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(C268A) Scan all the way down to see a number of educational videos and how Essential Oils can save you so much money.

Box 1 - This box has a handy list of web site links to more information on Essential Oils. These are posted by Independent Distributors and not by the Young Living company.


When you are ready to order, call the person who sent you to get their ID number.


One - C63R First site that customers see with a number of product videos and this list of web sites below: www.smile111.com



Two - Log into this link and put in a search word to see how people are using essential oils related to that search word: www.health333.biz


Three - Young Living people discuss Essential Oils: www.youngliving.com/blog


Four – Presentations on our very economical to use Ningxi Red Superfood Drink: www.Red111.info



Five – Videos and research work on our most important product to kill mold, viruses and bacteria with the non-toxic Thieves Essential Oil: www.mold111.com


Six – Videos about how to do the Raindrop Technique: www.TheBenefitsOfRainDrop.com


Seven – Our independent distributor web site to download documents. www.index111.org


Eight – How to grow a Young Living Business: www.AskingForNos.com

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Box 7 - A long list of company videos

You must also go to




www.health111.info for a long list of company videos.

For a review of the long list of company videos go to:



If you need someone to link to for orders or to be a "Free" Wholesale Shopper Member, use the member number of the preson who sent you. If you need mine I am #18047 Peterson Hockenberry Enterprises LLC.

"Free" means you buy the one time cost $40 start up kit of samples and get 24% discount on all purchases for life.

C63 See the Videos on the side and links to over 25 other videos in the text below.

In 2015 the Young Living Essential Oil Sales exceeded $1 Billiion world wide. To see why, go to www.youngliving.com/blog  


You cannot order from these sites, you must use the member number of the person who sent you when you order at www.youngliving.com .


You can pay for all of your orders and more by setting up a "Wholesale Shoppers" distributor site.


The cost is only $40 one time for a basic strater kit. You can than order for yourself, whenever you need porducts, at a 25% discount under the Retail price.


As others order, you can receive 25% of their Wholesale price orders for 3 months and then 8%.


As they do the same your team bonuses from many levels deep in the refferal structure can go up and up to many thousands of Dollars a month*


With just one dynamic builder on your 1st level you could make thousands and thousands of Dollars a month. This makes the "Dail Daily" habit that our team teachs very very profitable. This is at www.AskingForNos.com 


One of the best sources for information about Essential oils is at the company site at www.youngliving.com/blog.


The over 400 Essential Oil products are so great becuse they do many things to help animals and people and help keep toxins, viruses, and molds from getting into the body.


For uses see www.youngLiving.com/blog  ,the Essential Oil Desk Reference and a link our team uses at www.health333.biz  


The Desk Reference is at https://www.discoverlsp.com/all-books.html



Thanks for reviewing the Video information in the seveal product videos on the right.


With this 21 year old, Billion Dollar company you can bennefit from the products and save money.


If you wish to develop over a 5 figure income, gurarnteed, working as little as 4 hours a week you can follow our teams process.


This simple process, that anyone can do, is described at www.AskingForNos.com


The powerful pay plan is explained in more detail at www.6find6payplan.com  .


This is our teams process and not Young Livings so call Bob Peterson 301-641-8318 with any questions.



20 Year old Company

Young Living is a 20 year old company with over 1 million people who use some of the over 400 Essential Oil Products each month.


These products can save people so much money by keeping toxins out of the body and support the body as it heals itself.


You will need the member number of the person who sent you to this information when you make your first order.


The company’s web site is www.youngliving.com . As we said, should you want to order you will need the member number of person who sent you this information.


Product Video Series


A key series of videos that you can pass to others that introduces Young Living is www.health111.com  Pass to many.


How to Order and How to Receive Free Products.

Video slides of our team instructions for how to order and refer others, if you would like to do that. Includes a short video with leaders talking about the requirements for advancement. http://vid.staged.com/neXm 

Our Super Food Drink

A series of videos on Ningxia Red Superfood Drink to save money and support all body systems. www.red111.info


Killing Toxic Mold in the Home, Church and Office

A series of videos on using a diffuser to kill mold using Thieves Essential Oil in the air and kill toxic mold. www.mold111.com


Protecting Your Children at School

A recorded Young Living company webinar on the protection for your child from Germs at school. This includes a discussion of several essential oils and Omegagize, Life 5 and Ningxia Red. http://vid.staged.com/H8zm


Foods That Heal and Foods That Kill

After you read this note in its entirety, come back and don’t miss this video by Dr John Bergman, “Foods that heal and foods that kill” at this link:




Doctors Talk About Super Germs

A discussion of the problems with Super Germs. http://vid.staged.com/kn2m


An Expert Health Lecture Series

Dr John Bergman’s health series. Very Good. Pass to many. http://vid.staged.com/RYym


Our Teams web site

 www.index111.org  .


Own a Video System Like This For Your Own Business or personal family videos:


If you would like a web site like this to post you business or family videos


you can try it for free at www.staged111.com



Thanks and enjoy.

Share the welth and make a few hundred dollars or work as little as 4 hours a week following our system and developo over a 5 figure income guaranteed.

You may wish to read this book by one of our long time Young Living Distributors. It really looks interesting.

Read Sarah Jane Conaway's Bio at this Amazon.com site.



It is easy to post videos like the ones you see above for your family videos and business videos. When you post your videos messages like this, you now have huge communication capability with your own instant easy to use web site. The posting software is called "Staged". Free to use at www.staged111.com

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