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Information about the health products is at www.nutronix.com 

This is our new very important 2 min 40s "Google Search Proof" video to post on social media and text and email (no spam).


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Great Motivation and Opportunit call by

the CEO Bob Bremner



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Prospect for non-profits and fundraisers with one of these:

 www.FundraisingMadeEasy.biz or 



For information on LSN Revolution Fundraising see www.ResidualDonations.com 

(Pass this to others with your own name and watch out when they read it. Pass to your downlines.)

From Bob Peterson, Independent Business Partner (IBP) with a 20-year-old company.

Please watch this 2-minute 40 sec video



A small onetime out of pocket for 2 products. The income from our residual unilevel and 3 x 10 matrix can exceed the small out of pocket expense very quickly. The potential live long and legacy residual income potential** is almost unbelivable:

Just so that you understand the potential of our structure we offer this hypothetical example:

“If you were to get your 3 in a day and each of them were to get their 3 the next day and so forth, then your 3 x 10 matrix would be filled in 10 days*.

Your cash flow would be very high* in 10 days.

This high income* is setup to repeat with the same people annually.

The monthly pay unilevel, with our no out of pocket system, would be big enouth to deliver $28,000/Mo*.

This is your chance to cement in long term and legacy residual income with the products from a 20-year-old company.

You can use our total "Turn Key" simple process to get your 3 who can get 3 and support your team.

Work hard and smart for a limited time and reap the rewards for lessons that you have passed to others.

Call for video #2 and more details.

*Income Disclaimer. The company does not guarantee or imply any specific earnings or income. Individual income results may vary significantly and are based on many factors, including an IBP’s individual efforts, business experience and skills. The company makes no warranty or representation as to the level of success, in any, IBP’s may achieve by selling any product or soliciting IBP’s or retail customers.

We believe that "what you can see and believe you can achieve."

To help with your visualization for success, we suggest that you

say this example every day:


“If you were to get your 3 in a day and each of them were to get their 3 the next day and so forth, then your 3 x 10 matrix would be filled in 10 days*.

Your cash flow would be $390,000* in 10 days.

This $390,000* is setup to repeat with the same people annually.

The monthly pay unilevel, with no out of pocket, would be on automatic at $28,000/Mo*."

We have a great Capture Page System as well.

Short video about it: Click Here

Audio of Webinar To Listen to our Webinar in the Car is at


The magic of a list of 500 and never quitting. (See list brokers below)

Work a few hours a week with a list of 500 home-based business names and watch what happens.

Send the short text and “Capture Video” to 10 or 20 on the list each work day. Call and leave a voice mail that you have sent a text or email and ask them to comment on the 2-minute video.

By the time you get to the end of the 500 you could have a few working on your team and maybe even a very influential person with a big market.

Then go down the list a 2nd time with the same approach.

If you don’t already have a big team working, go down the same list a 3rd time.

Then if you need to go down the list a 4th time.

By then you will familiar to them and they may the watch the 2 minute “capture video”.

If your team is not big enough by then

Buy a new list and repeat.

Failure is totally impossible.

Index at:

(www.WatchThisWatchThisCanYouGet3.com )


(C516 - Site by Independent Business Partners (IBPs) List of Links – Copy Paste and Print.  Carry to be able to answer questions and show people the correct video. (2018-08-02 nfzw)


Recorded Audio Webinar Sizzle Line “Bob Bremner Motivation and Opportunity (hands free for the car.)




We believe that if you do not follow the procedures at this site, you have a good chance of failing to make any money:



What are industry leaders saying? www.WelcomeToMyMatrix.com


Our Tremendous health products.



“Capture Video” by IBPs to post on social media and sent to lists one at a time. 2m50s (no spam). Then wait for the call backs after leaving a voice mail:



Four-minute “Exposure Capture Video” with more on the pay plan and product by IBPs to post on social media and sent to lists one at time (no spam). Then wait for the call backs after leaving a voice mail.



When they request more detail send them the 17-minute video www.Duplicationby3s.info


Commitment to expose people to our videos and/or Capture pages 5 hours a week to develop long term and legacy residual income . 6 minutes. Watch before you sign up to make your commitment.



The best of the LSN Revolution Webinars. The first that plays is by Marsha Hadley.


(formally www.WithThreeItsFree.com)


General Signup Site: (You will need the name of the person who sent you to sign-up.)



Independent Business Partners (IBP) News Letters (currently not current) www.IBPNewsletters.com


Nonprofit organization sign up



Customer Only ordering site:



Customer Savings Testimonials “Google Search Proof” (GSP)



For Prospecting for Non-Profits and fundraiser and IBPs and “Curiosity” call backs $15 and $5/mo mentioned- GSP 2min 5 sec video by Independent Business Partners (IBP)



For Prospecting for Non-Profits and fundraiser and IBPs and “Curiosity” call backs $15 and $5/mo mentioned- GSP 2min 5 sec video by Independent Business Partners (IBP)



For Prospecting for Customers only and “Curiosity” call backs - GSP 1min 48 s video by Independent Business Partners (IDP)



Discount Tools



Instructions and help for Non-Profits and Fundraisers, www.ResidualDonations.com


Realestate Agent and No’s



For background



General Links:


Motivation Links:  

30 motivational videos. Watch one per week. We all need it. www.4find4Inspiration.com


Why you should count and look for "Nos" and some scripts www.ANoIsNotYourFaultItIsYourBlessing.com  


RealEstate Agent success with No’s www.IBPPerks.com




Where to buy leads of networkers and

where to find them for free



1. How to find other Network Marketers off of social media sites


2. How to call other Networkers off of social media sites


Here are the free sites we use

http://www.cvleadsource.com/  this is a site when you subscribe to the site they will send you 5,000 free leads a week.

https://www.businessforhome. org/recommended-distri...

http://mlmwoman.com/company. htm

https://www.linkedin.com/ title/distributor-mlm


http://www.npros.com/ directory.asp

http://mlmgods.com/mlmgods/ register.cfm

https://www.advocare.com/ findmember.aspx?ReturnURL...

http://md.findsalesrep.com/lc/ ambit-energy/upper-m...

http://www.ibotoolbox.com/ ibosearch.aspx


Sites where you can buy mlm genealogy leads

1. http://www. explosivegenealogyleads.com/

2. http://www.listguy.com/mlm- genealogy

3. http://www.list57.com/mlm- leads/genealogy-leads/

4. http://mlmgenealogyreport. com/ this site is the most affordable site of them all.

Let's Keep Winning!

B.J. Massey




This is why each Business Partner will work to get at least one subscription each week.


Each subscription sold is like putting $1,500 in the bank earning 4%.


Which is easier, to sell one "Essentially Free" $39/Mo subscription or put $1,500 in the bank?




$5/mo x 12 = $60/year


% x Whole=Part.


4% x Whole =$60


Whole = $60/4% = $1,500 in the bank.

We have a great new phone number sizzle call system combined with an video system. 720-721-4815. Must say "call the person who sent you". See this in video format at 




Out of 100 people who start working at the age of 25 – by the age of 65:

• 1 is wealthy
• 3 are still working
• 4 have enough money to retire
• 63 depend on Social Security or charity
• 29 are deceased

This information comes from a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it indicates that only 5% of people over the age of 65 are able to retire!

Fewer and fewer people are putting their trust and faith in “Big Business.” The first rule for success, according to Donald Trump is …

“You must be in business for yourself.
You will never get rich working for someone else.”

Fight back against this frightening trend. Start today building a business for yourself that can put you onto the fast track to success. The blueprint is written, and we’re ready to hand it to you.

Call the person who sent you.

97% of people work a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). All of them want an M.B.A. (Massive Bank Account). They are clueless on how to create wealth and be R.I.C.H. (Residual Income Creates Happiness), continuously surrounding themselves with H.A.T.E.R.S. (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success), and then wonder why they are P.O.O.R. (Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly)! Open your mind, make a decision, and make a change!! Change your thinking...change your life. Vstream is your ticket.


payment process:

After you select “pay with Bit Coin” and register at www.LifestyleSuccessNetwork.com you will receive a Success page and an order confirmation email which says:



If you are paying with Bitcoin, please send the US Dollar amount listed beside "Total" above to the below bitcoin address.



Bitcoin customers all have a bitcoin wallet. When they log into their bitcoin wallet they can send bitcoins that they own in their account to the VIPTV bitcoin account with the address above.

Every 30 days they will need to manually send another $39 worth of bitcoin to the LSN address.

To receive payment, they will need to email support and request that their dollar amount of available commissions to be sent to their bit coin address.

Note: Weekly pay periods are Saturday to Friday and are paid the next Friday. To be conservative Get your 3 in 14 days to always have enouth to cover you monthly membership. If you get your 3 spill or building undeer in the 14 days then you only need to get your 3 in about 29 days. 

Everyone should have a website like this to post and store their business or family videos. To try one for free, click on the Staged Icon at the top of the page. See a tutorial for how to use the software at  www.staged111.com