2020-02-04 NL/NA conf call 17m35s (C1173 T4us)nnn

Call the person who sent you to get your highest spot in the 2 x 20 million dollar matrix for only  $12.50/month through the 2x2 Gateway Matrix. Your income could rapidly cover this and maybe a car payment as everyone gets 2 or your uplines and downlines get 10 or over 100.

(Clear Browing History to make sure you see the current video.) 


2 by 2 $12.50/month Gateway

Generates The Magic.




2 by 20 Million-Dollar

Pay Matrix 


  In addition to the income per person in the chart above, all of the personals of a member, and their personals and their personal etc. go onto a "multimillion-dollar", 5 level deep unilevel of matching bonuses. 

*No Particular Income levels are guaranteed.