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With only 8 members of your savings network at the Pro level,

yours is free. As they work their 6 hours a week do the same,

your residual overrides can reach the highest incomes in the world*.

Pay plan* at www.2AtAnyDepth.com

Join via phone by dialing 781-448-0189 or listen worldwide online at vswebinar.com!

This is not a prospecting web site.

It is a "Training and Library Web Site".

Use the short videos listed below for prospecting so that they don't tell you "There is too much information."

List of Links – Copy Paste and Print.  Carry around to be able to answer questions and show people the correct video. (2018-04-18 ) (www.IForgotTheNameOfTheSite.com)

Growth Model


"Livestyle Savings Network" Call Recording Locations

Independent Business Partners (IBP) News Letters www.IBPNewsletters.com

9PM EST Tuesday and Noon Saturday “Call to Action” (CTA) Calls (announcements, brief business overview, testimonials and training) www.IBPDiscounts.com 

Instructions and help for Non-Profits and Fundraisers, www.ResidualDonations.com

Marketing Monday Training www.MarketingMonday.org 

Wednesday Q&A calls: www.AskTheTechExpertWednesday.com and information to stop buffering at www.perfectstreaming.info


Sample Non-profit “Video Appeal” sites we set up for free. (Just need your amateur video of any type). Process is at www.ResidualDonations.com


Summary of Prospecting Links


All Google Search proof videos below are good to send out to generate curiosity and be "ice breakers". A good excuse to call and say "Did you get the text or email ?"


Recruiting with lottery idea.



Income possible mentioned under the video:



Selling Only with Post Card



Growth model



another growth model:



Animated product and income:



The size of the market and opportunity:



Opportunity to solve your stress and money problems:



Get eight and yours is free:



For background




Introductory Process:


Brian Jenkins and Derrick Williams Stories


Or 720-721-4815



All of our video links, help desk, numbers www.IForgotTheNameOfTheSite.com Important Links:


When someone asks a technical question tell them to ask the Tech Expert on Wednesday. The call our or listen on a computer at www.vswebinar.com . The call in number is 781-448-0189.   These are at Noon and 6pm EST. The recordings are at www.AskTheTechExpert.com



General Links:


GSP, Stan Snead - Animated "Jimmy" - what you get with our Live TV subscription. Big referral income mentioned:  www.CableNews.Marke


GSP, BJ's - Don't give money to the cable companies. What you get with our Live TV subscription. No mention of referral income or VIPtv words :  www.CableNews.Shop


GSP, BJ's - Don't give money to the cable companies. What you get with our Live TV subscription. Big referral income mentioned under the video:  www.CableNews.Work


Bob Peterson’s 1m23s - $39 virtually free business yields thousands of dollars in residuals- www.WeGotYouBeat.com  ? (put in ? mark)  


BJ's 1m17s - Cut the cable with no mention of making residual income. Get your Free trial: www.CableNews.Shop 


BJ's 1m17s- Cut the cable with a mention under the video of making referral income: www.CableNews.Work 


Stan Snead's 1m48s - "Jimmy" demo video and big referral income : www.CableNews.Market 


BJ's great 2m27s - People mad at cable companies. The size of the market where you should work. Pro Perks at end:  www.CableNews.Live  


BJ's great 2min31sec - Are you stressed out. How our business can help. Only one video: www.OneAmonth.today 


BJ's great 2min31sec - Stressed out. Mad at cable companies. Huge market with us. 4 BJ videos under the top video: www.OneAmonth.cash  


Stan Snead's Great 1min3s - 3 steps to take: www.CableNews.today 


Stan William's Great 6m12s - Demo using a PS4 with 2 videos under it: www.CableNews.info 


Stan Snead's Great 2m16s - Animated for selling. Refer 8 and yours is free: www.CableNews.Tips  


Pay Plan and "Turn Key Process" Links:


These are two of our best GSP recruiting links for your post cards, flyers and posting: 

www.WhatIfYouLoseYourJob.com  and Firesticks around the world can use the subscription for watching on TVs  www.CableNews.News 

The 18m25s pay plan version with more detail is at www.2atAnyDepth.com



Motivation Links:  

30 motivational videos. Watch one per week. We all need it. www.4find4Inspiration.com

Why you should count and look for "Nos" and some scripts www.ANoIsNotYourFaultItIsYourBlessing.com  


Tools, Help and Webinars:

Firestick deals on eBay: www.TurnKeyTalkers.info 

Understanding WIFI and how to get the best signal: www.GiveItATry.Net    



How to prospect a list of

Networkers for the VIPtv service:


Send this both as a text and email to the same prospect:

Hello, this is (your Name) (your phone) (your email)

I am contacting you because I understand that you are or have been involved in a marketing business.

You may have an interest in our LiveTV product as a customer or to make some life changing weekly residual money by letting others see our free trail.

Also see a 1minute video clip at www.CableNews.shop

Please contact me for a free trial. I believe that you won’t regret the few minutes that it takes.



Follow up phone call: (the most important part of the process. There must be voice contact.)

Then, later in the day or the next day call the same number and say (to the machine or in person – same message)


Hi Joe this is (your Name) at.. (your phone)

I am calling you from my home office in Damascus Maryland

I sent you a text and email with the following information.

I am contacting you because I understand that you are or have been involved in a marketing business.

You may have an interest in our LiveTV product as a customer or to make some life changing weekly residual money by letting others see our free trail.

Also see 1minute video clip at www.CableNews.shop

Please contact me for a free trial. I believe that you won’t regret the few minutes that it takes.


Welcome Letter


HI Again Welcome to our Vstream team, here is a little getting started email with the first couple of things to do.


1.) I sent you a Facebook invitation to our Team Facebook group called Nutronix Elite Team. Accept that invitation on Facebook and you will see where I introduced you to the rest of the team. Please respond to everyone thanking them for the Welcomes! Important you will want to check in once a day to this Facebook group just to read all the posts and announcements that have gone up since you last checked in the day before. It has a ton of info and it keeps you by the campfire. Think of our Facebook group as our central hub of communication.

2.) Next Very important before we start you calling other network marketers you must make a list of every network marketer that you know to expose our business and also make a list of everyone who you can think of that can benefit from our Vstream media center. We will show you how to attack both lists. Remember this is very time sensitive you must have your list ready within 24 hours of joining. This step will show us how serious you are about making money. We will not call you asking for your list it is your job as a new business associate to be self sufficient.

3.) Go to http://ultimatesuccesscds. com This is the best training you will learn how to build a home business. The training cd's are $20 one time fee. Why Recruiting other Network Marketers is the best way to get results in mlm.

1. Save money and get your business profitable!

When you are running any type of business, the point is to keep costs down and keep profits up. MLM is no different, and in fact makes it even harder to accomplish because usually you are not making a lot of up front income. The reason there is a 90% failure rate in MLM right now is because people put themselves out of business before they ever get started.

By purchasing a large volume of targeted MLM genealogy leads for a fair price, you are able to continue prospecting without getting your business in debt.

2. Connect with serious networkers who have business experience!

When you contact defunct MLM leads, you need to remember that these people have had experience in the industry of network marketing. It might have been good, it might have been bad, but they have proven themselves not to be tire kickers.

Statistics show that the average network marketer is open to looking at a new opportunity every 6 to 9 months. If you think you have something special, they might think so too!

3. Cut your training and duplication time in half!

Since the people you contact are going to have some education about network marketing and how it works, you will be able to train your new distributors in half the amount of time.

Compensation plans, company background, duplication process, etc. will all be easier to explain to someone who has done MLM before. This frees up your time to do what makes you money and that's recruiting more distributors and helping them do the same thing!

Network marketers also know other network marketers and that can produce huge results in your down line in a very short amount of time!

Here are the different ways to contact network marketers some are free methods and some are paid methods.

1. How to find other Network Marketers off of social media sites


2. How to call other Networkers off of social media sites


Here are the free sites we use

http://www.cvleadsource.com/  this is a site when you subscribe to the site they will send you 5,000 free leads a week.

https://www.businessforhome. org/recommended-distri...

http://mlmwoman.com/company. htm

https://www.linkedin.com/ title/distributor-mlm


http://www.npros.com/ directory.asp

http://mlmgods.com/mlmgods/ register.cfm

https://www.advocare.com/ findmember.aspx?ReturnURL...

http://md.findsalesrep.com/lc/ ambit-energy/upper-m...

http://www.ibotoolbox.com/ ibosearch.aspx


Sites where you can buy mlm genealogy leads

1. http://www. explosivegenealogyleads.com/

2. http://www.listguy.com/mlm- genealogy

3. http://www.list57.com/mlm- leads/genealogy-leads/

4. http://mlmgenealogyreport. com/ this site is the most affordable site of them all.

Let's Keep Winning!

B.J. Massey


Jimmie Abston, IPB, has arranged for a “3rd party” Tech Expert to use a “remote in” technique to help your customers and IBP set up their Firestick and systems. For the Firestick “remote in”  there is a small fee charged. See



This is why each Business Partner will work to get at least one subscription each week.


Each subscription sold is like putting $1,500 in the bank earning 4%.


Which is easier, to sell one "Essentially Free" $39/Mo subscription or put $1,500 in the bank?




$5/mo x 12 = $60/year


% x Whole=Part.


4% x Whole =$60


Whole = $60/4% = $1,500 in the bank.

Order a great personalized replicated response web site provided by a 3rd party by going to www.NewAgeTV1.com  It also comes with a personalize flyer. It is available as a fund raiser campaign and in Spanish.

(Think About it. www.4find4.com 2017-07-09 vA)

For every referral, that you find, who subscribes to our $39/Mo Live TV service you make $5/Mo.


With only 100 hundred refferals you are making $500/Mo.


This is not one time monthly income.

It is residual income.


You do the work once and the

money just keeps on coming in!


Would an Extra $500/Mo Residual Be Worth A Little Work To Get There?


This Residual Amount Cold be "Live Changing"!


Think about it!


Call the person who sent you for more information.

We have a great new phone number sizzle call system combined with an video system. 720-721-4815. Must say "call the person who sent you". See this in video format at 





The pictue below is our powerful team in Ohio under Carl Brown and Angie Thompson. They  had a training program this weekend. Here are 7 "Winners" meaning that they heach have over 4 Pro Perks Subscibers and their Por Perks subscription is Free. Many get on the "one a month list" every month. 

Out of 100 people who start working at the age of 25 – by the age of 65:

• 1 is wealthy
• 3 are still working
• 4 have enough money to retire
• 63 depend on Social Security or charity
• 29 are deceased

This information comes from a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it indicates that only 5% of people over the age of 65 are able to retire!

Fewer and fewer people are putting their trust and faith in “Big Business.” The first rule for success, according to Donald Trump is …

“You must be in business for yourself.
You will never get rich working for someone else.”

Fight back against this frightening trend. Start today building a business for yourself that can put you onto the fast track to success. The blueprint is written, and we’re ready to hand it to you.

Call the person who sent you.

This site is www.PrintTheList.com formally www.4find4.com and www.4find4index.com

97% of people work a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). All of them want an M.B.A. (Massive Bank Account). They are clueless on how to create wealth and be R.I.C.H. (Residual Income Creates Happiness), continuously surrounding themselves with H.A.T.E.R.S. (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success), and then wonder why they are P.O.O.R. (Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly)! Open your mind, make a decision, and make a change!! Change your thinking...change your life. Vstream is your ticket.

The VIPTV Bitcoin

payment process:

After you select “pay with Bit Coin” and register at OrderVIPTV.COM you will receive a Success page and an order confirmation email which says:



If you are paying with Bitcoin, please send the US Dollar amount listed beside "Total" above to the below bitcoin address.



Bitcoin customers all have a bitcoin wallet. When they log into their bitcoin wallet they can send bitcoins that they own in their account to the VIPTV bitcoin account with the address above.

Every 30 days they will need to manually send another $39 worth of bitcoin to the VIPTV address.

To receive payment, they will need to email support and request that their dollar amount of available commissions to be sent to their bit coin address.

Steps to install Terrarium TV on Firestick

See www.AllAccessPass.info

In forign countries your government may block www.vstreamtv.live

Some people go to www.IPvanish.com and then to to www.vstream.live 

Everyone should have a website like this to post and store their business or family videos. To try one for free, click on the Staged Icon at the top of the page. See a tutorial for how to use the software at  www.staged111.com