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Best Current Webinar For the Total Program

Contact the person who sent you to get your sign for your car.

This can more than offset the cost of your 

"Virtually Free" $49.95/month Pro Perks Subscription.

More Information for later study:

This is a site our team has for our members describing the 15 health products: www.ProPerksHealth.com


This is a web site our team has with a typical example of saving $75/month by putting a sign advertizing our business on your car: www.DontDriveAnotherMileWithoutIt.com


This is a web site for the amazing VStream 3 www.ThePowerfulVS3.com

Savings Testimonials

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Also, here are just three of many of the Savings examples as a Pro Perks Subscriber:

#1 after 6 months, purchase $400 VStreams for $139

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Great health products at 50% discount www.ProPerksHealth.com

    Google Search Proof (GSP) description of VS3 www.FreeCableNews.com

Webinar Description of VS3 www.ThePowerfulVS3.com

How to make money with Vstream and Pro Subscription www.NoTrainingRequired.com

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Bombshell Rewards Program

 Pro Rewards program plus make $100 when a new pro buys their 1st VStream at any time.

This announcement from the company is huge. A lot of $100 checks coming your way and the ability to buy as many VStreams as you would like at $139 each for resale at the suggested retail of $419!! This is $280 profit for each.
The new $100 first purchase commission process: When a Pro signs up and buys a vstream they pay $279.95 (which includes the $49.95 pro subscirption for that month) and you make $100.
If the new pro does no buy the VStream when they first sign up you make $12/month from the 30% level one commission.
But when they buy their 1st Vsteam at any later time, (1, 4, 19 of any month later) you still net $100 that month. When they buy their first Vstream it will be $239.95 (40cv is paid upline).

This is how the $100 is calculated. You get the $76 Pro Perks bonus plus 30% of 40cv ($12) for a total of $88. Then add the $12 for the Pro subscription that month for a total of $100.
Then they buy all their future VStreams according to how long they have been a pro according to the rewards table: $219 for VStreams in month 1 to 3, $179 for Vstreams in month 4 to 6 and $139 for Vstreams beyond month 6.
What a great way to Reward Pros to always stay as Pros..
If you have been a pro ($68.50 or $49.95 per month) for 6 months or longer, you can now order as many Vstreams as you would like at only $139. Use or resell the VStream you buy at $419 to make a $280/sale. These also carry a $20cv in the pay plan.
With this rewards program, if you have been a pro for less than 6 months just keep you program and work up the line for the $219 and the $179 price.
More details on the Saturday Training at 11am EST.

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