2018-02-20 Monday We are Pioneers Preston Gaymon Derrick Williams Brian Jenkins jiwa (C375 G375b RuYu)v

www.2Atanydepth.com is the 18 minute video on the pay plan

www.TwoAtAnyDepth.com is the Brian Jenkins story of how he foud VIPtv

Below is Great Pay Plan Presentation by Marsha Hadley,

Team Diamond.

Also there is the a discussion of the pay plan, in detail, by Twanzell Williams and Bob Peterson. Taken from the

"Saturday Night Live" November 11th Recording. 

This is not a prospecting web site. It is a "Library" web site with links to many educational videos below. 

Don't forget the 3 minute video www.The32Plan.com as a main process to get your subscription for free and build a hunge monthly residual income

as other copy you.

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Group 399 Google Seach Proof Videos for your Post Cards, Flyers and Blind emails  www.CableNews.News

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