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How about a business for $6/mo that has the potential of thousands $/mo* as a stand alone business and the ability to drastically make it easier to grow your current businesses? 
Start sharing this $6/mo business as soon as you can. See the short videos below and the person who sent you .

Overview of ORU


As the first global network to pay its members for their participation, ORU is revolutionizing and innovating
the way people share, communicate, transact and travel. 

Offering a host of spectacular benefits to enhance your lifestyle, ORU has created the ability for
you to do the things you do everyday and get rewarded for it.  These benefits include but are not limited to:

• Up to 85% savings on all your travel through ORU Travel
• Up to 75% savings on all prescription medicine at over 60,000 participating pharmacies in the USA
• Your own ORU Visa® Card, approval guaranteed and no credit checks
• Your own Marketplace to list and sell your products and services
• List and market your business for free as an existing Premium Member
• Secure communication social and chat 

Most importantly, as an ORU Member you can receive a participation payment each week.
The more you participate, the more you get rewarded. In addition, ORU has an amazing and lucrative sharing benefit
that rewards you instantly for sharing ORU with your friends, family and co-workers.

Best of all, ORU is affordable! For only $5.95 per month you receive incredible benefits and features that
will greatly enhance your lifestyle.

REGISTER FOR ORU MEMBERSHIP TODAY and start enjoying the benefits immediately.

Turn Key Prospecting Process:
Opening Statement 
This is John Doe. We haven't had a chance to meet yet, but I understand that you have been in the marketing and team building business in the past. Please take a look at a short video about our Visa Debit Card that pays you and call me back. www.TheSquirrelVideo.com  Thanks. 
Videos to send after the prospect asks questions after you ask a simple queston like: What username would you like to use when you get your card?
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Note: see the updated 3m4s GSP video for the Visa Debit Card to Post, email, text and leave voice mail. www.TheSquirrelVideo.com 
Below are 4 sites for our "Turn Key" system for World Wide Building using the $6/mo Visa Debit card program of ORU Market 
 1. Google Search Proof video to Post, email, text and leave voice mail, 3m4s www.TheSquirrelVideo.com 
2. When you get a response, give them the info video, www.TheCardThatPaysyou.today
and your sharing number to get their card at
*no guarantees . No work by all, no income. 
 Note: announcement of IXQTV customer ability to zero out cost referral system. See at www.OurPowerVideo.org
Great Benefits from the Card That Pays You

My visa Debit Card

Sample of detail of transaction notifications.

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Ask the person who sent you for their signup link and then get your link to people who need an affordabe "state of the art" program.

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We belive it is importan for you to review the

bennefit package video below.  Thanks

ORU Concept and Savings Programs from a $6/mo program
3 x 10 Calculator. See others at link below.

Click Here to see the charts which go with the awards and concept vedios below for this

tremendous $6/mo program that pays hourly. 

ORU Market is a word wide money and product service sales support system.
In the near future, the system will allow IXQTV to deposit your earnings and for you to use them, or move them, to your bank in an efficient manner. 
The system will allow IXQTV to handle customer payments to IXQTV world wide.
Read about the ORU Market prepaid debit card called the ORU Visa Prepaid Card.   Members receive this card for free as a benefit of the ORU Premium Membership Subscription. 
There are many other features available to ORU members. See the list below and See www.ORUMarket.com 
Encourage others to use the system for only a $31 signup and $5.95/mo.
You get residual rewards 10 levels deep from your member team as described in the above pay plan sharing video.
Many of your own personal products can be sold and money transferred with the credit card.

Scree Shot Sample of ORU Backoffice

Coupon Clipping Service


Catagories: nuber of people adverizing using ORU Market

 Agriculture (8)

Antiques (920)

Art and Design (45)

Aviation (1)

Beauty Products (69)

Boats (9)

Books and Magazines (154)

Candles (0)

Casting / Acting (23)

Charity and Non for Profit (34)

Computers (29)

Cosmetics (30)

Cruises (1)

Custom Software Development (5)

Education (36)

Electronics (192)

Energy (12)

Entertainment (52)

Event Business (21)

Event Planning (13)

Fashion (722)

Fashion Models (3)

Furniture (4)

Games (21)

Graphic Design and Printing (20)

Groceries / Foods / Snacks (71)

Health and Fitness (553)

Home Improvement (294)

Hotels and Resorts (6)

Jewelry (254)

Medical (15)

Miscellaneous (507)

Music (35)

Pet Accessories (86)

Professional Services (945)

Real Estate (38)

Renewable Energy (3)

Rentals (7)

Restaurants (83)

Shipping (3)

Social and Family Services (14)

Sport and Recreation (131)

Toys (10)

Travel (17)

Vehicles (182)

Video and Film Production (11)

These are just some of the outstanding services provided by ORU Market to its global membership:

ORU Market DOES:

- provide free product listings

- provide free service listings

- provide free business listings

- provide free messaging services

- provide free chat services

- provide free iPhone App

- provide free Android App

- provide free website linking

- provide free media listing

- provide free communication editorial functionality

- provide free archiving functionality

- provide travel services

- provide health rx prescription drug savings services


Members join the ORU Market place to market their own products, services and businesses.  ORU does not directly or indirectly compete with its members by selling products or services offered by its members either for free or for a fee.

ORU Market offers a communication and advertising platform to all of its members to create, edit, archive and broadcast their product, service or business messages to other members who have voluntarily opted in and subscribed to receive these messages.  ORU Market members have the opportunity to select their audience based on sophisticated tools and capabilities and data selection, free of charge.  A small fee is charged to broadcast this service and this fee constitutes a source of income to the ORU Market. In addition, ORU Market offers its members a prepaid debit card called the ORU Visa Prepaid Card.   Members receive this card for free as a benefit of the ORU Premium Membership Subscription.