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Read This and Be Amazed.

With the words below we will give you encouragement to say yes and to do the work required for a few hours a week to kick off the process to have a huge business starting with just 2 other participants.

Just work to find 2 who feel and act like you do. See the table below.

As you find people to enjoy our huge life support products you find some who want to be distributors and work to find only 2 others who also want to find only 2 other distributors.

The potential incomes are huge*

The cost for the distributorship including your own personal product is only $100/mo.

You are finding people who want to be in business for $100/mo with the real potential of having a business income of over $100/mo in 2 or 3 months.

And then everything from them on is profit as your business grows from the activity of others.

They even work while you are sleeping.

The growth could be to possibly huge numbers*.

For example, just multiply $1 to you for each person in your group.

See in the table below that the math shows the penitential of a million people in our group in only 20 months if each person takes one month to find their own 2.

With this process you will find customer who don’t want to work to find their 2 but only enjoy the product.

You receive monthly income from these customers from deep depth in the organization.

But the true outstanding big potential incomes comes for each person finding only 2 distributors who work to find their 2 distributors.

Pay close attention to this model to get 1 million distributors in your business in only 20 months.

This is the multiplication table to study and be totally amazed. We are just talking about the 2x or 2 get only 2 table with 1 million* in the 20th level of month. 


Take a month of work to convince only 2 others to be distributors for $100/mo who also do the work to find only 2 others.

Many people will tell you “no” I don’t want to do the work.

So your job is to thank them and ask them if they just want to use the products and then move to the next person to find only 2.

Many of the people who tell you “no” try to discourage you. They want you stay in boiling water with them. They just don’t understand and think they know it all.

This is human nature.

But when you don’t quit you will enjoy the huge benefits that tens of thousands enjoy with this duplication multi-level marketing model.

The people who try to stop you just call it a pyramid and that you won’t succeed.

Their inaction leaves many people to contact and room for you to succeed.

You can call them later to show them your results.

You can be one of them. If you make up your mind no one can stop you.

*Growth is not guaranteed. Incomes are not guaranteed. See the income disclaimer from the company. So many people can’t stand hearing no’s and they quit. So only the ones who support their team and keep asking can succeed. They then can join the 10,000 of thousands of others who have succeeded in this industry over the years. Many of them had no chance of succeeding with other business models that require them to look good and come the right background. They could not succeed because of the huge up front income investment and the huge amount of time being training and graduation for schools.

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You can do very well to build a 2 by 2 or any configuraion up to a 6x6 and beyound. Many distribuors have well over 20 on their 1st level.

A 2 x 2 means you get 2 at $100pv/mo and they each do the same. You only need $1000pv outside of the 2 legs to fully qualify.

A 2 x2 provides thousands of dollars per month at the Silver level. Much more with 3x3 and up*.


A 2 x 7 at 100pv/disributor gives the 2 legs of over $6,000 ($4,000 required) for silver at at level 7. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 2 geneations of silvers. 

A 3 x 5 at 100pv/distributor gives the 3 legs of over $8,000 ($6,000 required) for Gold at level 5. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 3 geneations of silvers. 

A 4 x5 at 100pv/distribuor gives the 4 legs of over $26,000 ($8,000 required) for Platinum at level 5. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 4 geneations of silvers. 

A 5 x 5 at 100pv/distributor gives 5 legs of over $62,500 ($15,000 required) for Diamond at level 5. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 5 geneations of silvers. 

A 6 x 6 at 100pv/distributor gives 6 legs of over $20,000 for Crown Diamond at Level 4. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 6 geneations of silvers. 

A 6 x 6 at 100pv/distributor gives 6 legs of over $129,000 ($35,000 required) for Royal Crown Diamond at Level 5. Gives 3% on levels 2 to infinity through 6 geneations of silvers plus 1% on generation 7.

*See the company income disclaimer and data on how many actualy reach these levels. See that there are a number of Royal Crown Diamonds. 

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Duplication, Einstine called it the Eighth Wonder of the world.

Diamond to Royal Crown Diamond


3 months of higher percentages 

to get you started:


Earn a generous 25% bonus  on your new, personally enrolled members’ orders during the first three calendar months!

For example $25/mo on $100/mo orders for 3 moths then to normal 8%. (limith $200/mo)

On the new personals of your Second-level enrollers earn 10% on the newly enrolled members’ orders. For example $10/mo on $100/mo orders for 3 months then to normal 5%. (limith $80/mo)