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Draft Residual Donations Appeal Letter jhrd

Donations are important for the services provided by (name your organization). See the (name your organization) mission video above.

To help meet the mission of (name your organization) we are embarking on a “Residual Donations” campaign that could grow to a steady monthly residual donation base of $6,000 to $10,000/Mo and then growing to $100,000/Mo or more.

Supporters of (name your organization) already buy health products and subscribe to TV services.

By our supporters redirecting spending on a monthly basis, (name your organization) would benefit and our supports could save money as well.

A 20-year-old company “Nutronix International” would be the provider of the products and TV services on a monthly basis.

Products and TV services are provided without contract and the monthly orders could be cancelled and restarted at the option of each individual participant.

Health Products:

There are a variety of health support products, but one in particular to help people with metabolism and sugar problems is Metabolic Balance. The price is only $40/Mo. This provides $6/Mo to (name your organization).

With 1000 supports and their friends participating, this would be $6,000/Mo donation to (name your organization). This could grow, over time to 10,000 supporters for $60,000/Mo donations.

With other products selected, each individual could be providing $25/Mo or higher monthly donation.

Study the product line at (name your organization) ordering link www.PYURGlobal.com/   the UN of (name your organization).

Additional videos about the products are at 


TV Services:

There is streaming TV service available that offers over 8,000 channels which include HBO, Stars, Cinemax and Epic, major college and professional sports for almost all team, religious programing, Children programing, international channels and more.

There are no contract or credit checks required or cancellation fees. The service operates on TVs using a Firestick device and directly on laptops, computers, iPads and other portable smart phones.

A full description is at the site to sign up: www.BuyIXQTV / the UN of (name your organization). The subscription is only $39/Mo. The Collage receives $10/Mo donation.

With 1000 supports and their friends participating, this would be $10,000/Mo monthly donation to the collage. This could grow, over time to 10,000 supporters for $100,000/Mo donations.

Some supporters may subscribe to both the health products and TV service.

If you are a church or group supporting (name your organization), please pass this video and the (name your organization) signup links to you congregation.

Go ahead and make your choice to order or join now for at least 30 days to

Thanks you for your support.

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