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See all instructions at the www.IXQTVSETUP.COM or the link on the first page of www.MyIXQTV.CM


Discussion of whay Smart Tv’s Need Fire stick . The Browser function of smart TVs only gets browser menu. This looks the same as using your computer .

The Web site version used on computers and smart RVs does not have the ixqtv guide.

There is a work around for the TV guide for computers but you need a good fast computer. You can run BlueStacks.com This is an Android emulator. This allows you to run Android apps on your computer. Down load the IXQTV app from the google play store after installing BlueStacks. .

With ixqtv 2.1 the hardware decoder setting makes the internal player work much better.

First Generation Firesticks don’t work well with hardware decoder selected so they will need to stay with software decoder. (read set up instructions to use hardware decoder with later generation Firesticks.)

A lot of local channels are not connected to the internet and it is causing a problem seeing them.

The work around is to Buy a digital antenna for about $25 to get good local channels.

The features of IXQTV are not meant to be a complete “cut the cable solution” Keep your basic service or get a digital antenna.

International sales of IXQTV works as long as the country allows Ewalet . Some don’t allow this.

Ketchup works best with VLC player or turn off hardware decoding

Reminder to download the Telegram and search for myixqtv to see current announcements such as where current pay for view programs can be seen through the UK channels.



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