Introducing Sharenode
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The Golden Egg

The Goose That Continues To Lay The Golden Egg!

 Imagine thousands of businesses migrating their operations into a continuously growing, fully inter-connected blockchain eco-system.


The Sharenode coin will EARN the coins of EVERY company in that blockchain eco-system. CONTINUOUSLY.

It's the difference between buying the Golden Egg (any other crypto) or buying the Goose that continues to lay Golden Eggs.

Which would you rather have?

The answer is obvious.

When you buy a crypto, you're hoping it goes up in value right?

Well, what if you could buy a crypto that both goes up in value AND throws off earnings from multiple sources continuously?

That's the ShareNode TOKEN. It's like a digital apartment building that keeps producing more and more digital rent payments every month.

Nothing for you to do except collect the digital currency.

When you buy the Sharenode TOKEN, you've entered a crypto eco-system that is unlike anything that exists in the crypto space.

It's the next generation, and this is the beginning!

The price of the token increases in value by 10 cents with every new company that tokenizes in the NASGO blockchain.

That price increase is built into the platform - it is NOT subject to market fluctuations.

After that you will find out why it will be $1, $5, $10 and WAY more over the next weeks and months.

Companies are lining up to tokenize in the NASGO blockchain eco-system, especially Asian Companies.

Imagine what happens when hundreds and eventually thousands of companies are in the NASGO eco-system.


(even though you CAN earn substantial bitcoin or Ethereum if you want to share this with others) 

This is the blockchain evolution; own Sharenode tokens and take advantage of their earning power forever!

 Claim your own Goose that lays Golden Eggs while you still can come in while the price is low!


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Introducing ShareNode Powered by NASGO!

ShareNode: NASGO has created a strategy on how your business can participate on the Blockchain!

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