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How to find unlimited realestate agents

and recruit them.


see the video above to find contact information and then use this script:



 “THE PERFECT” 30 Second to pitch realestateagents 


1. Greeting: 

JOHN? Hey John it’s “Your First & Last Name” calling you from my home office here in “Your City and State”. 


2. Connecter: The purpose of my call is that we have something in common which is experience in the direct sales industry. 


3. Relaxer: 

I’m not calling to give you a sales pitch or to waste your time. im just calling to ask you a quick question.


Question: is it possible you might be open to looking at any additional opportunities and if your answer is yes. I would be more than happy to send you some free information. 

If YES: Ask for or confirm their email and send them your information also text them as well. 

If NO: thank you for your time and have a nice day.


Potential Question: Can You Tell Me A Little About The Company 


Sure, Im with Vstream a an year old company and what we do is show consumers how to make and save money with the industry we are associated with. 

What I’d like to do is send you a email and a text with a few important bits of information and schedule a followup call to see If you want to get started or have questions. Is that ok with you? Confirm Email and Schedule Follow up Call. “SET THE DATE”!!!!


5. The Follow Up Call: 

Hi John. It’s “First Name” from Vstream getting back to you on the information I sent you the other day. Did you have a chance to view the information? Great John what did you like best about what you saw? 

Let the prospect speak until they are finished… then say to them..


“Great John sounds like your ready to get started”… This is a statement and not a question… He’s now forces to say YES or NO right then and there.. Now if they says no you say … “OK john is there any more information i can provide for you or questions that I can answer for you so that Im not wasting anymore of your time?”


A. They Are Ready to Get started 

Great Lets get you in the system. Give them your link to join. vstreamtv.com/username 


6. Leaving a Voice Message: 


Hello John My name is “First and Last Name calling you from my home in City/state the purpose of my call I ran across one of your realtor listings and have a quick question to ask you.


Question: is it possible you might be open to looking at any additional opportunities and if you answer is yes I would be more than happy to send you some free information. 

B.j. Massey



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