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The videos below are about a TV Service that can deliver $10/mo to $15/mo for each subsciber who joins up by your referal.

The commissions are paid onto you Vida Debit card. This is only one of the sources of income for your debit Card. 

See this short vdio about the 5000 channel Live TV entertainment package:


Ask the person who sent you - how.

Ask me how.

Watch the video above and listen to the one minute recroding at:



It is a geat fund raiser. Your organization gets  $10/Mo for each active subscriber or $15/Mo for each person who wants to earn deep in the refferal structure. We call this "Residual Donations".

Call for more information. See phone number below. 

The card below, that you were given, has income/subscriber drastically improved from $5/Mo to $10/Mo. And for those who want TV Free from $5/Mo to $15/Mo.

See the video above and the recording at 720-721-4815 and call Bob Peterson at 301-641-8318

This has been repaced. You will like our products more.