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This is a powdered product to take twice a day. After reviewing the testimonials below, many people order this wonderful economic product and never give it up. Read this even if you think you are allergic to Sulfur drugs.


Look out for what it will do for hair and nails and what it will do for your animals and people with allergies and pain.


Call me to discuss and order if you need help.

Please pass to as many people as you can.









…I am not THRILLED about the taste of Sulfurzyme, but I am thrilled about how much it helps my Fibromyalgia!  Jessica



Sulfurzyme is a unique combination of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), the protein-building compound found in breast milk, fresh fruits and vegetables and NingXia wolfberry (Lycium barbarum).  Together, they create a new concept in balancing the immune system and supporting almost every major function of the body.  Of particular importance its ability of MSM to equalize water pressure inside the cells - a considerable benefit for those plagued with bursitis, arthritis and tendonitis.

NingXia wolfberry in Sulfurzyme supplies nutrients to enhance the proper assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.  The NingXia wolfberry fruit contains minerals and coenzymes to support sulfur metabolism.

MSM in the Sulfurzyme is a special organic sulfur that combats autoimmune disease including arthritis, asthma, lupus and Scleroderma.  MSM is critical to proper skin, hair and liver health.  MSM is the subject of a bestselling book The Miracle of MSM, The Natural Solution for Pain.  Authored by UCLA neuro-psychiatrist Ronald Lawrence M.D., Ph.D. and Stanley Jocob, M.D.

Fructooligosaccharides: (FOS) which is also in Sulfurzyme is one of the best documented natural nutrient for promoting the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, the linchpin of sound health.  FOS has also been clinically studied for its ability to increase magnesium and calcium absorption, lower blood glucose, cholesterol and LDL levels and to inhibit production of the reductase enzymes that can contribute to cancer.  Because FOS may increase magnesium absorption, it may lead to lowered blood pressure and better cardiovascular health.  In addition FOS has a natural sweet taste.




For the past 13 years, I have used Young Livings Sulfurzyme for inflammation, toxin elimination and scar tissue removal, both internal and external.  It has a tremendous effect on the lungs and also on the intestinal tract, especially for diverticulitis.  It has many more functions, but these are readily available in the part of my brain that is awake.  Darlene




…In the book The Miracle of MSM, Dr. Lawrence writes that the side effects of using MSM are allergy relief and increased energy, in addition to the primary benefit of reducing inflammation.  I started Sulfurzyme at the Nashville convention last October.  By March, my allergies had dissipated.  I believe Sulfurzyme to be the best form of MSM, with the wolfberry significantly improving the bio-availability of the MSM so more is absorbed and less eliminated.  Best wishes to you!  Nancy




Sulfurzyme is excellent for healing scar tissue and is good for eyesight as well. Vanessa

For the past 5 years, I have had what I now call a “traveling painful inflammation” that comes and goes. First in the left shoulder, then in the right shoulder then the left knee then the right knee and then the Achilles tendon and then the right arch of the foot then the left arch of the foot. Balsum Fir and Pan away help some. Cat scans and other diagnostic testing has not shown any ligament damage or arthritis. My wife thinks it might be “traveling gout” at my age of 71. After starting on Sulfurzyme, in only 2 day of 2 teaspons 3 times a day and 2 oz of Ningxia Red a day the left foot arch inflammation went away and I am back walking. I have not had a recurrence of the “traveling” inflammation. What a great product. Bob.





I have several people who refuse to try Sulfurzyme because they are severely allergic to sulfa drugs.  I tried to explain to them that Sulfurzyme contains ingredients that naturally occur in your body and sulfa drugs are man-made chemicals.  Can someone give me testimonials from sulfa allergic people using Sulfurzyme or something that compares the two totally different products?

You are correct and that is why people who have problems with man made chemical and will not have problems with our natural products.  Nancy





Hi Frank

You are correct regarding sulfur in Sulfurzyme.  It is needed by everyone's body because it is in the organic form the body recognizes as methyl sulfonal methane.  Gary Young has pointed out that all plants and animals contain the 5 major elements of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and sulfur.  You flat cannot live without it.

This woman is allergic to sulfa drugs, I am sure, such as Bactrim or Septra.  She is among thousands who are allergic to them and confuses the drugs with natural element needed by the body.  Yes I understand that everyone is "different", however we are also amazingly the same.  We all have a head with a brain, a heart, lungs, stomach, arms, legs and a few other things, more or less.  All of us need oxygen too and I daresay the other 4, including sulfur, along with dozens of other "minor" minerals and so on.  You get the picture.

People are too often confusing drugs with food or natural food derivatives.  The two are worlds apart, as you already know.  If she thinks she is allergic to sulfur, then she better not eat any more eggs, or onions and garlic, or cabbage, or Brussels sprouts, or kale, broccoli, radishes, or mustard greens, etc.  Sulfur containing foods kick up the immune system and contribute towards healthy hair, nails and skin.  Sulfur acts like a natural anti-inflammatory and helps detox the liver.  Sulfurzyme has Wolfberry in it and we also know that this is a SUPER FOOD.  If she has any questions, she might like to read Dr. Ronald Lawrence's book, The Miracle of MSM.  He is James Coburn's doctor and you may have known that he has had Coburn on Young Living's Sulfurzyme, which has literally changed Mr. Coburn's life for the better, regarding crippling rheumatoid arthritis, and his overall health status.  As they used to say, "You can put that in your pipe and smoke it."  I had to make a guest appearance here!  Bye, Jeff





We have been using Sulfurzyme for almost 7 years now.  Shauna's joint and arthritis pain is history, our hair has filled in and our nails grow twice as fast as they did before starting to use this product.  We both take 1 to 2 heaping teaspoons a day.  It is the ultimate support for muscles, joints and skin!  Below is some information that came from Drs. Gary Young and Ron Lawrence.

Sulfurzyme is a breakthrough formula that combines pharmaceutical-grade MSM with Chinese Wolfberry.  Sulfurzyme combines MSM, a natural form of sulfur found in all living organisms, with Chinese wolfberry, a revolutionary super food from Inner Mongolia.  According to many health professionals, this product has the potential to revolutionize how millions of people deal with chronic pain, inflammation and allergies.

According to Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D., MSM works by restoring flexibility to cell membranes and slowing down the breakdown of cartilage.  "It also inhibits the transmission of pain impulses along the nerve fiber".

"The results we have been seeing with this product are mind-boggling," stated D. Gary Young, N.D.  "What makes this product different from the other products is the exceptional purity of MSM we use.  This pharmaceutical grade MSM in Sulfurzyme is light years away from the low-grade material imported from Asia.  Unfortunately, a great deal of the MSM sold in the U.S. originates from Asia."

"I believe that the key ingredient that makes Sulfurzyme so effective is the Chinese Wolfberry.  With over 18 amino acids and 21 minerals, the wolfberry is one of the most nutrient-dense foods known," stated Dr. Young.  "Few people realize that in order properly metabolize the sulfur in MSM, the body requires minerals like molybdenum.  When these are missing, MSM does not work as well.  This is why wolfberry is so important."

Dr. Lawrence agrees.  "What makes Sulfurzyme unique is a combination of high-grade MSM and Chinese wolfberry.  The therapeutic potential of the two together is enormous."  "I intend to make Sulfurzyme a central part of my practice," Dr. Lawrence added.  "I expect to see results that will far surpass that of traditional MSM formulations."

Dr. Ronald Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. and author of The Miracle of MSM stated, "Sulfurzyme is, by far, the best MSM product currently available.  I highly recommend it for all of my patients.

We recommend the powder. It tastes GOOOOOD!  We drink it with distilled water.  Pay attention to this product.  It is a magic bullet for all of us.

Richard and Shauna





Hi Terry

Sulfurzyme is an unbeatable product for rebuilding cartilage and connective tissue regeneration!  I have several folks with bone on bone knees and other knee conditions and Sulfurzyme helps them all.  There was also a post here about rebuilding knee cartilage with oils.  You may want to search the archive.  May you be blessed, Celeste





Hi Friends

My favorite supplement is Sulfurzyme!  It has strengthened my ligaments so I don't need to go to the chiropractor much anymore.  I used to go every month.  I haven't been there for over a year!  Plus I get other benefits from the Sulfurzyme as well!  Carol





Hello Christy

I am sure that the supplement Sulfurzyme is wonderful for body pain.  If the pain is caused by swelling, it is especially effective because it makes each cell wall permeable so that fluids that are trapped inside can be released, thus relieving the pain.  A friend that had a mastectomy and was swollen to the point where she couldn't lower her arm and was not getting any sleep, was amazed at the difference a combination of Sulfurzyme and Vitamin C made overnight.  Nancy





Hi Delli

I have suffered my entire life with allergies, year-round.  I was on prescription allergy medicines, plus over-the-counter stuff and I was still sneezy, runny, miserable, you name it!  Last year I began taking Sulfurzyme for something else and noticed within TWO WEEKS that I had no allergies whatsoever.  I haven't been plagued by anything since!  Amazing products we have.






Hi everyone

My brother and sister-in-law have a dog that was so arthritic that she was doing virtually nothing but eating and sleeping.  It was hard for them to see this because she had always been so active and lively.  They started putting Sulfurzyme in her food and within two days she became just like her old self, running and jumping, playing with their other dog.  They could not believe their eyes and neither could I when I saw her.  Maureen





I have been using the Sulfurzyme for over a year now with great results.  I was in an automobile accident and suffered neck and low back injuries.  I used a cane any time I was out of the house and sometime when home as well.  Some days were so bad that I used a walker.  I have been brought to my knees in extreme pain and put in a wheel chair to get to the doctor.  Since I have been on the Sulfurzyme I have not used even the cane except for very occasionally.  I believe the Sulfurzyme is doing the trick!  I have much less pain, my nails are stronger and my hair is thick and full!  I love this stuff! Pam





I just finished reading The Miracle of MSM by Stanley Jacob, MD, Ronald Lawrence, MD and Martin Zucker.  Young Living has added this book to the price list ($15).  I highly recommend reading this!  There is a chapter on Fibromyalgia, which presents information that strongly suggests that MSM can, at least for some people, provide significant pain relief from this debilitating condition.  So you might want to look into Sulfurzyme, which is Young Living's MSM product which also contains Wolfberry.  Barbara





Dear Charlotte

In addition to her using the oils she also needs to be using Sulfurzyme.  MSM in Sulfurzyme is fantastic for reducing scarring.  I have a tape by a Mr. Rich that removed almost all his scarring from 3rd degree burns and skin grafts by using MSM internally and also applied it as a lotion topically. Rich





Rosemary and Frank

It's not Sulfur in Sulfurzyme but MSM, which stands for methylsufonylmethane.  That substance reduces inflammation and decreases the edema in joints.  Sue






I too am allergic to sulfur.  I've been using Sulfurzyme for about 2 months now with no ill effects.  I've been taking it to help with arthritis, but so far it hasn't helped.  I still have hope, however.  Mary





I have an allergy to sulfa drugs and take Sulfurzyme for arthritis of the spine.  I have bone spurs on every corner of every vertebra.  I have been taking Sulfurzyme with no problem and no allergic reactions.  In fact I feel better than ever.  My recent x-ray of my vertebrae showed the spurs being smaller.  I started taking the Sulfurzyme a year ago.  The only other thing I have done differently is to use Castor Oil on my back.  I love the Sulfurzyme.  My husband has stomach acid problems and there are family problems with hiatal hernia conditions.  The doctors always prescribe anti-acids for him to take but when he takes his Sulfurzyme he does not need them!  So he takes it when he remembers and doesn't have the stomach problems.






"Sulfa" drugs bear no chemical resemblance to Sulfurzyme except that there is the element sulfur, in both.  Sulfur is an element crucial for life and if your friends don't have any sulfur in them they are already dead and don't need to worry about allergic reactions.  Sulfanilamide, or para-aminobenzenesulfonamide is a synthetic that is one of the early chemicals used for its antimicrobial action.  My wife is allergic to sulfa and uses Sulfurzyme to great benefit.  Bruce





My sister is 65 years old.  At the age of 14 had to have her spine fused and lay in a cast for a year because of polio.  Then at 50 she had 4 ribs removed, collapsed lung, to have a rod put in.  This has not stopped the spine from curving down at the bottom.  So now because of ribs not being there her right shoulder wants to turn inward because of the lack of support from the ribs being gone.  She also has electrical pains shooting through her body and has gout and a lot of joint pains.

She takes Sulfurzyme and swears by it.  She is very health wise and into homeopathics.  She told me today that nothing but the Sulfurzyme has touched the pain she is in.  I also have Scoliosis and use this product for aches and pains as well and to slow down the graying that has started to come in.  People that work for me are amazed at how it changes my hair color.  You need to take it regularly for the hair change though, if you don't the gray comes back quickly.  Anybody know why this happens?  Anyway it is a great product.  Thanks Dianne





Hi Ellen

I do hope your Mom and brother will change their minds about Sulfurzyme.  One of my customers refused to use it for over eight months.  No particular reason, just skeptical.  Then one day, she was in such pain she woke up at 3 a.m. and ordered some, as I had suggested.  Now she won't go without it.  Later, in a kidding way, she asked me why I hadn't forced her to take it.  Samantha





Hi Ellen

I work with a gal that has been in two terrible accidents years ago and was actually was told she would never walk again.  She got herself walking again but lived in a terrible amount of pain.  I started putting oils on her every day and ended it with the NeuroGen cream.  She also took Sulfurzyme and her pain has gone from a 10+ down to a 1.  She is thrilled!  My husband also takes Sulfurzyme and he had chronic fatigue syndrome for 10 years and had awful joint pain that was debilitating.  That is completely gone and he says he knows that it is the Sulfurzyme that has helped him more than anything else.  Since I found YL and started him on their products 2 years ago he is now well at last!  Sara







Since I have been taking Sulfurzyme my gray hair is leaving and my hair is growing much faster as well as fingernails stronger.  Agape, Esther

I've been attempting to remember what it was that Gary Young said about Sulfurzyme and enzymes comes to mind.  It may contain a form of enzymes to help with the digestion.  I don't remember but I do know that Sulfur (a mineral) is very important for the detox phase of the liver.  Sulfur breaks toxins down into smaller parts so that they can then be managed by the liver and kidneys.  One of the reasons animals eat fresh grass is because it is supposed to be a source of MSM.  They may throw it right up but they got what they needed.  The methyl and sulfur in MSM are both used for liver Phase I and Phase II detox.  Foods rich in sulfur are very healthy.





Hello all

If you read the Sulfurzyme bottle it directly mentions liver support.  IMO it is one of Young Living's best supplements.  Candyce





Dr. Phil

I have been using Sulfurzyme for about a month now.  I have previously herniated the disk between L4 and L5 twice and lately (due to current lack of exercise) have been incredibly stiff getting out of bed in the mornings.  At least until I began the Sulfurzyme.  I am having amazing results now.  I have little or no stiffness and almost no soreness.  I am thrilled to pieces.  Now I want to exercise, it's amazing!  I haven't tried the Oregano/Peppermint bit yet, but am so tickled with the Sulfurzyme, even when I skip my other supplements, I ALWAYS take the Sulfurzyme - three to four before bed and two in the morning.  Lee Anne





Dear Ellen and list

Last year I had 3 abdominal surgeries. I don't know about NeuroGen; but I do know about Sulfurzyme.  It works great for pain.  Also I did this formula as it works great for surgical incisions (wounds).  I used 24 drops Lavender, 18 drops Helichrysum and 18 drops Frankincense in 1 tablespoon V-6 Mixing Oil.

Should you have pus or infection in the surgical wound, apply 2-3 drops of Sandalwood directly in or on the wound before you apply the above.

I was prescribed Tylenol 3 for pain; but instead I used Spruce topically.  Locally for pain as Spruce is analgesic and anti-inflammatory and has cortisone like action, almost instant pain relief.  I hope this helps.  Happy oiling!  Dave





Dear friends

Along with the oils being used, I would look at taking a lot of Sulfurzyme.  Natural sulfur promotes healing for tendons because it gives the body what it needs to create healthy new cells with elasticity.  I would take 2 or 3 times the suggested amount on the bottle if to give the body a boost while healing in this area.  May everyone have a great day!  Orpha

Hi (more pain after starting Sulfurzyme for Fibromyalgia)

This often happens.  It means the toxins are coming up to be flushed out of the body.  Have her drink more water.  Water with a drop of Grapefruit oil in it would be great.  Hope this helps, Sarah





Good day Jean and Cindy

I had lower back pain for 30 plus years and have used various oils with outstanding, yet temporary success for the past year and a half.  I had read about the benefits of MSM so decided that this seemed to be the route to take.  I began taking Sulfurzyme and did not feel any noticeable difference until I increased the dosage and was taking 3 capsules 2 times a day for a little over 2 months.  Then I noticed one day that my back pain had disappeared and was surprised that I could bend and move freely!  After a few weeks of no back pain, I discontinued the regular use of the Sulfurzyme.  Lo and behold, my back pain returned!  DUH!  Therefore, I am back on the regimen, and have since added Coral Sea, which helps abundantly.  I now only take 2 capsules 2 times a day.  There is a wonderful book out on MSM that is well worth the reading.

Everyone experiences different results with pain at different rates.  I would not discontinue its use.  I would suggest some muscle testing to see how much your body is crying for.  Gary Young has said in the past that for severe pain that one should take Coral Sea with the Sulfurzyme.  And you may take 1 tablespoon of each 2 times a day along with Mineral Essence.  The 3 together provide a powerful force for what ails us and needs rebuilding!  Yours sincerely, Jeanette






Great experiences with back and knee problems today.  Here's my experience.  Sulfurzyme is great for deteriorating disks but so is Regenolone!  I have arthritis up and down my entire spine and rib cage and had deteriorating disks in my low back that got so bad I could not bend down.  If I accidentally did, I had to push myself up ever so slowly and would walk bent over for a while afterwards.  Couldn't sit for more than a few minutes at a time - couldn't stand long either - and I'm not 90!  Regenolone relieved the pain and restored movement in less than 10 days!  I had already been using the Sulfurzyme.  I'm absolutely astounded.  I have my husband apply it every morning along my entire spine and rib cage.

The interesting thing was, I started using Regenolone on my low back only.  I used a little Birch on the area first.  It got so much better I was surprised when, after squatting down to get something (I haven't been able to do this in years) I experienced pain getting up.  Then I realized the pain was coming from the upper spine and ribs, which were not receiving any Regenolone yet.  My low back was completely free of pain and very flexible while squatting and rising.  The pain in the upper spine and ribs had always been very secondary to me compared to my low back.  I never paid attention to it, just lived with it, even though I had not been able to lie flat on my back for years.  Now that the low back pain was gone, I noticed it and began applying Regenolone.  What a difference it’s made.

It's also helping my knees.  I use a little Birch, then Lemongrass, then Regenolone.  This is taking longer, but I am seeing results like being able to walk down stairs and no more knee pain during the night.

My mom has been using Sulfurzyme for about 6 months (5 capsules a day).  She had such pain in her hips that she hobbled and wobbled every time she got out of a chair.  She was taking 800 mg Motrin 3-4 times a day.  Since she started Sulfurzyme, she's had no aches and pains and her frequent bruising has completely stopped!  Her hair has changed texture and her skin looks great.  She's thrilled!  Thanks for any information you can share.  Sue






Several years ago I had bursitis in one of my shoulders.  It was so bad that most mornings I couldn't raise my arms above my shoulders.  After taking Sulfurzyme for a couple of days the pain stopped and I had no problems raising my arms as high as I wanted.  Even when I stopped taking Sulfurzyme for extended periods of time, the pain never returned.  Franz





Hi Group

This is in response to Carolyn.  I have seen one woman have miraculous results with her allergies with using just Sulfurzyme.  I have one woman for whom the Peppermint completely stopped her chronic sinus problems and she uses the Lavender successfully for her allergies.  Maureen






In the book The Miracle of MSM, the Natural Solution for Pain by Drs. Jacob and Lawrence, it states "...Too large a dose [of MSM] at one time for your constitution could cause some minor gastrointestinal upset, increased stool, or minimal abdominal cramping.  If this occurs, reduce the level of MSM.  That should take care of the discomfort."  They add, "Taking MSM in two or three doses over the day reduces the possibility of a GI reaction."  And, "Start low.  Build up to an optimum dose perhaps over a two or three-week period."  When I first started taking Sulfurzyme a few years ago, I experienced cramps and diarrhea.  I backed down the dose and increased it little by little and never had the problem again.  Fragrantly, Barbara






My nephew who is only 15 has had this problem for four years.  (sweaty palms) He also told me that sometimes it feels like his heart is racing and then the sweating begins on his palms.  We finally found the products that helped and I hope this help you.  I went through the EODR page by page until I found page 331, second edition, under Nervous System (Autonomic).  I told by sister to try Sulfurzyme and Mineral Essence.  He does not have the problem anymore.  Regards, Nicole





I have 4 dogs.  One is age 11 years and one is 15 years.  I have been giving them each one Sulfurzyme capsule daily and I can't believe the energy they all have.  My Vet bills are way down and I have happy animals.  Carolyn






I was at a meeting that Star Moree did a couple years ago and she had her babysitter give her testimony.  She had arthritis so badly that she had to quit college to move home and have her family take care of her.  She was on a lot of the Young Living products but the most important was Sulfurzyme - A LOT of it.  She said that she was taking an incredible amount.  pH balancing was very important too.  By the time we met her she only had one brace left on one finger to straighten it out because the arthritis disfigured her so badly.  Hope this helps, Lisa





For arthritis pain I would look to Sulfurzyme.  Not a little bit, but as much as six to eight tablespoons a day (what I'd do, at least!), Idaho Balsam Fir and Peppermint Oil!  Jessica




To answer your question, no - it is not applicable.  It is a supplement not a botanical.  All MSM is a natural form of organic sulfur.  You cannot overdose with MSM.  The body will use what it needs and after twelve hours, will flush any access amounts out of the body.  If you want to maintain good healthy cells 24 hours a day, it is suggested you take MSM in the morning and evening or 3 times daily.  The MSM will flush what the body doesn't retain semi-permanently every twelve hours and because it is a free radical and foreign protein scavenger.  MSM cleans the blood stream, so allergies to food and pollens go away in about 3 or 4 days.  Take it with C - it works better.  Just make sure you buy a good one.  Elizabeth





Hi Wildharvesters

My friends have a 100 pound golden Lab who was diagnosed with "the worst case of spinal arthritis" the Vet had "ever seen."  They started giving her ½ teaspoon of Sulfurzyme on her food twice a day and the dog is doing unbelievably better with results noted within a week.  Not wanting to walk and showing definite weakness in her hindquarters, she's now ready and willing to go for long walks, up and down hills and is practically back to her old self.  They are so thrilled with Sulfurzyme.  Good luck with your Suki!  Peace and blessings, Elaine





Hi everyone

When I started taking Sulfurzyme a couple of years ago I lost all cravings and taste for sweets and junk food in general.  Also got rid of my year round allergies within 2 weeks!  Cool stuff!  I've also found that if I do eat something sweet, drinking a lot of water (more than usual) afterwards helps break it down and move it out faster.  Sally





Dear Carol

Sulfurzyme would be a great supplement for anyone, but especially those with allergies.  My son was on inhalers consistently during the winter months and pollen allergies effected him in the early summer.  Now he has no allergies we are aware of and we believe strongly that it was the Sulfurzyme.  I believe Sulfurzyme for the lack of a better word, balances the immune system.  With the immune system on its way to finding a better balance, we don't have side effects like allergies.  Sulfurzyme is not one you take and are instantly cured.  It takes dedication and determination.  I would say it was a good 6 months to a year before we noticed his symptoms were diminishing and then later, gone.  We honestly never used the oils for his wheezing.  I was new to the oils and didn't know any better.  When he would get sick it would always go to his chest.  We used RC and Eucalyptus radiata along with Peppermint to assist his breathing.  Our prayers are with the young man and his family.  With kindest remembrances, Nicole




Hi all

I have severe reactions to sulfa drugs.  Not only did I have hives all over my body including palms of hands, bottoms of feet and even on my scalp, but I also had hives on my internal organs.  The Benedryl they gave me had me moving like a snail but upon examining me, the doctor said all my internal organs were quivering.  They just put me on more drugs.  I had absolutely NO problems taking Sulfurzyme.  Please let you friend know this. Annette




I also have a severe allergic reaction to sulfa drugs.  As a child I received sulfa and then swelled everywhere.  I think my eyes were swelled shut!  I take two Sulfurzyme capsules daily to help with my eczema and don't have any problems.  Sue

There are some things I use for arthritis that have made a world of difference for me.  One important one is Sulfurzyme Powder.  I used to wake up with my hands so swollen I couldn't close them to a fist.  When I tried, it hurt.  It concerned me because my mom had rheumatoid arthritis and it made her hands very ugly and crippled.  I no longer have this problem and without drugs.  April




Sulfurzyme is a combination of MSM and wolfberry in either powder or capsules.  It promotes healthy liver function, aids with carbohydrate metabolism and supports your immunity system.




Hi Y'all

I used to have year-round allergies so badly I was taking prescription Claritin plus Benadryl every 3-4 hours and it couldn't touch it.  When I found YL and started taking Sulfurzyme regularly - NO ALLERGIES.  Period.  It's been 4 years and I'm sneeze free.  I love this stuff! Sally




My 62 pound dog has hip dysplasia and we give her ½ teaspoon of the powdered Sulfurzyme every morning and again every evening and it has really been helpful for her.  We just put it on top of her dry food in the morning and then put a teaspoon of safflower oil for her coat on top and stir into the dried food.  In the evening we give her a large tablespoon of canned dog food in with the dried food and the Sulfurzyme mixes very easily into that.  Debby




Two members of my downline who are in their 50s bought Sulfurzyme and Lavender Shampoo.  They have regrown hair in their bald spots AND have new black hair pushing out their grays.  One of these two is blind and uses Sulfurzyme, PanAway and Frankincense to restore his vision.  We have been working with him for three months and he is already seeing more light.  He has only been blind half of his life.  Tiffany

I haven't used this yet, but my mom loves it.  Mom is 55.  She is a victim of the polio vaccine of the 50's.  She had three steel rods attached to her spine as a teen and then removed a year later.  Today she has a full spinal fusion with a bolt embedded in her spine (couldn't be removed).  Since her childhood surgery, she has lived with terrible neck pain.  Doctor's told her she would probably be in a wheelchair by her 40s.

Thanks to a great attitude and good chiropractic care, mom has led a very active life.  She is still walking, skipping and chasing after her grandchildren.  After seeing all of the wonderful results we were getting with YL products, she asked me if there was something to help with her neck pain.  I sent her a great testimonial on Sulfurzyme and she ordered it immediately.  About a week after it arrived, she was really suffering.  I asked her if she had started the Sulfurzyme yet and she said she'd forgotten it!  She immediately went and took just one dose before heading out on a road trip.  She called me from her cell phone less than 15 minutes later and said that her neck pain was GONE.  When she got home a few days later, she told me that she never took another dose.  That one time lasted her for several days until she could get to the chiropractor.  Now those are some amazing results.  Melissa





About a year ago my dog and I were in a severe car accident.  I had surgery on my leg; they put a huge plate and screws just below my knee to hold the bone together (it was broken completely apart).  My dog had a diaphragm hernia (all her organs were in her chest cavity) and she had nerve damage in her back legs after surgery.  We both took Sulfurzyme.  And we are both running and walking again!  The vet said my dog would never be able to use her back legs again-well I guess she was wrong!  Sulfurzyme is wonderful because it has the wolfberries and MSM!  What a wonderful combination!  Joy




This is ONE of the main reasons we began with Young Living Products - pain control for my mother's back and neck, knees, etc and for my ankle and foot that I messed up with an accident.  We both began taking several capsules a day and have maintained our routine for almost 2 years now.  The pain is almost gone or bearable.  It helps to maintain swelling, edema and pain in our legs greatly.  We wouldn’t want to ever lose this valuable supplement.  Lisa




Sulfurzyme has proven to be one of the most golden products for pain and balancing of the systems of the body.  My cousin and sister have been relieved from symptoms of night sweats with BYJ and Sulfurzyme. Of course they were taking other products but these were the main ingredient in their well being!  Love and light, Stanlee





Here is my take on Sulfurzyme.  Sulfurzyme contains MSM which is a food.  Your body will store any excess that it doesn't use and then dump it after 12 hours.  In times of over work or tired and sore muscles take more.  The daily dose is for maintenance.  Your body needs the sulfur.  Every growing living thing needs sulfur.  Plants get it in the dew and the rain.  Dogs and cats get it when they eat grass.  They may puke it all up but they got the sulfur.  Grass eating animals graze in the morning and get their share, but you don't.  By ten o'clock it is mostly gone.  All the stuff on the produce counter is sadly lacking in sulfur.  It is picked immature on purpose to extend shelf life.  Sulfur can only be found in vine ripened fruit and then after about a half a day it is gone.  Remember, every cell in your body will be replaced and without sulfur YOU are short changed.  Membranes will be harder and in many cases smaller and will not allow easy exchange of the vital life giving fluids you need for life.  I will take it daily forever.  Want more information?  Look up MSM on the web.  All this is there and much more.  Take your Sulfurzyme.




Dear Ingrid

First and foremost, is she on Sulfurzyme?  I was told I would be in a wheelchair by 40 if something didn't change.  So with some guidance, I decided to think outside the box and try alternatives.  That was FOUR years ago.  I turned 40 in June 2004 and I can do back bends!  I had/have two dehydrated disks, one that was in the process of dehydrating and a LL fracture.  I now have NO pain and am very active!  Sulfurzyme saved me after nerve block injections in my spine didn't work!  My son performs Raindrop on me when I feel uncomfortable.  The bonus - I am no longer plagued with daily migraines!  I am truly blessed! Nicole





I remember a MSM testimonial years ago about a lady taking MSM for back pain.  (MSM is the natural sulfur that we have in Sulfurzyme.)  She took it for 6 months without getting any relief for her back.  However, when she went to the dentist, she found out that she no longer needed surgery for her receding gums; they were growing back and were healthy.  She kept taking the MSM and after the MSM "took care of" her gums, then she started getting relief for her back.  Gloria





I had bursitis in my shoulder several years ago and what got rid of the pain was taking Sulfurzyme.  That was more effective and longer lasting than oils.  Franz




Hi Camilla

For chronic pain one of the best combinations is BLM and Sulfurzyme.  I take 6 of each spread over the day for chronic back and neck pain and have noticed a HUGE difference in pain decreasing.  HTH, Rachel




Hi Freya

I take 6 Sulfurzyme daily, am, noon and after dinner.  My nails are super strong and grow like crazy!  Before I started the Sulfurzyme (about 5 or 6 years ago) my hair was starting to thin a bit and now it, too, is thick and shiny.  Hope that helps, Rachel





Try taking YL Sulfurzyme.  Often eczema is due to lack of MSM in the body.  Taking Sulfurzyme cleared up the eczema I had on my hand in a couple of days.  If I don't take it, the eczema returns.  I personally like the powder and take at least a teaspoon each morning in about a half cup or less of water or juice.  Judy

Last year I began taking Sulfurzyme for something else and noticed within two weeks that I had no allergies whatsoever.  I haven't been plagued by anything since!





Regarding the post on nail fungus, the closest I had was the white lines and blotches on the big toe nails and had it for years. I noticed now though that their gone.  The only thing I can think of is that I've been taking Sulfurzyme capsules, 5 in the am and 5 in the pm.  I'm taking that much because of scarring that I want to disappear.  I heard on a tape that if you take for 9 months in large doses that it should make scarring go away.  It also helps with nails, hair and of course skin.  So anyhow, the nail fungus disappearing is a good side effect I wasn't expecting. Cathy





The Sulfurzyme does work WONDERS for hair, skin and nails so definitely use that!  Sulfurzyme has been a win-win combination for me in getting my fingernails to shape up and look nice.  Syrinx

I love Sulfurzyme, the powder form, not the capsules.  I get tired of taking so many capsules and the Sulfurzyme powder actually tastes pretty good. It has really helped my fingernails grow straight and be stronger as opposed to growing flat and curving around the end of my fingers like they had been doing for the first 33 years of my life.  I think it may be helping my hair too.  I just feel better when I take it.  When I run out I notice that my muscles tend to seize up more frequently as well, so I like to make sure I always have it on hand. Syrinx



…In the book The Miracle of MSM, Dr. Lawrence writes that the side effects of using MSM are allergy relief and increased energy, in addition to the primary benefit of reducing inflammation.  I started Sulfurzyme at the Nashville convention last October.  By March, my allergies had dissipated.  I believe Sulfurzyme to be the best form of MSM, with the wolfberry significantly improving the bio-availability of the MSM so more is absorbed and less eliminated.  Best wishes to you!  Nancy

This is the Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC, Bob Peterson your Independent Distributor upline for Young Living Essential Oils. 301-641-8318 


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Thanks, and have a healthy 2017. 


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How Oils Help With Emotions


Research has shown that the effects of fragrance and aromatic compounds on the sense of smell an exert strong effects on the brain especially on the hypothalamus (the hormone command center of the body) and limbic system ( the seat of emotions). Some essential oils high in sesquiterpenes, such as myrrh, sandalwood, cedarwood, vetiver, melissa, and frankincense, can dramatically increase oxygenation and activity in the brain. This may directly improve the function of many systems of the body.


When a fragrance is inhaled, the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped by olfactory membranes that are well protected by the lining inside the nose.  Each odor molecule fits like a little puzzle piece into specific receptor cell sites that line a membrane known as the olfactory epithelium.  Each one of the hundreds of millions of nerve cells is replaced every 28 days.  When stimulated by odor molecules, this lining of nerve cells triggers electrical impulses to the olfactory bulb in the brain.  The olfactory bulb then transmits the impulses to the gustatory center (where emotional memories are stored), and other parts of the brain that directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance, essential oils can have a pro-found physiological and psychological effects.


The sense of smell is the only one of the 5 senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, the emotional control center.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and joy all emanate from this region.  The scent of a special fragrance can evoke memories and emotions before we are even consciously aware of it.  When smells are concerned, we react first and think later.  All other senses  (touch, taste, hearing, and sight) are routed through the thalamus, which acts as the switchboard for the brain, passing stimuli onto the cerebral cortex (the conscious thought center) and other parts of the brain.


The limbic lobe (a group of brain structures that includes the hippocampus and amygdale located below the cerebral cortex) can also directly activate the hypothal-amus.  The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain, acting as our hormonal control center.  It releases chemical messengers that can affect every-thing from sex drive to energy levels.  The production of growth hormones, sex

hormones, thyroid hormones, and neurotransmitters such as serotonin, are all governed by the hypothalamus, thus, the hypothalamus is refereed to the "master gland."


Essential oils--through their fragrance and unique molecular structure--can directly stimulate the limbic lobe and the hypothalamus.  Not only can the inhalation of essential oils be used to combat stress and emotional trauma, but it can also stimulate the production of hormones from the hypothalamus. This results increased thyroid hormones (our energy hormone) and growth hormones(our youth and longevity hormone).


Through inhalation studies they have found that diffusing essential oils can heightened level of activity in the hypothalamus and limbic systems of the brain, which can have dramatic effects on not only emotions, learning and attitude, but also many physical processes of the body, such as immune function, hormone balance, and energy levels.  High levels of sesquiterpenes occur in melissa, myrrh, cedarwood and clove, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, and frankincense, can increase levels of oxygen in the brain by up to 28%.


Diffusing or directly inhaling essential oils can have an immediate positive impact on mood.  Olfaction is the only sense that can have direct effects on the limbic region of the brain.  Studies at the University of Vienna have shown that some essential oils and their primary constituents (cineol) can stimulate blood flow and activity in the emotional regions of the brain.


Clinical studies at the Department of Psychiatry at the Mie University of Medicine showed that Lemon not only reduced depression but reduced stress when inhaled.


Great Blends to use to help ease depression, anger, trauma, bringing about happiness.



Citrus Fresh:  

Stimulates the right brain to amplify creativity and well-being as well as eradicate anxiety.  Works well as an air purifier.  University researchers in Japan found that diffusing a citrus fragrance in an office environment improved mental accuracy and concentration by 54%. It has been found to be very calming and relaxing especially to children.  When diffused it adds a clean, fresh scent to any environment.


It Contains: Orange, tangerine, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit, spearmint. Apply to wrist, back of neck, back of ears, feet.



Helps to release the unlimited potential everyone possesses, make it possible to more fully experience health, happiness and vitality, Restores feelings of hope.  Elevates the mind helping to overcome stress and despair.


It Contains:  Idaho Balsam Fir Rosewood, and Frankincenseapply to back of neck, temples, wrist, feet



Brain Power: 

Promotes deep concentration and channels physical energy into mental energy.  It also increases mental potential and clarity, and long-term use may retard the aging process.  Many of the oils in this blend are high in sesquiterpene compounds that increase the activity in the pineal, pituitary, and the hypothalamus glands and thereby increase out put of growth hormone and melatonin.  It elevates the mind helping to overcome stress and despair,.  Removes emotional blocks, heightens relaxation, and helps release

feelings of anger.


It Contains: Frankincense, sandalwood, melissa, cedarwood, Blue cypress, lavender, helichrysum Apply to back of neck, ears, feet, wrist.




Promotes the relaxation of body and mind, counters stressed nerves and revitalized passion.


It Contains: Lavender, Valerian, Ruta.

Apply to wrist, temple , neck



Stress Away Roll-on

This blend of oils reduces nervous tension, and encourages relaxation. It Contains: Vanilla, lime, copaiba

Apply to wrist, temples, and neck thought-out the day and right before bedtime




Balances energies to instill courage, confidence, and self-esteem. and helps open and release emotional blocks, brining about a feeling of grounding.  It also helps the body self-correct its balance and alignment.


It Contains:  Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Spruce. Apply to wrist, chest, base of neck, feet, spine.



Produces a magnetic energy to bring joy to the heart, mind, and soul.  It inspires romance and helps overcome deep seated grief and depression.


It Contains:  Rose, bergamot, mandarin, Ylang Ylang, lemon, geranium, jasmine, palmarosa, Roman chamomile, rosewood. Apply over heart, thyumus, temples, and wrists.



is essential in order to go forward in life.  Hopelessness can cause a loss of vision of goals and dreams.  This blends helps to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, retoring hope for tomorrow.  It helps overcome suicidal depression.


It Contains: Melissa, spruce, juniper, myrrh. Apply to edge of ears, wrists, neck, temples, over hear, or chakra/Vital flex points.


Peace & Calming:  

Promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace and emotional well-being, helping to dampen tensions and uplift spirite.  Reduces depression , anxiety, stress, and insomnia.


It Contains:  Blue tansy, patchouli, tangerine, orange, Ylang Ylang.apply to edge of ears, wrist, feet, dilute for a body massage. 4-8 drops on a cottonball and place on a vents for a great night sleep.




Harmony™ is a blend of pure essential oils that contains scents to provide an uplifting aromatic experience. Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian sandalwood) wood oil, Lavandula angustifolia† (Lavender) oil, Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Boswellia carterii† (Frankincense) oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis (Orange) peel oil, Angelica archangelica† root oil, Pelargonium graveolens† (Geranium) flower oil, Hyssopus officinalis† (Hyssop) leaf oil, Salvia Lavandulaefolia† (Spanish sage) leaf oil, Picea mariana† (Black spruce) leaf oil, Coriandrum sativum† (Coriander) seed oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia† (Bergamot) peel oil (Furocoumarinfree), Citrus limon† (Lemon) peel oil, Jasminum officinale* (Jasmine) oil, Anthemis nobilis† (Roman chamomile) flower oil, Cymbopogon martini† (Palmarosa) oil, Rosa damascena† (Rose) flower oil †100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil *100% pure absolute




White Angelica


White Angelica™ contains pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils, promotes feelings of protection and security when diffused, and can be used to guard against negative energy. Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia† (Bergamot) peel oil, Commiphora myrrha† (Myrrh) oil, Pelargonium graveolens† (Geranium) flower oil, Santalum paniculatum† (Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™∆) wood oil, Cananga odorata† (Ylang ylang) flower oil, Coriandrum sativum† (Coriander) seed oil, Picea mariana† (Black spruce) leaf oil, Melissa officinalis† (Melissa) leaf oil, Hyssopus officinalis† (Hyssop) leaf oil, Rosa damascena† (Rose) flower oil



Single oils to use are Frankincense,, cedarwood, lemon, peppeprmint, ylang ylang, rosemary,

Jasamine absolute..


Diffuse 20 minutes, 3 times daily.  Drect inhalation 4-6 times daily.


Dietary Supplementaion:

Ningxia Red, MultiGreen, Life 5, Super B, Mineral Essence, and Balance. Complet.  Omrega Blue softgels.


I hope this helps when a person is feeling depressed, lost, lonely, sad, unhappy.



I suffered from depression for a short while with a very stressful job. My doctor gave me a prescription drug for it. I did not want to go that route but had no choice. A few months later I was introduced to the oils. One of the oils was Peace and Calming for depression. I slowly weaned myself off of the depression drug and have been rubbing Peace and Calming on my feet every day. No more depression! Wow, these oils are a miracle! Janice Erhart


I had been taking an anti-depressant (prozac) for a few years then I was introduced to Ruta Vala. I began by putting Ruta Vala on the back of my neck (bottom of the brain stem) before bed and taking a capsule of 4 to 5 drops in the morning or whenever I remembered.

I did that for a few days then kept taking a little more prozac out of the capsule and adding a drop or 2 of Ruta Vala. I did this until I had no more prozac to remove. Now I just take one capsule of Ruta Vala once a week (about 8 to 10 drops) and no more prozac.

Dawn Child


With the help of many essential oils, I am getting off Prozac. Aside from excercise, light therapy and supplements I apply and smell the Young Living oil's Valor, Frankincense, Peace and Calming, etc. I am getting needed oxygen to my brain and cells. I feel blessed! Sheli Toepfer 


I have lost both beloved parents within 6 months and credit the following 'formula' for helping me out of a deep depression after the first death, and getting me through the second funeral with much more grace and dignity than I would've been able to muster without the oils: Put a drop of Valor on your wrist and hold your other wrist against it for a moment (drives the oil in). Put Harmony on all chakra points, and a drop of Joy

over your heart. Try this for grief or depression. Nancy Summers


Depression is a battle I fight on a daily basis. I was diagnoses with Bi-polar Disorder. I believe I have had this since I was a child, but was only diagnosed with this as an adult. I don't like being on prescription drugs because they are not only expensive, but most of them are highly addictive and you never know what side affects you will have as a result of taking them. Since becoming aware of the wonderful benefits of using essential oils, I use Lavender and Peace & Calming Essential oils on a daily basis.

I have tried Valor Essential Oil, and it was alright, but not really enough for me. I recently came upon Joy Essential Oil, and that has made all the difference! I don't feel depressed or overwhelmed when I apply this on a daily basis. I apply 1-2 times a day the same as I apply oils for migraines. I love the smell of the Joy Essential Oil - when I breathe it in, it brings me a sense of security somehow. Hollie Drange




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