www.Get4AndPayNoMoreForYourCarPayment.com This works great as a fund raiser as well. Call the person who sent you. 1m35s (C785 YMbs) ldxodr


This also works great as a

fundraiser for churches and groups. 


This message is from Independent Distributors with this 20 year old company.




We have 4 major benefits associated with our "virtually free" membership.

1st - access to major health coverage benefits.

2nd - extra Cash Back when you use you credit and debit cards at over 270 major outlets and airlines. This is extra cash back averaging 5.4%  over and above the milage points and cash back systems for the cards you use.

3rd - Special discount shopping at over 300,000 stores and providers and a 100% low price guarantee travel system.  

4th - Special software for credit repair and instructions on how to accomplish credit card dept reduction. 


But this is big, for each active referral

You get $10/mo.


50 active referrals x $10 is $500/month. 

You also get 20% match of the residual income of all of your personals.

You can qualify for the $5,000/mo Lifestyle bonus. 


Finally, we have our special distributor position to get a $500/mo bonus. This is large enough for a car payment.

The bonus is based on the number 4.



Call the person who sent for more information. 

*Incomes are not guaranteed. Some make it, some don't.