Texas State vs Florida State | 2015 ACC Football Highlights
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Nelson Grassi
I've been selling Real Estate in the Charlotte area since 1996 and loving every minute of it. The reason for my success in real estate is a commitment to a Lifetime relationship with my clients. My business is strongly based on referrals of satisfied clients and their friends, family and associates. That’s why I am committed to go above and beyond the call of duty for each client. Education is the most important resource I can give to you.

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K-Ville Cribs: Grayson Allen and Brennan Besser Visit the Crazies (2/16/18) https://t.co/nPVvupONjE #staged https://t.co/y4vsF2gKY9
Mar 16
Man Is Hilariously Scared of Spider | Viral Videos https://t.co/hGbSuCUzky #staged https://t.co/PE3yownP8r
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California vs. North Carolina Football Highlights (2017) https://t.co/yt3wVc7m6E #staged https://t.co/y0I23HMdoa
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#10 SOLVING A RUBIK'S CUBE IN 0,38 SECONDS https://t.co/iqp9gudXRO #staged https://t.co/qpBiiYOnq3
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RORY McILROY: HITTING THE PERFECT DRIVE https://t.co/BXfO62VAj2 #staged https://t.co/05xeHzWWHx
Mar 11
Duke's 2nd Half Comeback vs. UNC (3/3/18) https://t.co/6GFqCeDehz #staged https://t.co/k8ZPuk2LG7
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Kids & Grandparents | Funny Kids Compilation https://t.co/I8jJ17ZwBn #staged https://t.co/UBGlRgekox
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Highlights | Round 1 | Mexico Championship https://t.co/5fGf6Cmvvg #staged https://t.co/YQMkptwfy9
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Brice Johnson's Top 5 Career Moments at North Carolina https://t.co/X1bHsByf6r #staged https://t.co/TmoxyQjtrn
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GOLF CHALLENGE TUESDAY - ONE BALL GAME https://t.co/PYi1Ogs666 #staged https://t.co/niG6NdbCjY
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DBP Exclusive: Duke Airlines after PK80 Title (11/26/17) https://t.co/qVVV8Ojgpq #staged https://t.co/5sliW8eKhQ
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Fails of the Week | Fail Friday Compilation https://t.co/vVL4uNbmxk #staged https://t.co/h5x0u1tXNh
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Highlights | Round 4 | BMW Championship https://t.co/sIKCyDa41a #staged https://t.co/HeuSZkQNpR
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Elon vs Duke College Basketball Condensed Game 2017 https://t.co/KOcqv4ZyiD #staged https://t.co/G5SkgfquJC
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HOW TO GET YOUR DOWN SWING IN THE SLOT https://t.co/21Hm5qrJCy #staged https://t.co/nv8PlRVSmx
Feb 28