 3 months to a year to heal.  I definitely see a difference.  Love, Keri








I had Helichrysum used on my veins.  It is amazing.  It is so cool to watch the oil work.  When the oil is applied, the area gets reddish, no pain, some blue-ish, no heat, no cool and the next thing the blue veins are gone.  Sometimes I have a little soreness sometimes not.  It would be a good demonstration oil to get folks interested in using oils.  Enjoy, Rose

Purification and En-R-Gee.  If any of you have followed me, I have bad varicose veins and these are the 2 newest oils I am trying.  I think they are working, better than I think!  When I started using En-R-Gee the pain in the veins went away and the bubbles are starting to fade.  TRY IT!  Keri






I'd use Cypress on those veins.  It made my husband's go away FAST!  Jessica Wild






Hi Valerie

I had tremendous success using Aroma Life and Cypress for varicose veins!  These were in a female region (get my drift) that doctors had told me were inoperable and would just come back.  3 years later after using Aroma Life and Cypress 2 times a day (about 2-3 drops of each) - no pain!  Not even a trace!  Awesome!  Alison

Have her order Pancreas Formula (in caps), Blood Circulation Formula (in caps) and Hawthorne Berry Syrup and Cayenne (powdered, not encapsulated) from Dr. Christopher's herb shop - 888-372-4372.  Have her take 3 caps of Pancreas Formula 3 times a day (9 total), and 3 caps of Blood Circulation Formula 3 times a day (9 total) and one teaspoon of syrup 3 times a day.  This should take care of her in 6 months total - congestive heart failure, diabetes, circulation, varicose veins, etc.  They should all be gone (at least 70%, hopefully 100%) within 6 months.  Robert von







I come from a long line of hereditary Varicose Vein disease and at age 33 was already displaying the infamous exaggerated 'road map' blue cords all over my legs.  Not only were they unsightly and embarrassing for me, but also having the veins is painful and causes leg fatigue.

Fortunately I came across all the uses of Lemongrass in the Essential Oils Desk Reference book and decided to give it a shot.  At first I applied the oil directly to my legs, which caused slight irritation and redness.  Now I dilute 1 part Lemongrass with 4 parts organic olive oil or grape seed oil.  Within minutes my legs are invigorated and the dull, achy vein pain disappears!  Even better, after a couple of months of applying diluted Lemongrass directly to my legs once or twice a week, the actual veins have diminished and are but a fraction of the sight that they used to be. I am no longer embarrassed to wear shorts!  Miriam Lorenzi






Aroma Life has worked wonders for a lot of people with both blue and red veins.  I also like Regenolone for this purpose.  Kathie






Several years ago my then-75-year-old father asked me if essential oils could help with his varicose vein problem.  He had a clump of varicose veins the size of a fist behind his knee.  This clump was continuing to grow.  The doctor was concerned - said something needed to be done so that it didn't continue to grow.  They tried the elastic stockings with mixed success.  Surgery was a possibility but the doctor was hesitant about it since it's only effective 50% of the time and is a very unpleasant surgery.

After consulting the EODR and doing some muscle testing, we settled on a routine of Aroma Life diluted in olive oil, applied every evening.  Additionally, my mother helped him with the Lymphatic Pump every evening after applying the Aroma Life mixture.  Based on information in the EODR, I cautioned him that this was a long-term commitment.

After about 6 months (earlier than I expected), he told me that the varicose vein clump seemed to be reducing.  After a year, it was definitely smaller.  Currently, the varicose vein clump is about 1/3 of its original size.  This has held constant for the last several years.  When he stopped treatment for a couple of days, the clump started to grow again.  Needless to say, he's back on the Aroma Life and the Lymphatic Pump routine.  My father is delighted with his results.  It completely removed the idea of surgery.  The doctor's best hope had been to stop the clump from growing.  He said these kinds of things "never" get smaller!  Yeah, oils!  As a result of this, my father has been willing to try several other oily approaches, with success.  He is now even coming up with his own treatment plans based reading his own EODR!  Rachel






I keep oils on hand for my midwife's patients.  One of the biggest sellers of oils is for varicose veins/vulvar or any kind.  We buy a bottle of Cel-Lite Magic and a 15 ml bottle of Cypress.  We pour as much Cypress into the bottle of Cel-Lite magic as it will hold.  Then morning and night we apply it everywhere it is needed.  I've had women have relief the first night and if the vericosities are severe some women have relief on day three. 



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