Powerful "Roll up" Unilevel Pay Plan, Bob Bremner, Executive Co Founder of World Life Style Group 8m 21s (C909 G909 QGtw) dujtif



It is about your powerful

monthly pay income.

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The PDF pay plan is at this site. 

Can you belive it?

$22/mo in the example below for everone in that line below

the 9th level.

And $159/mo for only 13 people in the leg one group.


The examples below are for only one Of Our

Two Powerful Shopping Apps.

This is extra cash back after all Coupons, Credit Card Points and Other Discounts Are Applied.

Weekly/Monthly Shopping Boss Specials

Sample Receipts

Extra cash back at Long Horn Steak House

7, 500 mile oil change at Jiffy Lube

This person saved 15% with the Pro Perks app - $6.50. They got points on their Visa Marriot card then an extra 8.1% - $3.21 by using the "Extra cash back" app. The total  discounts wer over 23% discount. 


Home Depot with helper.


The lady below read my gift card code to make the purchase at home Depot 

Home Depot Nice one. In addition to points on his credit card.


Purchased a CVS a Gift to give to a friend.

Purchased as a gift to give to a Co Worker

Purchased as a gift to give to a Co Worker

Kohl's purchase 2019-09-12

Chipotle Sep 18, 2019


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