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Life In Business Can Be Very Simple

“Nos” Are The Great Equalizer.

You Will Become Nothing More Than a

"No" taker!!


Generic Weekly Activity

Guaranteed Success Building Model.


Work a few hours a week asking people to comment on your product videos.

Sign them up and ask them if they would like to be a part of the weekly call system.

Work each week to find 5 or 6 team mates to talk with 2 or 3 times a week, who are also working each week to find their own 5 or 6 to talk with 2 or 3 times a week.

No one is overworked, even with very large teams.

Your team may grow to thousands, but you are only needing to work with 5 or 6.

Hold or attend one local meeting a month in your home or the home of a teammate.

This table shows how numbers multiply on each level.

To find your monthly income just multiply these numbers by the average income per person on each level.

A big dynamic person on your 1st level of the 1st five levels, and in some cases to infinity deep can flood you monthly income account.

This is truly a “magical”, marvelous business model.

So, get in and work you few hours a week and talk with your 5 or 6 builders once or twice a week.

And watch out!

The Eight Wonder of the World - Multiplication

Each Person On your 1st level is a leg.

Posting Tool

It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at www.staged111.com