2019-07-25 Part 2 Q&A free trial system Thursday webinar Brian Spangler 16m12s (C767 G767A PrZv) dxkmju
Q&A from the Text Management Prospecting System Announcement


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See our Independent Business Partner review of the great announcement about the new "Text Management Prospecting System" at:







Please get this video to everyone in your group.

Also get our system using this tool to everyone:




Many Prospects will also join you and help build because they now have access to this new system.




For the First time in the industry, IXQTV has a “full up” Text Management Prospecting Duplication System.

Everyone needs to use

this new system.

Cost is only $29/mo.

You tell your audience or prospect that to get a free trial and information they need to

Text Your User Name (such as xmytvm) to 844-944-0916.


The system tracks the people and lists them in you back office for follow up.


(Data is good for your tax deduction records)


The system Sends one of your free trials.


The system notifies you of each action it and your prospect take with suggestions.


The system sends out your signup link to your prospects.


The system sends out professional videos over a few weeks period if they do not signup right away.


You Get $10/mo for each customer. 3 customers pays for the system.


Downline use the system and your team can really grow on “full automatic” to potentially very large numbers. The more who use this system, the bigger your residual checks.

Video Posting Tool

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