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Script to Email, Text and deliver to Answer Machines of Networkers. Get 10 "No's" a day to guarantee success.


Send a Text and an email to the contact that is 

“Google Search Proof” 

GSP - That is no product or company name.


The message should be simple:


"Hi Joe, we have not had a chance to meet, but I got your name from a list of people who have been advertising their business offering. 

Are you still in the same business?

Please see attached, a link to a discussion of a business that you might have an interest in tomake more money.

I can go into more detail when we talk. Please look at our

3 minute 40second Video at:


The product cost and cost to be a distributor is amazing low.

Your Name, Phone and email : Thanks."


This is a great way to have a home based business which can save you money on your tax bill as you buiild.

This is a great product for NonProfits and Fundraizer organizations and individuals with causes, to develop a Residul Donation monthly income.



Welcome to the launch of the "Lifestyle Savings Network" in the U.S. $11.6 trillion

service and product industry.

We will be an industry disruptor.



This is brought to you by our

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Get back to the person who sent you

for more information.

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