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This also works great as a

fundraiser for churches and groups. 


This message is from Independent Distributors with this 20 year old company.





When you shop, use our great discount system with over 700,000 stores and services including the 100% low price guarantee travel booking engine. 


Also use the "Extra Cash Back" app at many of these same physical and online stores and "Double Dip".

Get an average additional 5.4% cash back after all other discoucts and points on the credit card you use. 


When people see you using the 2 apps on your telephone they will ask questions and you can send them to you web site. 


They will signup for the "Virtually Free" membership just like you.


They will also love the 2 additional bennefits included below. When you refer these people and they remain active, you get $10/mo.  


With 50 you would be at $500/mo. $500/mo, even if you retired and quit telling people at the check out counter about your discounts using your phone.  


The 2 other  major benefits associated with this "virtually free" membership are:

1st - access to major health coverage benefits.



2nd - Special software for credit repair and instructions on how to accomplish credit card dept reduction. 


To repeat, for each active referral

You get $10/mo.


50 active referrals x $10 is $500/month. 

You also get 20% match of the residual income of all of your personals.

You can also qualify for the $5,000/mo Lifestyle bonus. 


Call the person who sent for more information. 

*Incomes are not guaranteed. Some make it, some don't.