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How to Instantly Read People,

an Underrated Ability

Odds are, you're largely unaware of just how powerful this is - and how quickly it can allow you to size others up. Some do it subconsciously, almost like a sniffing dog, but many don't realize this ability is sitting right in the palm of their hand.



Humans are largely not aware of their olfactory powers, which serve many purposes; newborn babies have strong olfactory responses

Experts think when we shake hands with a new person, we use our sense of smell to size them up

Plants use odors to attract bees for pollination and to warn other plants about pests

Dogs have amazing olfactory abilities because of their large noses, which can even detect cancer

Most of what we think is taste actually comes from our sense of smell

We humans do not appreciate our sense of smell. Compared to other senses like vision and hearing, we tend to ignore the information from our sense of smell with the exception of flowers, food being prepared and, of course, those lucky people who have discovered aromatherapy.


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