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I can send you a private Invitation to join United Games,

Just let me know your email address:


Glen Brink

glenbrink (at) yahoo dot com

1 303 442 6460


"I know I can help you build an online home business easily" ... G.B.
Glen Brink
work from home team leader

Sharing Videos is a great way to attract attention.  We allow you to do this automatically.  We help you attract viewers for:

  • Your content 
  • Your social media
  • Your website
  • Your blog 
  • Your affiliate sites


I know I can help you build an online business easily.  I specialize in automated marketing tools.  We will not waste your time.  Let me know when you are ready to go!


Glen Brink





Get quality targeted visitors from your own automated website like this one!

Do you have a website you're promoting and want more traffic?  

  • How about your affiliate page?  Do you know how many people visited your replicated web site last week?
  • Let me show you the thousands of visits I get on my page every week using my automated system.
  • Maybe you're promoting "you" and need more traffic driven to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account?


 What Are Stages?

Stages are attractive one page websites that feature proven, high-traffic YouTube videos and multiple advanced marketing and lead capture devices fully customized to you.

 How It Works

For each video you leverage a new Stage is created that is uniquely branded to your company or product offer. Staged then sends out a link with your personal message to a targeted audience in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn -- the top social media sites -- automatically!

 No SPAM! No Disappointment!

Every time your Stages are auto-posted you know your branding, ads, banners and lead capture devices are being delivered to your targeted audience in a subtle, cool and fun way - over and over, every day.

Get started Now with our Premium Membership


"I know I can help you build an online home business easily" ...  G.B.


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