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Universal Deposit ~ Abundant Success
Looks like someone is a total bum. Inspiring. https://t.co/ilyU8eTPoR
May 5
@BarackObama Easter worshippers? You mean Christians, followers of Jesus Christ. You know, what you are, a Christian....aren't you?
Apr 22
Ask Me About The Signal App with The Passieu Agency ... https://t.co/6hBV5drg3G #ilovePA #PassaeuAgency #protection https://t.co/TeQVMBLYSv
Apr 9
What did Pittsburgh look like through the eyes of Gene Kelly? Let's take a tour https://t.co/fc38jz2Vmt
Apr 8
I never get tired of this video https://t.co/7bdsuEJJ5U
Apr 8
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