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VIPTV Call Recording Locations

Noon Saturday “Call to Action” Calls (recognition, motivation) (C454) www.NoonSaturday.info

Saturday Night Live Calls, 9pm EST (testimonies and celebrities) (C455) www.LeadersSaturdayNightLive.com

Tuesday night Corporate Webinars and "High Heel Tuesdays" , 9pm EST (C401 G401A) (recognition, motivation, testimonials)  www.OneAMonth.biz

Some of the “3 a day” Seven days a week sizzle calls, Noon, 6pm, 9pm all EST  (C448)  www.LearnOurProduct.net 



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Must listen to the new Independent Distributor Pay Plan video at www.TwoAtAnyDepth.com


See addtional Webinars below at Group 401A. You can also visit our "Training and Library Web Site" at


This site has may videos to be used for prospecting for sales and other Business Partners such as www.CableNews.News  


9 minute VIPTV Demo Video 


Group 401A - Tuesday Webinars and "High Heel Tuesdays with Ericka Harris.

G401C noon Saturdays Corporate Announcements and Training

Owning this technnology can literally save you as much as

$50 to over $400/Mo off of your cable TV bill.  

"No Contract" "No Credit Check" "No Cancellation Fees" 




Welcome to the launch of this technology product in the $2.2 trillion entertainment industry. 


This is brought to you by our

18-year-old company.


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