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This announcement went out concerning site maintenance about

6 pm EST March 3rd 

Okay, we had a small glitch with MESH (merchant) and new Bonus feature (fixed) so to avoid so many support tickets and confusion we will keep the site under maintenance until this is resolved.
"People are paying, sometimes twice because you're returning an error from your end at the end of the process. You may need 
to have the IT person whitelist our IP addresses" MESH  


Folks, this is nothing major so we should be up and running again soon. We just can't afford to mess up with these extra payments and if this applies to you, do not worry, the extra payment will be refunded.
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Pay Plan Details. Video produced by independent member leaders - 10 minutes.

Will be updated with the new announcement shortly


This site is by independent distributors of the

Million Dollar Matrix.  

The Million Dollar Matrix membership is $12.50 (prepaid for 2 months) and is normally only a one-time charge with no drafting of charge cards.

This is because of the rapid build-up of income prior to the 2nd payment in 2 months. 

It is a stand-alone program with no requirement to also be a member of our companion memberships called Networkers List. 

March 2nd 5pm Eastern
Announcement for Million Dollar Matrix.
These are also at the news tab in your back office. 
 On the call tonight, March 2nd, Tuesday, 8:30 pm EST, we
will announce a huge innovation to explode your business.

You will want everyone on this call who normally doesn't see
these announcements. Hit the phones. (call in # is below)

March Madness Schedule of pre-launch activities.
March 3rd Wednesday Noon EST: Pre-build ends and
payment period begins. No more signups will be allowed.

The payment period will be from March 3rd to March 7th.
During this 4 day period, all free members who would like
to keep their downline or receive any possible spillover, need
to log in and pay their $25 membership. There will be no
auto payment of memberships from anyone’s debit or credit

We anticipate that members will have $25 of earnings or more,
before the 2 month $25 is due again. $25 will always be kept
in the balance account to automatically pay the month 2 membership.
See the simple steps of the payment process below.

Our processor company, MESH collects a small fee.
Your cost will be $28.70. This extra cost is counterbalanced
because new members will get their pay quicker
visa debit card for free.

International members, as well as US and Canada members pay using 3 different crypto coins. International must use one of 3 crypto coins.

This should be a one-time payment because any
future payments needed can be made with Renewal
Credit or any balance on their Pay Quicker Debit card.

March 7th, Noon EST:  The payment period ends.

March 8th to 10th: No new members can be registered
as the activation process takes place.

March 10th, Wednesday Noon EST:  SignUp the world
with a plan and product concept that is copyrighted and
never seen before.

Withdrawals: On noon March 10th, withdrawal of balances
begins for those who have Pay Quicker accounts.

Application for Debit card: On Wednesday, March 10th,
members will begin to receive invitations from Pay Quicker
to apply for their Visa Debit Card. If you already have a
 Pay Quicker account, disregard the application.
There will be no Setup charge fee. When the account is
established (takes a few hours from the application),
it can be linked to your bank account so you may ACH your
funds. The Debit Card may take 8 to 10 days to arrive.

Steps to setup your MESH account and fund your wallet:
This starts on March 3rd. The setup of the MESH payment
processor account to fund your wallet is quite easy. Start
by logging in. Select Account and then Add fund and
follow the steps. Once your Mesh account is set up,
the next time you Add funds you won’t have all of these stops.

(It is not necessary, but if you would like to see the screenshots
of the steps, they will be posted in your back office and at:

More News:

We anticipate many questions, so please don't submit
tickets until leaders have a chance to converse and provide
complete answers to you. In any case, only sponsors should
submit support tickets for their 1st line members so the
sponsors learn as well.
Look for information to be posted on Facebook, the company
NEWS tab on the website, NoMemberIsLeftBehind.info and
other company announcements.

See you on the calls.

CONFERENCE CALLs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at:

8:30 PM Eastern.


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Videos by Million Dollar Matrix leaders. These are being updated with the new announcement coming on the March 2nd call. 








For fundraisers

and disadvantaged

groups around the world.


One way out of many to fill your 2x2 and more:




Use this one "splash" and 2 "caputure splash" pages below to prospect with and post. These are personal to you and go to your signup site. Find them at the tabs on the left in your back office - "Network then Promotion Center"



This one links directly to your signup site.

Does not capture their information.



This one captures their data and sends it to you.

It gives them your signup link. 


This one captures their data and sends it to you. It pays a 44second video. It gives them your signup link. 

Click the picture below to pay

the 42-second video they will see. 

International members in over 20 countries are already being paid with the pay quicker visa debit cards. We anticipate many more with the launch Februayr 12th of the $12.50/month 2x2 Matrix. $25 pre-paid for 2 months. 






Click Here February 25th Prospecting video is now on the main sites. 



Great Sizzle Call to help build your business.






The rule that governs the design of our

growth system for everyone.

People will signup others the way they were signed up. It must be super simple. 


The cost, the service value, and the video needs to be simple enough so that anyone can signup others, simply by showing the video and having the sponsor answer any question.  


When you build it for yourself

you are building it for your team members as well.


Tip: To change the credit card, wait for due date. When you log in to pay you can select any debit of a credit card. 

(Clear History to see the real site, not a copy

stored on your computer or phone.)




Million Dollar Matrix members get their debit card on that site.


This is the process for members of Networkers List to get their PayQuicker debit card: 


A handy link to log into your Pay Quicker account after you are a paid member



You will get an email to set up your debit card after you make your 1st withdrawal from your back office of $15 or more.  

 You are in business in 119 countries around the world with a $20/month high-value membership. 





Watch one of these every day

to stay motivated to reach your goals!






This is the Biggest and Easiest Plan In The Direct Sales Industry.
Written by One of Our Leaders as a tribute to John Dierksmeir.
The co-owner John Dierksmeir, and other leaders, been working for 35 years to optimize the chance that a member would sponsor 2 other people. This copyrighted plan is a great answer. 
John Dierksmeir is a true compensation plan genius. One of his many innovations is his introduction of the 2x2 Gateway matrix for the Million Dollar Matrix. 
Let's explain. 
When a member gets started they have a 2x2 to complete by spill or sponsorship. They get $6.25 for each person on the 2nd level so when it completes their coat to be in business is covered. No credit cards for auto payments are needed.  
There is a $25 residual fast start bonus for everyone a member sponsors who also completes their own 2x2.
The other driver for people to sponsor 2 is that the member does not receive any possible spillover in the 2x20 until they are in it.
They can't get in it until their 2x2 is complete or they sponsor someone who has their 2x2 complete. In that case, if they sponsor someone who completes, they go into the 2x20 as the upline of the person they sponsored who did complete. 
If they are "pushed" into the 2x20 by someone they sponsored, they do not go in with the full $50 required to be in the 2x20. So, they have a minus amount in their Authorize net wallet. This gets worked off as they get others on level 2 of their 2x2 or income from the 2x20.
As you see, we have set up a situation where we have a very high incentive for each person to work to sponsor only two.
If each member in the 2x20 got only 2 and they took a month to do that, then their 2x20 million-dollar matrix would be full in 20 months. 
The magic for each person to take action is the incentive for each member not to miss any possible spillover by getting into the 2x20 anyway they can, as fast as they can. The action is having a completed 2x2. 
When you complete your 2x2 you have achieved a very high mark in Direct Sales. You are so important to your business and the business of others that we give you honor and a very important title MBA. 
To make the largest income possible you want to become an MBA factory. We praise and value our MBLs and put them on a pedestal. 
Over time, there is much more income possible with the last element of our plan also developed by John Dierksmeir. Our 20% Matching bonuses through 5 generations of qualified downline.
Your personal sponsorships are highly rewarded financially because of the Matching Bonus structure. 
For each one you sponsor, no matter where they fall you get 20% match of their 2x20 matrix income (you, of course, have sponsored one) and 40% match of the matrix income of their personals - 2nd generation (you must have sponsored 3). 60% match of their personals - 3rd generation (you must have sponsored 3). 80% match of their personals -4th generation (you must have sponsored 5). 100% match of their personals - 5th generation (you must have sponsored 5).
Think of this as a uni-level structure. Each person on level 1 is a leg with a big organization possible under them level by level.  In some legs, the  20% to 100% matches stop 5 levels deep. In other legs, they go 10,  20 100, or more levels deep.  In some lines of sponsorship, you could be earning the 80% match on the matrix income of members 100 levels or more deep. This happens if the 100 in the line had no one who had sponsored 3. 
This is a mega big income possibility. The cutoff in any line would be 5 levels if all had sponsored 5. There is Mega big duplication and growth in a 5 get 5 build. You just can't imagine how big. 
You can only make $1M/2months in the 2x20 but there is no income limit in the Matching uni-level structure. Over time, you will come to appreciate this. 
This is the biggest and easiest plan in the industry. 
Our 60-Day Success Plan GUARANTEES To Put YOU On The Road To Earning a Real Residual Income.
Completing 2x2 - Gaining MOMENTUM Fund Your Success
Business Into OVERDRIVE!

How to understand Matrices

Company versus Individual

A 2 x 20 matrix could be structured as a Companywide matrix, but this method has never worked and has not been tried by any company in recent history.

This is because, if you are a distributor in the matrix, say on level 3 or 4 or any level for that matter,a big builder that you sponsored would be placed left to right in the company build and not be under you. You would make no money from that personal big builder you found. You would quit. And they do.

It is true that you might get a big builder under you as the company computer was putting people left to right. But that still would do you no good because the ones they sponsored would not be under them or you but someone else in the random fill.

What you really want in a system that when a big builder you sponsor or one that you get by spill from the person above you or above them lands under you.

Now you are good to go because they will build their own 2x20 that overlaps yours.

The 2x20 pays 1 million dollars every 2 months when filled. It would fill when everyone gets only 2.

If the big builder started on your 1st level, they could fill 50% of your 2x20 or $500,000 every 2 weeks.

If they started on your 2nd level, they could fill 25% of your 2x250 or $250,000 every 2 weeks.

If they started on your 3rd level on the 8 line the would fill 1 eight th or 12.5% etc down the line.

The fact that we pay a 20% match of personally sponsored matrices with 20% match 5 generations of sponsorship, makes our 2x20 a 2xinfinity structure.

If you sponsor a big builder or anyone that lands on your 5th level or any level this match goes to their 20th level which would be you 25th level. Etc.

This is a huge program. You don’t want to miss a whole or a good part of a country lading under you put there by an upline linked person or one of your downlines.



*No particular income level is guaranteed.