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2019-07-27 Webinar also announces the Key Word Text Management System
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Your Group might expand very well because we pay each distributor  $10/mo for every personal active subscriber of the $39/mo - 6000 channel IXQTV subscription. 

Let your TV make your Car

and house payment*.

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For the First time in the industry, IXQTV has a “full up” Text Management Prospecting Duplication System.

Everyone Needs to Use this

automatic text building tool. 


Cost is only $29/mo.


You tell your audience or prospect that to get a free trial and information they need to:


Text you User Name such as xymetcv to 844-944-0916.


The system tracks the people and lists them in you back office for follow up.


(Data is good for your tax deduction records)


The system Sends one of your free trials.


The system notifies you of each action it and your prospect take with suggestions.


The system sends out your signup link to your prospects.


The system sends out professional videos over a few weeks period if they do not signup right away.


You Get $10/mo for each customer. 3 customers pays for the system.


Downline use the system and your team can really grow on full automatic to potentially very large numbers. . The more who text your User Name such as xmttzi the better your chances. 

Marketing Material

Past Webinars 

2019-04-06 Great Tip for vendor events, Marsha Hadley 2 Star promotion, Kelly Tolar 1 Star Promotion., Cory Sampson


2019-05-11 81 Year Old Lee Wade and her success story. Antoine Sewell , Rabu Gary, Marsha Hadley
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Important update Summary 2019-03-09 Marketing material plus Saturday Ask The Tech Expert Training 41m44s
2019-01-26 Saturday testimonials Roger Kamora (sp) Marsha Hadley Kelley Tolar
2019-01-05 Desmond Hines, Randy Crosbey, George Scott Testimonials.
2018-12-29 Testimonials Marsha Hadley, Kelly Tolar, Allan Hardel and Blair Bremner Close 19m21s

Ask The Tech Expert

General Tips

2019-05-11 3 parts General Overview Tips, Telegram, Cinema HD
New App to download for Firestick and Android devices IXQTV 2.1 2019-05-15

Ask The Tech Expert Questions

2019-03-16 Great Tech Summary. Football example
2019-01-19 Ask Tech Expert. New Windows App etc
Items Covered in Ask The Tech Expert recording below:
Taking categories, you don’t want to see off the list
Audio video Sync
Need for good router
Telegram link
How to add to Favorites                                                       
How to record
Default player to watch Catch up function
Blue stacks for laptop so it looks like fire stick and not the web application.
Set up instructions on ixqtv web site and walk through.
Email support with questions on channels missing on needed to add.
How to sort channels in favorites a to z etc.
NBC Gold Package is on IXQTV
UK ketchup great content Disney material 
VYSOR.IO TO USE go to meeting to show on computer through a fire stick . Stream your fire stick through your computer.
2018-12-29 Blair Bremner Ask The Tech Expert Speedify VPN ETC 18m50s
From 2018-12-15 Longer recording Ask Tech Expert Telegram notifications - Speed test video groups and speed required. ----- Download Telegram app on your cell phone then go to: T.me/myixqtv