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2016-08-26 vA

Introduction: This is Bob Peterson, Independent Member of the 17 year old nxrGlobal/vStream Company.

Please listen to this video as often as you need to so that you can fully understand the impact of what you are going tho hear. We belive that this information could alow you to finally realize whatever finacial success that you may have dreamed about. 


Thank you for taking the time to review this historically important discussion of how builds of Members within a unilevel plan occure backed up by the push from a 5 level Check Match unilevel.


You have time to let the build of your teams occure because you also have over $100/order "up front" survival income.


Many that you direct to us will discover our fantastic products, visit our webinars, and listen to this presentation and you are off to the races.


Our Very Unique

"Push-Pull" Compensation Plan.


The Table for our unilevel plan below sets the stage for understanding the power of our 5 level Check Table which follows it.


You can enroll as many as you would like on your level one in our infinity deep 9 level "no breakeaway" unilevel structure" but let's look at just 4 find 4.


This is what a unilevel looks like. Your Sponsor has 7 on their 1st level. You have 6, the orange, on your 1st level. In our mathmatical example you would only have 4 to start with.


One of your orange has 3 on your 2nd level and 5 on your 2nd level, the yellow. This build by each Member goes on to infinty deep as each populates their own 1st level. As you qulaify for higher ranks, you are paid on each level to a guaranteed 9 levels in a "No Breakaway" manner. See more about this is at one of the videos on the side.


In our 4 find 4 model below you are natually qualified for commission on all 9 levels no matter the rank of anyone in the structure. 


With each member enrolling only 4 other members at the $40/month cv level, the monthly income grows to an outstanding $710,000*/month at the 9th level of growth. Levels do not have to be filled to receive income on each level.


Just multipy the percentage pay on each level by the number of members times 40cv and add the numbers together to see growh per level.


This is the "historic" part of our discussion as it relates to the build within a unilevel. This is "historic" becuse, to our knowledge, this is the first time anyone has ever discussed the power of "level averaging" within a unilevel as is supports a 4 find 4 build vertically.


Averaging growth on every level allows for the required number of members to be found so that full vertical growth to the 9th level can occure.


This is how it works:


You need to visulize that the 4 on your 1st level only need to average finding 4 each to populate your 2nd level with 16 so that your 3rd level can be populated to 64 by the 16. 


This is what horizontal level aveaging means: some of the 4 workers on your first level  will find zero, some will find 2, some will find 4,  but some will find 10 or more.


This means that on aveage the 4 on your 1st level will get help for others on your 1st level as far as their contribution needed for each of the 4 to average finding 4 workers for your 2nd level.


This then allows the model to work becuase you now have enough members on your 2nd level, that is 16, to allow the calculation to continue. 


Each of the 16 will now average 4 in the same fassion, as they get help for their contribution of 4 from the rest of the group of 16.



With horizontal averaging in this fassion, the 4 find 4 growth model vertically remains in tact and allows proper mathmatical vertical growth.


Because this is a unilevel pay plan, if the 4 workers you were conting on did not bring the average up to 4 for each, then you would need to enroll a 5th or a 6th on your 1st level to get the average up to 4 finding 4 for the 2nd leve to have 16.


You can only help the build in this manner because this a unilevel plan which allows for an infinity number of members on each level.


So you are not haulted, in terms of some members not working, and you can actully find the number of workers need on each level for the mathmatical 4 find 4 model to be calculated so that you can demonstrate the $710,000/mont at the 9th level. 


With this thinking of "aveage" performance on each level, you will find, mathmatically, that the $710,000/month will be significantly exceeded because there are so many more members sponsored wide. You will also see, in just a moment that their is a great reward, in terms of 5 level of Maching checks, for Members to sponor 4, then 6 then 10 and finally 15.


Virtical Spikes or Vertically building legs: Another reality of network growth in a unilevel plan is that, as each worker on each level is building their 4 find 4 structure wide on each level, verical spikes will be building very deep automatically. For example Mary finds Joe, Joe finds Jane, Jane finds Sue, Sue finds Jim and on and on in vertical lines of enrollment.





To take advantage of providing you income from this natural automatic vertical growth, our unileve has a very unique vertical infinity pay structure. 


This infinty pay structure compensates you for volume of sales made very deep while your Levels above level 9 are building wide. 


You can see more details about this income from infinty deep at one of the side videos at www.4find4payplan.com .


Later in this discussion you will see additional income from these naturally occuring vertical enrollment spikes in our 5 level  Matching bonus system.


We must also add additional income to our $710,000/month mathmatical calculation because many people, each month, are buying additioanl vStream and health products and you are paid on all of the cv of these purchases.


Some of our Members are receiving monthly residual checks of over $2000/month with only 250 members ordering.


Now that we have seen the huge income potential in the unilevel we must now calculate and add the contribution to our income from the 5 level Check Matching Structure. This income develops naturally as our 4 find 4 model of growth is taking place. 


As we will discuss in a moment , with just 3 out of 5 possible levels of Matching Checks this same 4 find 4 build model yields an outstanding additional $6,000,000/month* . The math for this is at a side video at  www.4find4payplan.com 


These large Matching Check numbers come about becuase we are Matching Checks displayed in the unilevel table below.




Monthly Sales Quota is very small: Your own personal sales quota, to receive these monthly residual incomes, is to participate in our "Virtualy Free" $49.95/month Wholesale Shoppers "Pro Perks" discount program. No matter what rank you achive this "Virtually Free" $49.95/month never increases.


At www.4find4payplan.com and our Tuesday webinars, attended on average, by over 200 members, you will see why we use the word "Free" .


Our "Up-Front, $200/order Survival income" is critical to our growth model. "The Up-Front $200/order Survival Income"  allows you the time to wait for your teams to grow to a level that will replace these  "Up-Front" commissions. 



  As your unilevel grows, you have a desire to earn check matches on the unilevel income of other members in your growing unilevel so you enroll 2 and then 4 members.

As others in your unilevel do the same this drastically increases the size of

your unilevel structure.


This unilevel growth results in more members deeper and increases your desire to enroll even more members, 6, then 10 then 15 so that you can match unilevel checks even deeper.

As others in your unilevel enroll more and more members to earn deeper Matching unilevel checks in their own unilevel, your unilevel grows even larger, delivering even more monthly residual income. 


This cycle goes on and on as a self motivated reward system leading to very large up front survival income and monthly residual income to just about any level that you may desire.


I am Bob Peterson, Independent Member of the 17 year old nxrGlobal/vstream company. Retired from a 45 year career with the Federal Government and I like huge compensation plan ideas.


 The very large monthly residual incomes from the unilevel discussed above are the residuals that you can match 5 levels deep with these "no breakaway" percentages - Level 1 20%, Gen2 through 5 10% .


 These potential Matching Checks are huge and in and of themself they could well exceed the income from the huge unilevels incomes.


This is a win win compensation plan and why we call this plan the :


"Push-Pull Guaranteed Growth Compensation Plan" 


"The growth of the unilevel feeds the desire to qualify for deeper

Generations of Matching Bonuses by increasing Enrollments

and the increased Enrollments feeds the growth of the unilevel"


 Let me give you the simple exciting expanation by using this chart:



When you enroll 2 Members you will get a 20% match of their unilevel residual Check. When one or two of them make $1000/month you will make $200/month for each.


When you enroll 15 members you get matching checks 5 levels deep with full compression. 


Do you see why 4 find 4 is not that unrealistic with our Plan?