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Owning this technnology can literally save you as much as $50 to over $400/Mo off of your cable TV bill or TV - Movie watching habits.  

World Wide Product 

"No Contract" "No Credit Check" "No Cancellation Fees" 

And when you refer it you get $5/Mo/personal refferal .

With 8 reffeals you are at $40/Mo and yours is free -

You are a member of our "Freedom Club"

As your group grows you reach the $5,000/mo residual leadership bonus.

You will find an agressive person who needs money, who will get many refferals. You can get 20% match of their monthly residual check.

This is like majic.


You also can get 10% match of the monthly residual checks of the ones they refer, and the ones they refer, and the ones they refer, and the ones they refer. This could be 100s of mothly residual checks that you match. 

The sky is the limit*. 




Welcome to the launch of this technology product in the $2.2 trillion entertainment industry. 


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