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Enjoy these health products to support your health.*

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This site is by the Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC. (Bob Peterson) Independent Distributors.


We have several edited clips on the side and bottom of this page with information about the Nutronix/NXRGlobal

health products*


These can be ordered at retail pricing from the person who

sent you to this page.


You can refer others as a

Free Apprentice Distributor and receive 20% of the CV (commissionable value) of the products even if you don’t buy any of them yourself.


If you would like to order as a Pro Distributor you can order all of the Health products at a 50% discount.


You also receive large discounts on

The vStream Media Centers and access to discounts on our

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When you refer others as a

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Details about this pay plan are at www.4find4payplan.com


*None of the products offered on any of our Web Sites have been reviewed by the FDA. None of the products are meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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Site by Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC (Bob Peterson) . You can only order from the site given to you by the person who referned you
2nd group of vides have Travel, shopping savings and more health.
NT G16 See Health Product Videos Below* and in 2nd group Tavel and Shopping Saveings and more Health